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July 23/97 22:19 pm - Shimano Recall, Le Tour de l'Abitibi

Posted by Editor on 07/23/97

Bike Cranks Recalled Shimano American Corp. of Irvine, Calif., has voluntarily recalled more than 1 million cranks installed on bicycles in North America because of reports that hundreds of the parts have broken and caused injuries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says Shimano has received more than 630 reports of cranks breaking, resulting in 22 leg injuries. Commission officials say the cranks have been installed on more than 200 models of bikes manufactured since 1994 and sold under at least 49 brand names. Most manufacturers have sold bikes affected by the recall. Bikes with the defective cranks can be identified by the codes FC-CT90, FC-M290 and FC-MC12 on the back or inner side of the right crank arm. Consumers who bought bikes with the defective crank are asked to call Shimano at 1-800-353-4719 to arrange for free replacement and installation of a new crank at an authorized bike dealer. Recalled # Current # Group FC-CT90 FC-CT91 Altus FC-M290 FC-M291 Acera X FC-MC12 FC-MC16 Alivio Le Tour de l‚Abitibi, Quebec For those unfamiliar with this stage race, it takes place in northern Quebec and is considered one of the top Junior races in the world. Prologue - Criterium, 24 km 1 Joshua Thornton USA 31:55 2 Charles Dionne CAN at 0:05 3 Jean Pinsonault Quebec 4 Bryan Hayes USA 5 Brady Gibbons NZ all s.t. Stage 1, Gallichan to La Sarre - 94.2 km 1 Alistair Howard BC 2:04:32 2 Thornton 3 Stephan Steiman (Yves Bourget) 4 Sebastien Lang GER 5 Christian De Vries AB all s.t. GC 1 Howard 2:04:22 2 Thornton at 0:05 3 Steinman 0:07 4 Lang 0:10 5 De Vries s.t. Stage 2 Team Time Trial - 42.4km 1 USA 52:49 2 Canada at 1:54 3 BC 2:06 4 NZ 2:34 5 Germany 2:43 Team GC 1 USA 7:06:41 2 Yves Bourget at 2:18 3 BC 2:20


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