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June 4/08 12:49 pm - Victoria's Secret XC #1

Posted by Editoress on 06/4/08

Victoria's Secret XC

The first race of six in the Bicycle Nova Scotia Mountain Bike Series was held on Sunday June 1st in Truro Nova Scotia. Organizer were Bruce and Daisy Roberts of Hub Cycle.

Open Men
1. Andrew L'Esperance (Cyclesmith)1:43:03
2. Terry Tomlin (Opus Atlantic)1:43:40
3. Stuart Night (Mike's Bike Shop)1:50:13
4. Justin Theriault (Radical Edge)1:50:14
5. Austin Martin (Cyclesmith)1:53:41
6. Jon Burgess (Cyclesmith)1:53:59
7. Jean-Richard Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)1:54:34
8. Robert Klue (Cyclesmith)2:02:49
9. Eli Chaisson (Cyclesmith)2:02:50
10. Randy Gray (Cyclesmith)2:07:15
11. Duncan Sturz (Independent)2:08:46
12. Chris Price (Cyclesmith)2:11:06
13. Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)2:12:08
14. Greg Towndrow (Lunenburg Bike Barn)2:12:40
15. Simon Myatt (Cyclesmith)2:12:42
16. Patrice Boudreau (Mike's Bike Shop)2:14:17
17. Troy Baillie (Hub Cycle CC)2:22:21
DNF. Jeremy Herbert (Incline Sports)
DNF. Rene Julien (Mike's Bike Shop)
Open Women
1. Jessica Dahn (Radical Edge)1:28:11
2. Enid Schaller (Cyclesmith)1:32:33
3. Sherry Huybers (Pictou County Racing)1:36:44
Junior Men
1. Trent Cormier (Pictou County Racing)1:14:32
2. Ryan MacDonald (Pictou County Racing)1:15:34
3. Paul Slaunwhite (Pictou County Racing)1:16:19
4. BrandonCurry (Independent)1:16:43
DNF. Denis Herbert (Incline Sports)
U17 Men
1. Tyler D'Arcy (Hub Cycle CC)46:17
2. Brandon Miner (Valley Stove & Cycle)47:22
3. Ben Boutilier (Hub Cycle CC)48:52
4. Martin Main (Hub Cycle CC)49:43
5. Coburn Brown (Independent)51:58
6. Justin MacDonald (Pictou County Racing)53:32
DNF. Jordan Gibson (Cyclesmith)
U17 Women
1. Kristen Curry (Independent)36:23
Open Sport Men
1. Colin Banks (Valley Stove & Cycle)1:32:16
2. Conor Scallion (Hub Cycle CC)1:39:18
3. Tyler Jones (Independent)1:40:05
4. Chris Kozanczy (ECMTB)1:41:56
5. Matthew Rockwell (Bicycles Plus)1:45:53
6. Peter Hickey (Hub Cycle CC)1:46:42
7. Randall Comeau (Cyclesmith)1:50:27
8. Stephen Weeks (Pictou County Racing)1:52:29
9. Peter Craig (Independent)1:53:39
10. Clint Snell (Pictou County Racing)1:54:17
11. Sean Ritchie (Mike's Bike Shop)1:56:34
12. Keith Godfrey (Southeast MTB)1:58:09
13. Jeff Matthews (Cyclesmith)1:58:31
14. Jeff Mayhew (Sportwheels)1:58:39
15. Roddie Maclean (Pictou County Racing)2:01:15
16. Craig Lorge (Pictou County Racing)2:02:48
17. Scott MacFarlane (Pictou County Racing)2:04:48
18. Jonathan Spinney (Sea Level)2:05:44
19. Josh Limkey (Fitworks)2:06:10
20. Andrew Lowery (ECMTB)2:22:15
21. Carl Simoneau (Cyclesmith)2:23:05
22. Aaron Perott (Independent)2:25:45
23. Dexter Van Dam (Cyclesmith)2:39:41
Open Sport Women
1. Natalie Cormier (Radical Edge)1:14:19
2. Ashley Brown (Cyclesmith)1:24:29
Master Sport 40+ men
1. Dan Pottier (Valley Stove & Cycle)52:28
2. Alan Miner (Independent)56:36
3. Lawrence MacNeil (Bicycles Plus)58:37
4. Roy Rasmussen (Hub Cycle CC)1:00:20
5. Urs Ritter (Independent)1:01:45
6. Lonny Curry (Independent)1:03:57
7. Derek Ozon (Cyclesmith)1:05:48
8. Doug Brown (Independent)1:09:43
U15 Men
1. Lucas McCulloch (Pictou County Racing)23:30
2. Peter Millman (Hub Cycle CC)26:13
3. Allan MacIntosh (Pictou County Racing)26:14
4. Andre Herbert (Incline Sports)26:27
5. Trevor MacIntosh (Pictou County Cycle)26:39
6. Cole Denovan (Independent)28:45
7. Brett Rogers (Pictou County Racing)30:54
8. Jesse Hale (Pictou County Racing)31:51
9. Ashley Creelman (Hub Cycle CC)33:41
10. Parker Caudle (Hub Cycle CC)34:15
11. Zachary Gate (Hub Cycle CC)35:32
12. Matthew Livingston (Pictou County Racing)40:56
13. Justin Densmore (Hub Cycle CC)48:26
U15 Women
1. Abby Boutilier (Hub Cycle CC)32:14
2. Adar Grealey (Pictou County Racing)45:18
U13 Men
1. Luc Comeau (Cyclesmith)30:08
2. Brent Noble (Hub Cycle CC)32:53
3. Nathan Caudle (Hub Cycle CC)35:20
4. Garrett Johnston (Darlings Island)36:01
5. Tristan Clark (Hub Cycle CC)37:43
6. Brennan Hiltz (Cyclesmith)40:02
7. Iain Myatt (Cyclesmith)42:35
8. Lucas Forster (Independent)47:07
U13 Women
1. Odette Comeau (Cyclesmith)39:18
2. Mackenzie Myatt (Cyclesmith)40:45


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