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June 4/08 11:42 am - Red Deer Crit and Pigeon Lake Road Race

Posted by Editoress on 06/4/08

Team H&R Block - Red Deer Crit and Pigeon Lake Road Race May 31st, Jun 1st
Andy Holmwood, DS, Team H&R Block

Team H&R Block wound up the month of May and started the month of June with two races in central Alberta over the weekend - Criterium Maximum in Red Deer on Saturday followed by the Pigeon Lake Road Race on Sunday.

Criterium Maximum, a new race on the Alberta road circuit, featured a tricky course around the perimeter of the parking lot of the Red Deer Centrium, home of the local junior hockey team. For spectators and racers alike, it was akin to a race on the velodrome, albeit with one right turn. The entire course was in clear view from the finish line, allowing for tactics and strategy to be on display for all. After a few laps with the peloton together, H&R began launching riders off the front, with the intention of fracturing the field and establishing a breakaway. Particularly active were Ryan McKenzie, Mark MacDonald, Aaron Schooler, Cyrus Kangarloo, and Chris McNeil. Joining these riders off the front was the ERTC brother combination of Dan and Jon Wood, in addition to David Larson from Juventus. Using their strength-in-numbers, H&R ultimately succeeded in putting five riders off the front of the race and isolating their opposition behind. At the finish, it was Kangarloo just ahead of MacDonald, with McKenzie, McNeil and Schooler rounding out the top-five for an H&R sweep.

Sunday's race was a classic of the Alberta calendar, the Pigeon Lake Road Race. This race attracts the largest field of any one-day event on the prairies, with 250 riders contesting seven categories. The Category 1/2 men's field was close to sixty in number, with strong contingents from ERTC, Pedalhead Road Works, and United Cycle. The H&R plan was simple - make the race hard by sending riders off the front, and hopefully establishing a breakaway move where the team would outnumber the opposition. The breakaway happened about fifty kilometres into the 128 km race, with H&R represented by Anthony Steenbergen and Jeff Bolstad. Later, the breakaway composition changed, with several riders dropping off and H&R rider Cyrus Kangarloo bridging up to the group containing Steenbergen and Bolstad. The tension increased late in the race, with the remaining four breakaway riders barely surviving in front of a rapidly closing peloton. Jeff Bolstad, H&R's quick sprinter, took the win in front of Kangarloo (2nd), Nathan Underwood (Team Saskatchewan, 3rd), and Steenburgen (4th).

The two races also featured combined omnium results, with Kangarloo finishing 1st, Bolstad 2nd, MacDonald 3rd, McKenzie 5th, Steenbergen 6th, McNeil 7th, and Schooler 8th. Next up for Team H&R Block, the team will test its legs against west-coast competition at a B.C. Cup road race in Abbotsford on Sunday, the 7th of June. Track specialist Mark MacDonald, meanwhile, will be in action this coming weekend at the Velocity Shish-Ka-Bob Track Meet in Edmonton.


1/2 Men
1. Cyrus Kangarloo Team H&R Block)40pts
2. Jeff Bolstad (Team H&R Block)25
3. Mark MacDonald (Team H&R Block)21
4. Nathan Underwood (Team Saskatchewan)15
5. Ryan McKenzie (Team H&R Block)12
6. Anthony Steenbergen (Team H&R Block)10
7. Chris McNeil (Team H&R Block)10
8. David Larson (Juventus CC)8
9. Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block)8
10. Jon Wood (ERTC/Revolution)6
11. Shawn Bunnin (bicisport)4
12. Dan Wood (ERTC/Revolution)4
13. Mike Bidniak (Juventus CC)2
14. Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Road Works)2
15. Cody Canning (ERTC/Revolution)1
Women A
1. Julia Garnet (Team Alberta 1)40pts
2. Liza Miranda (Ind/ERTC)27
3. Pepper Harlton (Juventus CC)25
4. Andrea Bunnin (Team Saskatchewan)25
5. Alyssa Weninger (Team Saskatchewan)14
6. Jessica Kisell (Team Alberta 1/bicisport)14
7. Erica Musyj (BCW Cycling (SK))10
8. Amy Woodward (Bow Cycle/CMC)6
9. Susan Clarke (BCW Cycling (SK))4
10. Carrie Grover (Juventus CC)1
Women B
1. Kelly Hall (Team Alberta/Juventus)45pts
2. Ellen Sparling (Team Alberta/bicisport)22
3. Christina Smith (bicisport)20
4. Krystyn Ong (Team Alberta/Juventus)17
5. Lauren Lankester (Team Alberta/bicisport)16
6. Judy Harlton (Juventus CC)15
7. Kendra Middleton (Team Alberta/Juventus)14
8. Anna Rogers (ERTC/Revolution)12
9. Carolyn Soules (CrankMasters)6
10. Christa Burry (bicisport)1
11. Sonia Miulley (Highwood CC)
Cat 3
1. Kobe Davis (Café Racers)40pts
2. Alex McCormick (Team Alberta/Juventus)27
3. James Mollison (Bow Cycle/CMC)25
4. Dustin Andrews (Bow Cycle/CMC)23
5. Jason Proche (Pedalhead Road Works)22
6. Stephen Cooley (Team Saskatchewan)10
7. Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycle)8
8. Blaine Richter (ERTC/Revolution)6
9. Alex Shaw (Speed Theory)6
10. Steve Martins (Hardcore Racing)4
11. Don King (Bow Cycle/CMC)4
12. Mark Rumsey (Hardcore Racing)2
13. Matthew Dahl (Team Alberta/Bow Cycle/CMC)2
14. Heather Kay (ERTC/Revolution)1
Cat 4
1. Dominik Kubicki (ERTC/Revolution)30pts
2. Ben Adam (United Cycle)25
3. Thomas Auer (Calgary Cycle)20
4. Scott Book (ERTC/Revolution)20
5. Lance Adamson (Juventus CC)12
6. Cory Dickinson (United Cycle)12
7. Stephen Kenny (Speed Theory)10
8. Bill Hodgetts (Pedalhead Road Works)10
9. Chris McCue (Bow Cycle/CMC)8
10. Ty Andrews (Team Alberta/Bow Cycle/CMC)8
11. Damon Davis (Café Racers)6
12. Kyle Harris (ERTC/Revolution)6
13. Peter Knight (United Cycle)4
14. Bill Quinney (Synergy Racing)4
15. Alan Underhill (Pedalhead Road Works)2
16. Doug Urness (Central Alberta BC)2
17. Jeff Bell (Highwood CC)1
18. Tim Riess (Pedalhead Racing)
19. Greg Yanicki (bicisport)
20. Roy Quade (bicisport)
21. George Irwin (Juventus CC)
22. Paul Mac Donald (Pedalhead Road Works)
23. Torrian Watson (bicisport)
24. James Lyon (9th Street Cycle-Logic)
25. Tim Brewster (Juventus CC)
26. Mackenzie Carson (Team Alberta/Juventus/Kona/RVC )
27. Kris Dahl (Team Alberta/Bow Cycle/CMC)
28. Graham Courtney (Team Alberta/Synergy)
29. Mark Ruttiman (Pedalhead Road Works)
30. Bruce Wick (Bow Cycle/CMC)
Cat 5
1. Neal Baker (Calgary Cycle)40pts
2. Jonathan Wilson (Calgary Cycle)27
3. Lachlan Holmes (Speed Theory)27
4. Mike Blennerhassett (Hardcore Racing)25
5. Dan Sigouin (Speed Theory)16
6. Kevin Rosmanitz (Synergy Racing)10
7. Stuart Black (Dead Goat Racing)8
8. Trevor Sorenson (ERTC/Revolution)4
9. Travis Anderson (ERTC/Revolution)4
10. Eric Lastiwka (Pedalhead Road Works)2
11. Trevor Pombert (United Cycle)2
12. Paul Stoliker (Rundle Mountain CC)1
13. Greg Arnett (ERTC/Revolution)
14. James Janzen (bicisport)
15. Scott Donaldson (Calgary Cycle)
16. Hendrik van Jaarsveldt (Cranky's Bike Shop)
17. Lorne Dmitruk (9th Street Cycle Logic)
18. Warren Schmitz (Pedalhead Road Works)
19. Gary Taylor (CrankMasters)
20. Dean Mitchell (bicisport)
21. Rob Belanger (ERTC/Revolution)
22. Kevin McMahon (Ind)
23. Mike Burton (Juventus CC)
24. Lawrence Lam (Velocity Racing Club)
25. Paul Anderson (Speed Theory)
26. Michael Godfrey (Speed Theory)
27. Darcy Gullacher (bicisport)
28. Marc Bailey (United Cycle)
29. Tom Charlton (Bow Cycle/CMC)
30. Richard Sitter (Cycle logic)
31. Adrien Regimbald (United Cycle)
32. Mark Shand (Speed Theory)
33. Richard Cairney (ERTC/Revolution)
34. Bruce Carter (ERTC/Revolution)
35. Sherman Cutknife (9th Street Cycle Logic)
36. Alex Kaye (Calgary Bicycle Track League)
37. Mark Perry (CrankMasters)
38. Tracy Kisell (bicisport)
39. Andrew Wolaniuk (Bow Cycle/CMC)
40. Jay Sylvester (ERTC/Revolution)
41. Rob Woolley (Speed Theory)
42. John McKnight (Ind)
43. Bailey McKnight (Synergy Racing)
44. Tim Lockie (United Cycle)
45. Stewart Hutchings (United Cycle)
46. Rui Reis (Speed Theory)
Cat 6
1. Samuel Beaudoin (Juventus CC/Louis Garneau)40pts
2. Michael Lankester (Bow Cycle/CMC)37
3. Brayden McDougall (bicisport)30
4. Dylan Law (Juventus CC)22
5. Shane McCormick (Juventus CC)14
6. Alexander Steneker (Juventus CC)10
7. Deborah Dodd (9th Street Cycle Logic)8
8. Anastasia Stadnyk (bicisport)7
9. Carmen Young (9th Street Cycle Logic)4
10. Gina Kisell (Synergy Racing)4
11. Emily De Freitas (bicisport)2
12. Jean Paul Veress (Bow Cycle/CMC)2
13. Mark Jones (9th Street Cycle Logic)
14. Kim Harris (Eurotech Cycle)
15. Yvonne Harnoth (Juventus CC)
16. Joshua Kropf (Moose Jaw Pavers CC)
17. Arthur Bland (Ind)
18. Andrea St. Gerrmain (Bow Cycle/CMC)
19. Derek Walsh (Synergy Racing)
20. Trevor Kisell (Synergy Racing)
21. John Bereczki (bicisport)
22. Terry Andrichuk (Bow Cycle/CMC)

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