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April 28/08 11:33 am - Club News: Blizzard, Owen Sound

Posted by Editoress on 04/28/08

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC

April 27th

Robin Baillie (HR Block) of the Blizzards won Challenge Cup race #3 in Dawson Creek, Sunday. He had a time of 1:33:27 hours for the 55 km Rolla route. Blaine 'Cannonball' Richter of Grande Prairie was second at 1:34:41. Colter Young out sprinted DC's Trevor Kolkea for third at 1:35:49. Pat Ferris was 5th at 1:42:28.

Dawson Creek won their very first Challenge Cup meet, with 56 points to the Blizzards' 51 and GP's 9. The Blizzards continue to lead the series at 159 points to DC's 60 and GP's 53.

Other finishers of the Sweetwater Sweat Race were 6th Kent Pedersen 1:42:45, Gil Neufeld 1:44:58, Chris Garwah 1:45:56, Gord Harris 1:51:43, Richard Bouvier 1:51:45, Dandy McDonald 1:54:48, Kathryn Fairweather 1:54:48, Jamie Maxwell 1:58:20, Ken Perry 1:58:20 and Russ Eggleston 2:11:35.

Sara Kolkea of DC won the 25 km with 51:04. Roger Bouchard was second at 51:21 and Eric Wolf third at 51:26. Ken Nix was 4th at 52:57 and Derek Meyers 5th at 54:14.

Other 25 km finishers were Nathan Sedgewick 54:19, Marie Young 54:39, Dan Botha 57:06 and Jan Schmidt 1:13:41.

Coming up:
-Duathlon #2 Monday 7 pm at Baldonnel School
-Time trial 16 km Thursday at the Baldonnel School 7 pm
-Time Trial 40 km Cecil Lake at 2 pm

Owen Sound Cycling Club

N Sydenham Spring Tune-Up Backroader

Sunday, May 4th, at 10:00 a.m. Meet at the Leith Bridge

It's time to dust off that backroad bike (hybrid or MTB) and connect with nature... see the daffodils popping up, feel that cool crisp spring air and smell that aroma of that decaying groundhog on the side of the road.
Therefore I decided to host a ride looping around the north end of the former Sydenham Township. It will include a bit of pavement, but mostly gravel, dirt or summer roads. It should cover around 50km. or so. Not a race, but just a fun ride.

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