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March 19/08 3:29 am - Nokere Koerse

Posted by Editoress on 03/19/08

Team R.A.C.E. Report from Nokere Koerse, UCI 1.1, Belgium

It was our last race in Belgium.

The race started in Oudenaarde. We were staying just 5 minutes away from the start, so "no stress" driving to the start.

The weather was between 4 and 7§C with a strong North wind, some nice sunshine (for once), with a some (very brief) light hail.

The race Course: 196.9km, 1 Lap of 16.5km, than 32.4km over the Tiegemberg to Nokere to end with 10 Laps of 14.6km. Repetition (10 laps) and finish on the Nokereberg 400m of cobblestone at 6%. This race has been operating for over sixty years.

A small break of three riders escaped after the sixth kilometre and they stayed away until just 2-3 laps to go around 30km to the finish. At some point they were at 9 to 10 minutes ahead of the peloton.

The peloton rolled calm for the first 100km. All riders of Team R.A.C.E. Pro were well position during most of the race. Everybody was feeling good. Buck Miller when in front for couple laps to cover some gaps when a Crédit Agricole rider tried to bridge at ~60km to go.

At 4 laps to go, the 'expected' happened - Rabobank showed up in front and opened the machine. Within a lap they took over 6 minutes out of the breakaway and split the peloton into two main groups with several more echelons behind which never returned to the bunch. Our riders had difficulties to stay up front and lost contact with the main group. Most riders were disappointed not being able to stay in position and missing the train. None of our riders finished.

The Belgian Wouter Weylandt of Quick Step won the final sprint after 4:48:31 (40.759 km/h average)

104 riders finished out of a 193 starters.

Now the guys are looking forward to Tour de Normandie, a challenging UCI stage race along the North West coast of France starting Monday March 24th with a prologue of 5.8km

Nokere Koerse Belgium


1. Wouter Weylandt (Quick Step)4:48:31
2. Jurgen Roelandts (Silence - Lotto)
3. Andre Greipel (High Road)
4. Bobbie Traksel (P3 Transfer - Batavus)
5. Sjef De Wilde (Willems Veranda Continent)
6. Yauheni Hutarovitch (Francaise Team Designa Kokken Jeux)
7. Niko Eeckhout (Topsport Vlaanderen)
8. Fabien Bacquet (Skil - Shimano)
9. Frederic Amorison (Landbouwkrediet - Tonisstei)
10. Dennis Pohl (Team 3c-Gruppe)
11. Bert De Waele (Landbouwkrediet - Tonisstei)
12. Matthias Friedemann (Team 3c-Gruppe)
13. Johan Coenen (Topsport Vlaanderen)
14. Mark Renshaw (Credit Agricole)
15. Tom Veelers (Skil - Shimano)
16. Yoann Offredo (Francaise Team Designa Kokken Jeux)
17. Daniel Lloyd (An Post-M.Donnelly-Grant)
18. Rene Joergensen (Team Designa Kokken)
19. Mathieu Criquielion (Mitsubishi-Jartazi)
20. Johnny Hoogerland (Van Vliet - Ebh - Elshof)
21. Kurt Hovelynck (Topsport Vlaanderen)
22. Paidi O'Brien (An Post-M.Donnelly-Grant)
23. Geert Steurs (Silence - Lotto)
24. Tobias Erler (Team 3c-Gruppe)
25. Bauke Mollema (Rabobank)
26. Kristof De Zutter (Willems Veranda Continent)
27. Stefan Ganser (Team Kuota-Senges)
28. Jan Kuyckx (Landbouwkrediet - Tonisstei)
29. Guennadi Mikhailov (Mitsubishi-Jartazi)
30. Wim De Vocht (Silence - Lotto)
31. Aart Vierhouten (P3 Transfer - Batavus)
32. Edvald Boasson Hagen (High Road)
33. John Devine (High Road)
34. Stefan van Dijk (Mitsubishi-Jartazi)
35. Tomas Buchacek (Psk Whirlpool - Author)all s.t.
36. Stijn Ennekens (Willems Veranda Continent)0:20
37. Janek Tombak (Mitsubishi-Jartazi)
38. Andreas Klier (High Road)
39. Dymytriy Grabovskiy (Quick Step)
40. Bastiaan Giling (Cycle Collstrop)
41. Steffen Wesemann (Cycle Collstrop)
42. Frantisek Rabon (High Road)
43. Romain Zingle (Groupe Gobert.Com.Ct)
44. Yannick Talabardon (Credit Agricole)
45. Tom Criel (Cycle Collstrop)all s.t.
46. Matthe Pronk (Cycle Collstrop)0:31
47. James Vanlandschoot (Mitsubishi-Jartazi)0:34
48. Koen Barbe (Topsport Vlaanderen)
49. Arnaud Gerard (Francaise Team Designa Kokken Jeux)
50. David Kopp (Cycle Collstrop)
51. Jean-Paul Simon (Josan Merceteam Designa Kokken Benz Aalst)all s.t.
52. Igor Abakoumov (Mitsubishi-Jartazi)0:40
53. Michiel Elijzen (Rabobank)
54. Kenny Van Braeckel (Willems Veranda Continent)
55. Kevin Hulsmans (Quick Step)
56. Quincy Vens (Davitamon Lotto Jong Vlaan)
57. Björn Papstein (Team 3c-Gruppe)
58. Justas Volungevicius (Rietumu Bank-Riga)
59. Rikke Dijkxhoorn (Van Vliet - Ebh - Elshof)
60. Kasper Jebjerg (Team Designa Kokken)
61. Arnoud van Groen (P3 Transfer - Batavus)
62. Jeremy Roy (Francaise Team Designa Kokken Jeux)
63. Maarten den Bakker (Skil - Shimano)
64. Laszlo Bodrogi (Credit Agricole)
65. Kenny van Hummel (Skil - Shimano)
66. Kristof Vandewalle (Topsport Vlaanderen)
67. Wim Botman (P3 Transfer - Batavus)
68. Filip Meirhaeghe (Landbouwkrediet - Tonisstei)
69. Tom Leezer (Rabobank)
70. Greg Van Avermaet (Silence - Lotto)
71. Thomas Bodo (Differdange Apiflo Vacance)
72. Bram Schmitz (Van Vliet - Ebh - Elshof)
73. Ivor Bruin (Van Vliet - Ebh - Elshof)
74. Jan Boven (Rabobank)
75. Geert Omloop (Mitsubishi-Jartazi)
76. Dimitri Claeys (Davitamon Lotto Jong Vlaan)
77. Detlef Moerman (Willems Veranda Continent)
78. Viktor Folkesson (An Post-M.Donnelly-Grant)
79. Markku Ainsalu (Rietumu Bank-Riga)
80. Jonathan Hivert (Credit Agricole)
81. Maurice Vrijmoed (Van Vliet - Ebh - Elshof)
82. Maxime Mederel (Credit Agricole)
83. Arturs Ansons (Rietumu Bank-Riga)
84. Rene Obst (Team 3c-Gruppe)
85. Timothy Vangheel (P3 Transfer - Batavus)
86. Pieter Jacobs (Silence - Lotto)
87. Vojtech Dlouhy (Psk Whirlpool - Author)
88. Bert Roesems (Silence - Lotto)
89. Sebastien Rosseler (Quick Step)
90. David Boucher (Landbouwkrediet - Tonisstei)
91. Hubert Schwab (Quick Step)
92. Andre Schulze (Psk Whirlpool - Author)
93. Leonardo Scarselli (Quick Step)
94. Sebastian Forke (Team 3c-Gruppe)
95. Bram De Groot (Rabobank)
96. Dennis Kreder (Van Vliet - Ebh - Elshof)
97. Manman van Ruitenbeek (Van Vliet - Ebh - Elshof)
98. Laurens ten Dam (Rabobank)
99. Nick Gates (Silence - Lotto)
100. Martin Mares (Psk Whirlpool - Author)all s.t.
101. Rick Flens (Rabobank)2:16
102. Kenny Lisabeth (An Post-M.Donnelly-Grant)2:57
103. Stanislav Kozubek (Psk Whirlpool - Author)3:01
104. Kevin Neirynck (Landbouwkrediet - Tonisstei)3:59

Team R.A.C.E. Pro:

Mark Walters
Ryan Roth
Dan Timmerman
Buck Miller
Joel Dion-Potras
Mark Pozniak
Dustin MacBurnie, all DNF

196 starters


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