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April 14/08 12:18 pm - Sprockids Mountain Bike Park

Posted by Editoress on 04/14/08

Sprockids Mountain Bike Park - Evolution 2008
Courtesy Doug Detwiller


Back in 1993 the construction of the "Sprockids Mountain Biking Park" began, and since its conception the park and the surrounding trails have continued to evolve to meet the needs of the current generation of young riders. One Sunday, April 13th, over 85 individuals came out to help create the next stage in the Park's evolution. There were three generations represented by today's builders and as the day progressed it was obvious to everyone that what was being created was something very special. Something to be shared with other communities, municipalities, towns, cities, the cycling industry, and government agencies.

In 2007, under the direction of Caroline Depatie, Capilano College's Mountain Biking Program Manager, the first accredited Mountain Biking Operations Program in North America began. One of the key components of the program was the designing and construction of trails and mountain bike parks. Last year the students built an amazing trail called "Skools Out," incorporating many of the existing features found in the Sprockids Skills Park.

This year, again under the guidance and tutorage of Mark Schmitt, Director of IMBA Canada, and Jay Hoots, Dirt Jump Builder Extraordinaire, the students took on the task of completely redesigning and building the Sprockids Park.

This was a monumental task and today the cycling community of the Coast came out to help the students work on their designs. After a morning of building the participants put aside their rakes and shovels, and mounted their bikes. Some took to the trails to enjoy the newly buffed single track, while others tried out the skills park, and still others took to the air by way of the dirt jumps.

As the younger riders were learning the basics, the older riders were strutting their stuff in the pump track and the dirt jumps. The Sprockids Park concept has always been to be a "Teaching Park", offering a progression of challenges designed as to allow riders to learn, develop, and perfect their riding skills and techniques before moving on to the next level.

Sprockids in Canada

Notice: The Sprockids Program in Canada will no longer be administered by the CCA. (Canadian Cycling Association). Sprockids and the CCA will continue to support and endorse each other's effort to grow youth cycling in here in Canada, however, both parties felt that it was in the best interests of the program if Sprockids once again became its own entity. Thus giving it the freedom to grow, and the flexibility to meet the needs of different programs throughout Canada. This is a very exciting time for Sprockids, and over the course of the year look for a number of announcements detailing changes and additions to the program.

For any inquires regarding Sprockids please contact Doug Detwiller.
Phone: (604) 886-0772


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