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June 6/08 11:46 am - Team/Club News: Blizzard, Oak Bay Bikes Wheelers, Owen Sound,

Posted by Editoress on 06/6/08

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC

June 5th

Pat Ferris won the Thursday night Baldonnel time trial with a personal best of 24:50 minutes. Billy Bucknall as 2nd at 26:22 and Roger St. Jean 3rd at 26:32. Les Elliot was 4th at 26:44 and Simon Andrews 5th at 27:14.

Gord Harris had a personal best 27:57, Sandy McDonald 28:04, Kathryn Fairweather 29:10, Jolea Bilodeau 29:32 and Owen Giebelhaus 30:50.

Russ Wilson did 32:58; Hilda Bilodeau did a personal best 35:18 and Dawn Gladysz 41:58.

Coming up:
-Challenge Cup #7 is happening in Grande Prairie at 2 pm. It features the first mountain bike race of the season at Nordic Trails Park at 2 pm.
-Stephen Ferris is racing a Pro-am BC Cup race in Vancouver.

Oak Bay Bikes Wheelers Midweek Time Trial # 7
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

It was a dark and stormy evening - well not really, although it was rainy, windy and cold. It seems that most Nanaimo area roadies and tri guys are fair weather cyclists as only a solitary rider came out to do the 15 km time trial tonight. In fairness, it should be stated that a number of the regulars are in Vancouver this week for the world triathlon championships.

Ross Palfrey, a really new and inexperienced rider turned up at the start just before the organisers were to pack up and go home. When asked what motivated him to compete on such un uninviting night, he replied that he thought he should learn to race in all kinds of weather, as you never knew what the conditions might be like at the next event. Wise words indeed. In any event, his twelve points for winning pulled him up to fourth overall in the men's series competition.

Next week is the first of our two-up team time trials, a twenty kilometer out ands back race. Riders will be paired before the start based on previous individual times. For some tips on how to ride this event, email

Men's Series Standings to date
1 Tony Winter (OBB), 53pts
2 Dan Frey (Frontrunners), 49
3 Dave Steen (BC Masters), 44
4 Ross Palfrey (Arrowsmith), 38
5 Robin Dutton (Arrowsmith), 36
6 Norman Thibault (Frontrunners), 27
7 Menno Jonsma (Dr. Walker), 22
8 Mike James (HCF), 18
9 Ian Hay (HCF), 18
10 Bob Kerr (Ind.), 17
11 Ryan Smith (Arrowsmith), 14
12 Ian MacLeod (Ind.), 13
13 Stefan Jacobson (Frontrunners), 12
14 Elijah Buffalo (Hobbema), 10
15 Wayne Haju (Ind.), 9
16 Jon Bird (Ind.), 8
17 Al Shirley (Ind.), 7
18 Dave Kenny (OBB), 5
19 Gregor Conti (Ind.), 4

Owen Sound CC

Volunteers Needed

The Owen Sound Triathlon is fast approaching. Volunteers are needed to help out to make the event a success. The triathlon is Sunday August 3rd and Monday August 4th. Volunteers will be needed to help out on Sunday in the afternoon and Monday in the morning. Volunteers can help out with registration, body marking, water stations, be course marshals or work in the food tent.

The event was a success last year because of the support from the volunteers and this years event will be bigger and better than last year.

More information (

Annan 10/109 K ITT

June 3rd

Timer : Mary Thomson ; Thanks to Jim Cummings and Tom Hakala for help
Riders : 25 ; 8 PB's ; Justin (15) is by far the youngest rider to go under the 30 min mark ;
Conditions : Cool ; Overcast ; Light NE Breeze ; Good times for a first this year

Greg Nicol, 28:24 PB
Stan Walter, 29:26 PB
Justin Zottl, 29:33 PB
Matt Barfoot, 29:34 PB
Jeff Wardell, 29:59
Ken Avery, 30:08 PB
Ed deLaPlante, 30:09 PB
Jason Rody, 30:19
David Starrs, 30:25 PB
Derek Smith, 31:38
Fred Zottl, 32:19
Keith Brown, 32:54
Trevor Stokes, 33:06
Bob Bingham, 33:21
Stephen LaForest, 33:49
Don Wilkinson, 34:14
Jen Wardell, 34:37
Susan Avery, 34:54
Richard Askwith, 36:29
Connie Jackson, 39:51
Chris LaForest , 40:34

Jane Thomson , 17:14
Emily Pool , 19:23 PB
Robert Starrs , 24:06
Jim Cummings , 23:43 Cycling Team Podium Finish at GP Charlevoix
Courtesy Cycling Team

Former Canadian Olympic Athlete & General Manager of the team Czeslaw Lukaszewicz, is proud to announce that the Cycling Team had it's first podium finish at the GP Charlevoix.

The GP Charlevoix, which took place over the weekend of May 31 – June1, 2008, ended on a high note with a 3rd place finish by Benjamin Martel. "This is just the beginning for the Cycling Team as we head to the Tour de Beauce from June 10 – 15, 2008. We knew our team would have a strong season in 2008 and we are pleased to have Benjamin as our Team Leader.", said Czeslaw Lukaszewicz.

The Cycling Team includes Benjamin Martel, Team Leader & Winner of the 2006 Coupe de le Paix Race Series, Maxime-Joly Smith, Olivier Savaria, Daniel Ceccato, Dominic Cantin, Ugo Lapierre, Pascal Bussieres, Pierre Boilard, Martin Picard and is based out of Chateaugauy, Quebec.

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz further added, "I am confident that our young and ambitious riders will continue to have strong performances throughout the 2008 season which will help the Cycling Team reach its goal of becoming a UCI Continental Team for 2009."

Further to the success of Benjamin Martel last weekend, former Canadian Olympic Athlete & General Manager of the team Czeslaw Lukaszewicz had a first place finish at the GP Fichaud Pontiac Buick GMC Race on the night of Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

Follow the progress of the Cycling Team on our blog --

BVC News

Maydays Promo Video

Courtesy of Jason Delesalle and his team of dedicated video-editors.

Pumping music & lots of great shots the BVC's Maydays weekend.


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