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April 2/08 9:48 am - Cycling BC Provincial Team News

Posted by Editor on 04/2/08

Cycling BC Provincial Team News

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BC Youth Team Gains Momentum

The Youth Team promotes skill development, involvement in all forms of cycling competition and participation in the BC Summer Games. Since its inception in January, the Youth Team project has taught bike racing to over 210 kids under the age of 15. If you would like the Youth Team to visit your school, simply email youthcoach@cyclingbc. net.

The Cycling BC Youth Team was on the road again, on the Sunshine Coast. A beautiful sunny day greeted the riders who participated in the racing clinic as part of their regular physical education class.

The key to the day was fun. The kids were allowed to simply play on their bikes. The only rule was to listen when the coach was speaking ˆ and we tried our very best to keep that to a minimum. The emphasis was on learning by doing and by encouraging kids to be creative and courageous on their bikes. The games we played taught the kids more about bike handling, safety and skill than could be taught in several hours of structured learning. Kids just need to be inspired and encouraged to experiment with their bikes. Not one of the kids was scared of the races or games we played. No one seemed to notice that we only used a bunch of pylons and our imaginations to create the world of bike racing in their regular school play area.

The Sunshine Coast is a hotbed for cycling. Thanks in large part to Doug Detwiller and the Sprockids program, cycling is ingrained in the school culture of the region. Davis Bay Elementary welcomed the Cycling BC Youth Team and easily integrated the program as part of the physical education classes. Hosting this event will most certainly lead to a high level of interest in competitive cycling in the future . Davis Bay Elementary is now an official Cycling BC Youth Team school. Thanks to all of the students, staff and parents for making the program a success.

"I would like to thank you again for putting on such a great day of biking activities at Davis Bay Elementary yesterday. We couldn‚t have asked for a better day, lots of fun for everyone. More than 60 kids aged 10-13 participated. " ˆ Dave Marquis, Parent and Organizer

Cycling BC Development Riders Chosen for National Team Trips

Three BC riders have been selected by the Canadian Cycling Association to travel to Europe as part of a training and racing trip.

Cody Campbell and Evan Flater have been invited to be part of a National Junior Team racing trip in May to France, Germany, and Switzerland, ending with a stay the UCI Training Centre in Aigle. Matt Potma has been invited to travel to France for a National Under-23 trip in April.

BC Riders Interested in 2009 Canada Games Needed

If you are interested in being part of Team BC for the 2009 Canada Games, please see the Cycling section of the Canada Games website ( to see if you qualify and find out more about it.

We are going to hold a meeting later this year to make sure we have the best riders representing BC at the Games. If you are interested in coming to this meeting and being part of our team, please send your name, age, and email address to


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