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April 1/08 2:17 am - Forest City Velodrome March Madness

Posted by Editor on 04/1/08

Forest City Velodrome March Madness - London, OntarioCourtesy Rob Good

The Cadets and Juniors took center stage on the final night of the Forest City Velodrome's March Madison Madness. During the two nights of racing the Kids were the stars of the show.

On Friday night the young riders were given the opportunity to race with the "A" Madison teams and 2 riders decided to give the longer and harder races a go. 13 year old Daniel McKenzie-Picot (London) and 15 year old John Carden (Paris) took the challenge and represented themselves very well. The youngsters raced throughout the night with the Cadets and Juniors and once the feature race took to the track on Friday, both riders held their own. Carden eventually won the event with partner Scott Lundy. A lap down in fourth, were the pairing of Vince DeJong and Daniel M-P.

The racing was clean and green with a ton of exhausted racers at the end of the night.

Saturday's program was again based on the Madison, with wild card riders in the mass start races to mix things up. It was also a night for the sprinters, as a very competitive 6 rider competition highlighted the night of racing.

In the "B" Madison races, points were accumulated during the 3 event Omnium with the team of Lisa Perlmutter (London) and Kyle Rupay (Peterborough) edging out Ray Gubala (Oshawa) and new rider Jamie Davis (NewMarket). A total of 6 teams kept the race fans on their toes during 2 Madisons that the "B" teams competed in during the program.... some very tired racers in the end.

On the "A" Madison events for the second night in a row 15 year old John Carden (Paris) and Scott Lundy (London) dominated the night of racing by lapping the field in a very stressful 7 minute "Jam". Team Blue, Ryan Aitcheson (Kitchener) and Lorne Falkenstein (London) came back from the disappointment Friday night of racing, to get within a few meters of the winners in the final 6 laps, as the eventual winners had missed their last couple of exchanges. All the Madison riders commented that the format worked out well with some teams doing well in the endurance races, and some doing better in the Madisons. We plan to take a closer look at this format to be integrated into the September schedule.

Sprinters were also a big part of the racing on both Friday and Saturday nights. The quickest time of the weekend was set on Saturday by 16 year old Allan Leparskas (London) who blistered the track in 8.50 seconds. A total of 6 riders qualified for the sprint tournament (2 Juniors, 2 Masters and 2 Elite riders). In round #1 there were no upsets with the top qualifiers moving on to the Semi-finals. The big news happened in the reparcharge, with 16 year old Ryan Aitcheson using some old fashion tactics to take advantage of his opponents.

On to the Semis.... Leparskas just nipped Aitcheson at the line to advance and Ryan Crawford (London) outfoxed Buffalo's Ryan Nye to move on. In the final for the Gold medal (well, bragging rights) Crawford used his quick jump to gap the young Leparskas by 5 bike lengths. All the riders watching from the infield thought the race was over, however, using his 3rd and 4th gear of acceleration the 16 year old battled back to come even with Crawford down the back stretch. The two were side by side through the last corner and with momentum on his side, Lesparskas edged Crawford at the line in a photo finish.

The spectators were on their feet cheering as both riders saluted the crowd during the victory lap.

Racing continues Saturday April 5th at 7pm with Rider Appreciation night at the FCV..... Feature race is the Backwards fastest lap..... Race rules are posted at the FCV website,

Track 1 sessions are filling up in April.... to book your time email

March 28, 2008
Flying Lap
1 Scott Lundy8.84
2 Ryan Aitcheson8.91
3 Ryan Crawford8.93
4 Ryan Nye9
5 Lorne Falkenstein9.03
6 Mike Renneboog9.09
7 Vince DeJong9.15
8 Jason King9.34
9 Daniel McKenzie-Picot9.37
10 Amy Biskaborn9.47
11 Joanna Wiersma9.48
12 Mitchell Cuddy9.5
13 Frank Masse9.53
14 Jamie Davies9.58
15 Lisa Perlmutter9.63
16 Kyle Rupay9.7
17 Trevor Dickensen9.75
18 Heather Logan9.78
19 John Carden9.94
20 Anthony Richards (11 years old)12
21 Kaitlyn Richards (12 years old)12.76
Flying 2 Laps
1 Anthony Richards (11 years old)24.96
2 Kaitlyn Richards (12 years old)27.25
Cadet Scratch (30 Laps)
1 Jason King
2 John Carden
3 Daniel McKenzie-Picot
4 Kyle Rupay
5 Jamie Davies
6 Trevor Dickensen
7 Alex McCallum
Cadets 5 Minute + 5 Laps
1 Daniel McKenzie-Picot
2 John Carden
3 Jason King
4 Kyle Rupay
5 Trevor Dickensen
Ladies Sprint Heats
1 Joanna Wiersma
2 Lisa Perlmutter
1 Amy Biskaborn
2 Heather Logan
1 Joanna Wiersma
2 Heather Logan
1 Lisa Perlmutter
2 Amy Biskaborn
Ladies Sprint Final
1 Joanna Wiersma
2 Lisa Perlmutter
3 Amy Biskaborn
Sprint - Round 1
1 Scott Lundy
2 Jason King
3 Jamie Davies
1 Ryan Aitcheson
2 Frank Mesi
3 Joanna Wiersma
1 Mike Renneboog
2 Ryan Crawford
3 Amy Biskaborn
1 Ryan Nye
2 Vince DeJong
3 Lisa Perlmutter
1 Lorne Falkenstein
2 Daniel McKenzie-Picot
3 Kyle Rupay
1 Doug Devine
2 John Carden
3 Heather Logan
Sprint - Round 2
1 Scott Lundy
2 Doug Devine
1 Lorne Falkenstein
2 Ryan Aitcheson
1 Ryan Nye
2 Mike Renneboog
Rideoff for 4th-6th
4 Mike Renneboog
5 Ryan Aitcheson
6 Doug Devine
Sprint Final
1 Lorne Falkenstein
2 Scott Lundy
3 Ryan Nye

Madison 'A' TeamsMiss & OutScratchMadisonTotal PtsLaps Down
Salmon (Scott Lundy/John Carden)43714
Green (Mike Renneboog/Chris Vlemmix)752141
Orange (Ryan Nye/Frank Mesi)344111
Yellow (Vince DeJong/Daniel McKenzie-Picot)22591
Blue (Lorne Falkenstein/Ryan Aitcheson)773172
Madison 'B' TeamsMiss & OutScratchMadisonTotal PtsLaps Down
USA (Joe Brennan/Rob Kowal)77418
Yellow (Ryan Crawford/Alex McCallum)37717
Purple (Amy Biskaborn/Lisa Perlmutter)27514
Red (Rob Good/Doug Devine)1023
Blue (Rod Olliver/Sarah McKenzie-Picot)40151
Black (Ray Gubala/Emily McKenzie-Picot)533102

March 29, 2008
Flying Lap
1 Allan Leparskas8.5
2 Ryan Crawford8.78
3 Lorne Falkenstein8.9
4 Ryan Nye8.91
5 Ryan Aitcheson8.94
6 Rod Olliver9.1
7 Scott Lundy9.11
8 Mike Renneboog9.22
9 Daniel McKenzie-Picot9.46
10 Lisa Perlmutter9.47
11 Jamie Davies9.5
12 Doug Devine9.63
13 Frank Mesi9.8
14 Ray Gubala9.8
15 John Carden9.88
16 Trevor Dickensen9.9
17 Ashley Barson10.5
18 Amberley Berman12.12
19 Devon Lowrie (10 years old)13.35
20 Kayla Bouchard (11 years old)14.66
Velo-kid Handicap
Kayla Bouchard
Devon Lowrie
Amberley Berman
Ladies/Cadets 5 Minutes + 10 Laps
1 Jason King
2 Kyle Rupay
3 Trevor Dickensen
4 Ashley Barson
5 Emily McKenzie-Picot
6 Lisa PerlmutterDNF
7 Daniel McKenzie-PicotDNF
Sprint - Round 1
1 Alan Leparskas
2 Rod Olliver
1 Ryan Crawford
2 Ryan Aitchesen
1 Ryan Nye
2 Lorne Falkenstein
1 Ryan Aitchesen
2 Lorne Falkenstein
3 Rod Olliver
Sprint Semifinals
1 Alan Leparskas
2 Ryan Aitchesen
1 Ryan Crawford
2 Ryan Nye
Sprint Finals
1 Alan Leparskas
2 Ryan Crawford
3 Ryan Aitchesen
4 Mike Renneboog (Ryan Nye withdrew)

Madison 'A' TeamsMiss & OutScratchMadisonTotal PtsLaps Down
Salmon (Scott Lundy/John Carden)57214
Blue (Lorne Falkenstein/Ryan Aitcheson)727161
Orange (Ryan Nye/Frank Mesi)255121
Green (Mike Renneboog/Rod Olliver)334101
Yellow (Chris Vlemmix/Doug Devine)453122
Madison 'B' TeamsMiss & OutScratchMadisonTotal PtsLaps Down
Purple (Lisa Perlmutter/Kyle Rupay)37717
Black (Ray Gubala/Jamie Davies)57517
Yellow (Ryan Crawford/Alex McCallum)74314
USA (Joe Brennan/Sarah McKenzie-Picot)24410
Silver (Jason King/Emily McKenzie-Picot)1124
Red (Rob Kowal/Daniel McKenzie-Picot)42DNS6


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