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April 21/08 9:21 am - Team R.A.C.E. Pro Report from Tour of the Battenkill, full results

Posted by Editoress on 04/21/08

Team R.A.C.E. Pro Report from Tour of the Battenkill

By Dustin MacBurnie

This weekend Team R.A.C.E Pro packed up the van and headed to Salem, NY for the Tour of the Battenkill.

The race, modeled after the famous Paris-Roubaix classic featured many gravel road sections that, along with the many climbs, and unseasonable heat, eventually took its toll on the ninety two rider peloton.

Right from the gun Team R.A.C.E Pro was active, covering moves and launching attacks to get a man in the breakaway. Thirty kilometres into the race Keir Plaice, the team‚s youngest rider showed his winter training paid off by getting into the day long breakaway. The four man moved worked smoothly until one rider was dropped up one of the days many climbs, leaving only three racers off the front of the quickly shrinking peloton.

With thirty kilometres remaining in the race Bruno Langlois (Team Volkswagen) attacked from the peloton and made contact with the front three. With a 'fresher' guy in the move, the break was now a threat to the outcome of the race.

Mark Walters sensed the danger and launched his attack with 17km to go and soon made contact with Langlois and the last man standing from the original breakaway, Keir Plaice. Keir showed his early season fitness by covering Langlois attacks, but soon paid for his efforts and was dropped from the leading two. Back in what was left of the peloton, Ryan Roth, Mark Pozniak and Dustin MacBurnie kept things in check by covering the many attacks from other teams trying to bridge to the leading two.

Walters and Langlois would stay away, with Langlois taking the win in the sprint just in front of Walters. The twenty man peloton came in shortly behind with MacBurnie in 9th, Roth 13th, and Pozniak 14th. Despite being in the break all day Keir crossed the line for a very respectable 20th place.

Pro/1 Men
1. Bruno Langlois (Team Volkswagen)3:20:10
2. Mark Walters (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)at s.t.
3. Joe Whitman (Kelly Benefits/LSV)0:35
4. Robbie King (Rite Aid Pro Cycling)
5. Eric Schlidge (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)
6. Eneas Freyre (TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Bicycle Racing)
7. Nick Friesen (GS Mengoni USA)
8. Keven Lacombe (Kelly Benefit Startegies/Medifast)
9. Dustin McBurnie (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
10. Aidan Charles (Nerac Pro Cycling)
11. Nick Frey (Time Pro Cycling)
12. Colin Sandberg (Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute)
13. Ryan Roth (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
14. Mark Pozniak (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
15. Derrick St John (Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team)
16. Jake Hollenbach (CCB/Volkswagen)
17. John Minutrn (CRCA/Empire Cycling Team)
18. Daniel Estevez (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)
19. Toby Marzot (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)all s.t.
20. Justin Lindine (TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Bicycle Racing)0:56
21. Keir Plaice (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)1:23
22. Michael Miller (Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/)1:40
23. Ryan Fleming (MetLife p/b
24. Maixime Vives (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)
25. Chris Rozdilsky (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)
26. Adam Branfman (Fitness Together / IF pb Lionette's)
27. Joel Dion Poitras (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
28. Andrew Hunt (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
29. Alec Donahue (Nerac Pro Cycling)
30. Hayden Brooks (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)
31. Matthew Guse (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)
32. Matthew Johnson (CRCA/Empire Cycling Team)
33. Josh Dillon (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)
34. Jamey Driscoll (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)all s.t.
35. John Loehner (CRCA/Empire Cycling Team)5:36
36. David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Startegies/Medifast)6:03
37. Ward Solar (Nerac Pro Cycling)
38. Arnaud Papillon (Team Volkswagen)
39. Mike Norton (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)8:24
40. Jean-Sébastien Perron (EVA-Devinci)11:20
41. Cory Burns (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)
42. Dan Wilson (Alliance Environmental)
43. Craig Luekens (TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Bicycle Racing)
44. Toby Walch (Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team)
45. Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagen)
46. Adam Thuss (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
47. Christian Deshaies (Team Volkswagen)
48. Thomas Devisscher (Apogee-Kuota)
49. Buck Miller (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
50. Mark Batty (TEAM RACE Pro Cycling)
51. Sylvan Adams (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)
52. Jacob Keough (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)
53. Eric Brownell (CRCA/Empire Cycling Team)
54. Will Riffelmacher (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)
55. Steve Weller (Fiordifrutta Cycling Team)
56. Matt Baldwin (TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Bicycle Racing)
57. Matthew Bell (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)
58. Yahor Buben (CCB/Volkswagen)
59. Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team)
60. David Bryer (Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team)
61. Jon Bruno (Fitness Together / IF pb Lionette's)
62. François Chabot (Team Volkswagen)
63. Charles Thibault (EVA-Devinci)
64. Adam Sullivan (Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team)
65. Jonathan Chodroff (CRCA/Empire Cycling Team)
66. Alexi Richer (CIBC Wood-Gundy/Novabrik)
67. Simon Gagnon-Brassard (EVA-Devinci)
68. Philippe Raymond (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)
Junior Men 17/18
1. Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Club Cycliste Amos)2:43:55
2. Filip Capala (Capala Brothers/Polska)
3. Lewis Almonte (G.S. Mengoni)
4. Yannick Bédard (Apogee-Kuota)
5. Antoine Duchesne (Team Eva-Devinchi)
6. Austin McLenithan (FARM TEAM /Cambridge Valley Cyc./VAL Industries)
7. Andy Gallagher (Liberty Cycle)
8. Manny Goguen (Minuteman Road Club)
9. Zane Dordai (Colavita Racing)all s.t.
10. Mackenzie Wilsey (CBRC)0:20
11. Sean Kennedy (Incline Training)0:57
12. Nick Iacovelli (Colavita Racing)
13. Ricky Gargiulo (Colavita Racing)both s.t.
14. Joe Cooke (Buffalo Bicycling Club Inc.)11:26
15. Chris Rodgers (Colavita Racing)11:34
16. Stephen Tvedt (Colavita Racing)12:46
17. Elias Bennett (BCA/Tosk Chiropractic)14:16
18. Tyler Shreffler (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)24:35
19. Kevin Shreffler (Captial Bicycle Racing Club)27:02
20. David M. Bisenius (AG Edwards)29:12
Pro/1/2/3 Women
1. Anna Milkowski (Advil/ChapStick)2:41:37
2. Kathleen Billington (Connecticut Coast Cycling)at 1:20
3. Anna McLoon (Harvard University Cycling Association)2:05
4. Natasha Elliott (EMD Serono Stevens Cycling)4:28
5. Beth Miller (North Atlantic Velo/Classbook.)
6. Silke Wunderwald (Independent Fabrication/Kempner)
7. Mary Zider (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire)
8. Karin Holmes (CCB/Volkswagen)all s.t.
9. Andrea Myers (Team Kenda Tire)8:47
10. Sally Annis (NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dental)
11. Elisa Gagnon (Advil-ChapStick)
12. Rebecca Wellons (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire)all s.t.
13. Tami Buhr (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire)12:03
14. Debony Diehl (SUNAPEE/S&W)
15. Zoe Owers (Independent Fabrication/Kempner)
16. Sarah Krzysiak (Syracuse Bicycle / Spokepost.)all s.t.
17. Reem Jishi (Advil/ChapStick)16:07
18. Samantha Dery (NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire)
19. Sue Kuenstner (Cafeteros)both s.t.
20. Brenda Bahnson (Independent Fabrication/Kempner)22:19
21. Virginie Gauthier (Équipe Saputo)s.t.
22. Cheryl Wolf (Bethel Cycle)22:34
23. Pamela Wahl (Guy's Racing)s.t.
24. Kathryne Carr (Sunapee/ S&W)22:32
25. Caryl Gale (CRCA-Comedy Central-Sids)25:47

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