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June 3/08 7:45 am - Lehigh Valley Classic: Pro Men

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/08

Lehigh Valley Classic Allentown PA

Ukraine’s Metlushenko triumphs at Men’s Triple Crown opener

Launching what his competitors called a late-race hail Mary, Ukraine’s Yuri Metlushenko scored a razor-thin sprint win in Tuesday’s Commerce Bank Lehigh Valley Classic. Aussie Karl Menzies (Health Net-Maxxis) was second by half a tire width at the opening round of the 2008 Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling, with American Brad Huff (Jelly Belly) trailing home in third.

Metlushenko’s win came at the end of a12-lap, 85-mile battle on the rolling roads of Allentown, Pa., the Keystone state’s third largest city. This was the first running of the Lehigh event, which replaced the former Triple Crown series opener in Lancaster.

The new-for-2008 circuit traced a rectangular path from downtown Allentown, across the Little Lehigh River, and up the scenic and rolling Lehigh Parkway before returning downtown via West Hamilton Street. While by no means a climber’s course, the 7.1-mile circuit tested riders with a steady stream of punchy, leg-sapping rollers. Still, when the endgame unfolded, it was the fast men taking center stage.

“You really had to pay attention the whole day,” explained Huff, who after the Triple Crown series will head to Los Angeles in hopes of qualifying for the U.S. Olympic track cycling team. “Speeds were high all day. This was really a power man’s race. The sprint was really fast, but the hill before it really shook things up a little. People were trying to go from a long way out.”

Indeed, pre-race favorites such as Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United) and Rock Racing’s Fred Rodriguez were non-factors in the final outcome, while the heretofore unknown Metlushenko was thrusting his hands in the air in triumph. That final move almost cost the Amore & Vita-McDonald’s rider the win, as Menzies came oh-so-close to nipping him at the line.

“I was sure I would win and was thinking about making a good finish line picture,” recalled Metlushenko, who has a large scar near his right eye that belies his career as a bike racer. “But then I got scared when I saw how close it is. I won’t ever do that again.”

The first half of the Lehigh race was marked by a series of repeated – but fruitless – attacks. Among the riders trying escape at various times were Bissell’s Aaron Olson, Brian Jensen (Team Successful Living), Pennsylvanian Kyle Wamsley (Colavita-Sutter Home), Jason Donald (Slipstream-Chipotle) and Colavita’s Tyler Wren. None could make their moves stick for any significant length of time, and the race was all back together at the halfway point.

The first real move of consequence came during lap 7 when Jeff Louder (BMC Racing), Frank Pipp (Health Net-Maxxis), Luis Romero (Colavita-Sutter Home), and Canadian strongman Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) took off. They quickly rolled up a 50-second advantage, with Toyota-United’s Ivan Stevic, Slipstream’s Mike Friedman and Alberto Curtolo (Liquigas) all trying to bridge across. The bunch was having none of the second move, and the chasers were soon back in the field.

The four escapees continued to work off the front during the next four laps, but their advantage never exceeded a minute, and it was clear the sprinters’ team was in control. The break eventually split up, with Pipp and Tuft pushing ahead, while Louder and Romero drifted back.

The move was then momentarily re-energized when seven new riders pulled off the front of the field and bridged up, creating a dangerous lead group that included Ivan Stevic (Toyota-United), Kasper Klostergaard (Team CSC), Bernardo Tepoz (Tecos-Trek), Martijn Maaskant (Slipstream-Chipotle), John Murphy (Health Net-Maxxis), Eric Baumann (Team Sparkasse), Glen Chadwick (Team Type 1), Tuft (Symmetrics) and Romero. But the field was chasing hard and the race was all together early in the final lap.

Several more attacks and counter attacks ensued, including one final move with Pipp and Dominique Rollin (Toyota-United). But they were snowed under on the final trip up the circuit’s short climb, setting things up for a furious dash to the finish.

“I’m not sure where he came from,” admitted Menzies of the race’s final 200 meters. “I had two teammates leading me out perfectly, but I had to wait to make sure Huff didn’t come over the top of me. Then Uri came by. At the finish I knew I was coming quicker and saw him pause and throw up arms, so I gave a throw and hoped I could get him.”

It was a strategy that came up about a half inch short.

The Triple Crown’s 25-team field will now get a day off before reconvening in Reading for the 75-mile, 10-lap Commerce Bank Reading Classic that darts back and forth between the city’s downtown and the summit of nearby Mt. Penn. Finally, comes the mother of all North American one-day races, the Commerce Bank Philadelphia International Championship. Celebrating its 24th running, this epic 156-mile test of mettle begins and ends on Philadelphia’s famed Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

In between, a fast field of the world’s 200 best cyclists will hurtle their way around 10 laps of the 14.4-mile primary circuit that includes the infamous Manayunk Wall, with its always-raucous fans and precipitous grades that exceed 17 percent. Ten long laps are followed by three testing finishing circuits up and over Lemon Hill before the 2008 champion is crowned. To the victors will go the lion’s share of a $93,500 prize purse that includes a $10,000 bonus for the overall series winner.

Pro Men

1. Yuri Metlushenko (Amore & Vita-McDonalds Pro Cycling)3:05:35
2. Karl Menzies (Health Net p/b Maxxis)3:05:35
3. Brad Huff (Jelly Belly)3:05:35
4. Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)3:05:35
5. Eric Baumann (Team Sparkasse)3:05:35
6. Fred Rodriguez (Rock Racing)3:05:35
7. Hendricus Vogels (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)3:05:35
8. Tyler Farrar (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:05:35
9. Bernhard Eisel (Team High Road)3:05:35
10. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics Professional Cycling)3:05:35
11. Anibal Borrajo (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)3:05:35
12. Yosvany Falcon (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)3:05:35
13. Luis Macias (Tecos - Trek)3:05:35
14. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Team Type 1)3:05:35
15. Claudio Corioni (Liquigas)3:05:35
16. Ben Brooks (Team Type 1)3:05:35
17. Mark Walters (Team RACE Pro)3:05:35
18. Curtis Gunn (Team Successfulliving)3:05:35
19. Carlos Oyarzun (Tecos - Trek)3:05:35
20. Neil Shirley (Jittery Joe's)3:05:35
21. Jonathan Cantwell (Jittery Joe's)3:05:35
22. Shawn Milne (Team Type 1)3:05:35
23. John Fredy Parra (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)3:05:35
24. Antonio Cruz (BMC Racing)3:05:35
25. Moises Aldape (Team Type 1)3:05:35
26. Philipp Mamos (Team Sparkasse)3:05:35
27. Matti Breschel (Team CSC)3:05:35
28. Christian Meier (Symmetrics Professional Cycling)3:05:35
29. Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing)3:05:35
30. Edward King (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)3:05:35
31. Andrew Talansky (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)3:05:35
32. Miguel Martinez (Amore & Vita-McDonalds Pro Cyc)3:05:35
33. Jacob Rytlewski (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)3:05:35
34. Christopher Jones (Team Type 1)3:05:35
35. Michael Grabinger (Team Successfulliving)3:05:35
36. Mark Hekman (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)3:05:35
37. Davide Frattini (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)3:05:35
38. Ryan Roth (Team RACE Pro)3:05:35
39. Oscar Sevilla (Rock Racing)3:05:35
40. Jared Barrilleaux (Jittery Joe's)3:05:35
41. Ciaran Power (Pezula Racing)3:05:35
42. Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics Professional Cycling)3:05:35
43. Kyle Wamsley (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)3:05:35
44. Cam Evans (Symmetrics Professional Cycling)3:05:35
45. Darren Lill (BMC Racing)3:05:35
46. Gregorio Ladino (Tecos - Trek)3:05:35
47. Francisco Matamoros (Tecos - Trek)3:05:35
48. Chad Hartley (Jittery Joe's)3:05:35
49. Roger Hammond (Team High Road)3:05:35
50. Glen Chadwick (Team Type 1)3:05:35
51. Danilo Wyss (BMC Racing)3:05:35
52. Victor Hugo Pena (Rock Racing)3:05:35
53. Fabio Calabria (Team Type 1)3:05:35
54. Brian Jensen (Team Successfulliving)3:05:35
55. Vicente Reynes Mimo (Team High Road)3:05:35
56. Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing)3:05:35
57. Rory Sutherland (Health Net p/b Maxxis)3:05:35
58. Bernardo Colex (Tecos - Trek)3:05:35
59. Matthew Goss (Team CSC)3:05:35
60. Christopher Wherry (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)3:05:35
61. Cameron Jennings (Pezula Racing)3:05:35
62. Kasper Klostergaard (Team CSC)3:05:35
63. Richard England (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)3:05:35
64. Andreas Schillinger (Team Sparkasse)3:05:35
65. Tilo Schler (Team Sparkasse)3:05:35
66. Dominique Rollin (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)3:05:35
67. Andrew Bajadali (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)3:05:35
68. Lars Wackernagel (Team Sparkasse)3:05:35
69. Jonn Murphy (Health Net p/b Maxxis)3:06:13
70. Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Professional Cycling)3:06:15
71. Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Rock Racing)3:06:17
72. John Durango (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)3:06:17
73. Jeremy Vennell (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)3:06:20
74. Taylor Tolleson (BMC Racing)3:06:23
75. Frank Travieso (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)3:06:23
76. Andrew Randell (Symmetrics Professional Cycling)3:06:38
77. David O'Loughlin (Pezula Racing)3:06:41
78. Sebastian Frey (Team Sparkasse)3:06:50
79. Lucas Haedo (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)3:07:03
80. Matt Wilson (Team Type 1)3:07:03
81. Tim Johnson (Health Net p/b Maxxis)3:07:03
82. Maciej Bodnar (Liquigas)3:07:10
83. Kirk O'Bee (Health Net p/b Maxxis)3:07:17
84. Evan Elken (Jittery Joe's)3:07:17
85. Ivan Santaromita (Liquigas)3:07:17
86. Enrico Franzoi (Liquigas)3:07:17
87. Erik Barlevav (TIME Pro Cycling)3:07:27
88. Jason Donald (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:07:27
89. Reid Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)3:07:32
90. Adam Myerson (TIME Pro Cycling)3:07:40
91. Michael Friedman (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:07:45
92. William Frischkorn (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:07:45
93. Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)3:07:45
94. Ivan Stevic (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)3:07:45
95. Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)3:07:45
96. Martijn Maaskant (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:07:45
97. Blake Caldwell (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:07:45
98. Thomas Soladay (TIME Pro Cycling)3:07:51
99. Caleb Manion (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)3:07:51
100. Matthew Rice (Jelly Belly)3:07:51
101. Richard Geng (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)3:08:15
102. Steven Cozza (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:08:15
103. John Devine (Team High Road)3:08:15
104. Bernard Van Ulden (Jelly Belly)3:08:15
105. Benjamin King (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)3:08:15
106. David Guttenplan (TIME Pro Cycling)3:08:15
107. Rahsaan Bahati (Rock Racing)3:08:15
108. Jacob Erker (Symmetrics Professional Cycling)3:08:15
109. Timothy Henry (Jittery Joe's)3:08:15
110. Tommy Nankervis (DLP Racing)3:08:15
111. Heath Blackgrove (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)3:08:15
112. Garrett Peltonen (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)3:08:15
113. Francois Parisien (Team RACE Pro)3:08:15
114. Magnus Backstedt (Slipstream/Chipotie p/b H3O)3:08:15
115. Scott Jackson (DLP Racing)3:08:15
116. Scott Zwizanski (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)3:08:15
117. Martin Gilbert (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)3:08:15
118. Keven Lacombe (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)3:08:15
119. Jonathan Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)3:10:29
120. Kyle Gritters (Health Net p/b Maxxis)3:10:29
121. Aaron Olson (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)3:11:01
122. Aaron Tuckerman (Jelly Belly)3:11:01
123. Jackie Simes (TIME Pro Cycling)3:11:01
124. Cody Stevenson (Jittery Joe's)3:11:01
125. Michael Stevenson (Amore & Vita-McDonalds Pro Cyc)3:11:01
DNF. Michael Stevenson (Amore & Vita-McDonalds Pro Cyc)11:01.0
DNF. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Team High Road)
DNF. Greg Henderson (Team High Road)
DNF. Servais Knaven (Team High Road)
DNF. Tony Martin (Team High Road)
DNF. Lasse Bochman (Team CSC)
DNF. Andre Steensen (Team CSC)
DNF. Jason McCartney (Team CSC)
DNF. Alberto Curtolo (Liquigas)
DNF. Martin Kohler (BMC Racing)
DNF. Michael Sayers (BMC Racing)
DNF. Jeffrey Louder (BMC Racing)
DNF. Phil Cortes (Amore & Vita-McDonalds Pro Cyc)
DNF. Soren Nissen (Amore & Vita-McDonalds Pro Cyc)
DNF. Joao Correia (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)
DNF. Tyler Wren (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)
DNF. Luca Damiani (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)
DNF. Gustavo Artacho (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)
DNF. Luis Amaran Romero (Colavita-Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)
DNF. Spencer Beamer (DLP Racing)
DNF. Joey Coddington (DLP Racing)
DNF. Charles Pendry (DLP Racing)
DNF. Matthew Howe (DLP Racing)
DNF. Boyd Johnson (DLP Racing)
DNF. Christopher Judy (DLP Racing)
DNF. Matt Crane (Health Net p/b Maxxis)
DNF. Frank Pipp (Health Net p/b Maxxis)
DNF. Nicholas Sanderson (Jelly Belly)
DNF. Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly)
DNF. Michael Lange (Jelly Belly)
DNF. Nicholas Reistad (Jelly Belly)
DNF. Trent Wilson (Jittery Joe's)
DNF. Dan Bowman (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)
DNF. Morgan Fox (Pezula Racing)
DNF. Martyn Irvine (Pezula Racing)
DNF. William Connolly (Pezula Racing)
DNF. William Elliston (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)
DNF. Robbie King (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)
DNF. Stephen Kincaid (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)
DNF. Clayton Barrows (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)
DNF. Guido Palma (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)
DNF. Miles Watson (Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebe)
DNF. Michael Creed (Rock Racing)
DNF. Doug Ollerenshaw (Rock Racing)
DNF. Dan Timmerman (Team RACE Pro)
DNF. Kevin "Buck" Miller (Team RACE Pro)
DNF. Dustin Macburnie (Team RACE Pro)
DNF. Mark Batty (Team RACE Pro)
DNF. Eric Robertson (Team RACE Pro)
DNF. Darren Lapthorne (Team Sparkasse)
DNF. Charles Dionne (Team Successfulliving)
DNF. Alessandro Bazzana (Team Successfulliving)
DNF. Bradley White (Team Successfulliving)
DNF. Ricardo Escuela (Team Successfulliving)
DNF. Cody O'reily (Team Successfulliving)
DNF. Omar Cervantes (Tecos - Trek)
DNF. Luis Guitierrez (Tecos - Trek)
DNF. Florencio Ramos (Tecos - Trek)
DNF. Daniel Ramsey (TIME Pro Cycling)
DNF. David Duncan (TIME Pro Cycling)
DNF. Michael Stoop (TIME Pro Cycling)
DNF. Bobby Sweeting (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)
DNF. Predrag Prokic (Toshiba - Santo p/b Herbalife)
DNF. Hilton Clarke (Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team)


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