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June 3/08 4:54 am - Ontario Cup XC #3

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/08

Hardwood Hills Ontario Cup XC #3 at Hardwood Hills June 1st

More results from the Ontario Cup XC on Sunday

Senior Expert Women
1. Rhonda Stickle (
2. Jasmin Hofer (True North Cycles)at 3:58
3. Laura Murray (Ind)4:30
4. Anna O'Brien (Tall Tree Cycles)5:27
5. Julie McFarlane (Fly Gurlz)5:39
6. Julie Moureau (Sweet Pete`s)6:37
7. Amy Armstrong (Arrow Racing)8:52
8. Tara Nicholls (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's)10:45
DNS. Shannon Tucker (Lapdogs Cycling)
Senior Expert Men
1. Brendan Matheson ( Trek Bicycle Store)1:40:17
2. Jarrod Forrest (The Hub Bicycle Club)at 1:59
3. Tristan Spurr (Ind)4:04
4. Scott Irwin (Trek Bike Store)5:07
5. Logan Tacoma (Two Wheel Express)6:20
6. Duane Epp (Newmarket Eagles)7:58
7. Guy Vankrimpen (rapid city cycle)8:45
8. Chris Bouma (Sweet Pete`s)8:45
9. Stephen Ferguson (HB Cycling Club)11:49
10. Nathan Martin (Two Wheel Express)13:20
11. Adam Pells (Lapdogs Cycling Club)13:20
12. David Reid (Ind)14:09
13. Mike Harris (Elite Racing)14:37
14. Johnathan McKinley (Ind)14:39
15. Colin Scott (Ind)15:34
16. David Paradis (Jamis/Bikezone Racing)16:32
17. Ryan Murray (Arrow Racing)17:09
18. David Freeman (Angry Johnny's)18:45
19. Jonathan Berube (Ind)19:36
20. Kyle Epp (Ind)20:18
21. Aaron Rahim (Oakville Race Team)20:58
22. Jeff Kroetsch (Independent)23:27
DNS. Scott Luscombe (Ind)
Junior Sport Men
1. Scott Burgess ( Arrow Racing)1:21:55
2. Martin Ochwat (Ind)at 0:28
3. Tyler MacDonald (Ind)0:30
4. Matthew Cassell (Little Ed's Ski and Bike Shop)0:34
5. Nick Metaxas (Ind)0:58
6. Corey Houben (Ind)2:22
7. Scott Bendle (Ind)3:19
8. Mike Reid (Bike Sports)4:20
9. Jordan Cascagnette (Ind)5:45
10. Kyle Schaltz (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's)5:58
11. Bob Thompson (Ind)6:15
12. Ian Hartman (Ind)6:17
13. Martin Corbett (Ind)7:10
14. Kyle Wilson (Ind)7:26
15. Brayden McGregor (Kawartha Cycling Club)8:46
16. Curtis Eades (Ind)10:19
17. Tim Moss (Ind)13:50
18. Sean Korzeniewski (Ind)13:56
19. Tim Jackell (St. Catharines CC)14:33
20. Matthew Fisher (Ind)16:18
DNF. Tavis Smith (Ind)
DNF. William Taylor (Owen Sound Cycling Club)
DNS. Brett Weersink (Ind)
DNS. Scott Weersink (Ind)
DNS. Luke Oomen (Ind)
Jr/Under 17 Sport Women
1. Samantha Wagler ( Two Wheel Express)40:47
2. Samantha Demers (Timmins Cycling)0:19
3. Sarah Lynch (Ind)0:39
4. Deanna Booton (HB Cycling Club)0:39
5. Stacey Forbes (Elite Racing)0:52
6. Nicola Johnson (Ind)5:44
7. Lianna Grice (J & J Cycle)7:35
DNS. Lindsay Avery (Arrow Racing)
Master 30-39 Expert Women
1. Lisa Hutson ( HB Cycling Club)1:29:52
2. Tracey Schinkel (The Hub Bicycle Club)at 3:15
3. Sarah Caylor (HBCC)4:28
4. Marianna Knights (Arrow Racing)7:30
5. Alexa Storoniak (Angry Johnny's)9:16
6. Tammy Simmons (Trek Bicycle Store)18:01
7. Karen Mogg (The Hub Bicycle Club)21:59
DNS. Carmen Sweet (Bikefit Sunflower Squad)
DNF. Nathalie Mousseau (Reynold Cycle)
Master 30-39 Expert Men
1. Eric Jobin (Ind)1:35:49
2. Brent Berger (HB Cycling Club)at 0:13
3. Adam Ruppel (Trek Bicycle Store)1:30
4. Jason Everaert (Coach / Ted Velikonja)1:44
5. Robert Parniak (Ind)2:06
6. Jon Barnes (Trek Store / Ride for Karen)2:29
7. Peter Mogg (Ind)3:14
8. Rock Desbiens (Ind)6:06
9. Justen Winster (Pedal Performance)7:03
10. Andrew Croutch (True North Cycles)7:56
11. Andrew Nicholas (The Hub Bicycle Club)9:11
12. James Barker (The Hub Bicycle Club)9:58
13. Paul Loughran (Ind)10:29
14. Tony Owsley (Team TVC/Village Cycle London)10:35
15. Rod Nicholle (Ind)10:38
16. Jeremy Cummins (Team Spoke O`Motion)12:56
17. Adam Trimble (Ind)13:12
18. Edgars Apse (Darkhorse Flyers)13:17
19. Don Gain (Barrie Cycling Club)13:18
20. Mike Patte (Ind)13:36
21. Scott Holmes (HBCC)16:58
22. Mike Nokros (Ind)24:35
23. William Hellems (Ind)26:21
24. Kaesy Gladwin (HB Cycling Club)29:03
25. Jamie Cummins (Arrow Racing)32:49
DNF. David Durette (Biogen Idec)
DNF. Scott Glazier (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's)
DNF. Chris Ivey (Newmarket Eagles CC)
DNS. Gordon McFarlane (Ind)
DNF. Jason Rody (Arrow Racing)
DNF. Zachary Steinman (Ciclo Werks)
DNF. Steve Heck (Trek Store)

Full results for other categories at Hardwood Hills


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