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June 12/08 5:37 am - Valley Super D DH

Posted by Editoress on 06/12/08

Valley Super D DH June 8th, Annapolis Valley NS

Open Men1st Run2nd RunBest Time
1. Joshua Thibodeau (Mike's Bike Shop)3:39:234:10:403:39:23
2. Connor Scallion (Hub Cycle CC)3:54:193:48:823:48:82
3. Nathan Rands (Independent)-----4:06:944:06:94
4. Christopher Nowlan (Independent)4:39:354:20:404:20:40
5. Robert Overmars (Antigonish Ride)4:22:044:39:614:22:04
Junior Men1st Run2nd RunBest Time
1. Brandon Curry (Independent)4:08:354:05:994:05:99
2. Aymes Mustard (Independent)4:31:075:29:974:31:07
3. Zachary Herrick (Lunenburg Bike Barn)4:36:564:48:964:36:56
4. Kaegan Murphy (Brodie)5:21:115:36:445:21:11
Open Sport Men1st Run2nd RunBest Time
1. Dave Marshall (Independent)3:44:763:47:193:44:76
2. Ryan Lindh (Independent)3:48:493:50:713:48:49
3. Chris Price (Cyclesmith)4:09:164:08:954:08:95
4. Kirk Long (Valley Stove & Cycle)4:12:204:52:394:12:20
5. Derek Gates (Lunenburg Bike Barn)4:34:154:25:864:25:86
6. Ryan Goss (Lunenburg Bike Barn)5:15:924:33:364:33:36
7. Arthur Delaney (Lunenburg Bike Barn)4:37:544:38:544:37:54
8. Adam Shore (Independent)4:40:385:05:334:40:38
9. Greg Towndrow (Lunenburg Bike Barn)4:42:534:47:544:42:53
10. Joseph Allard (Spinning Wheels)5:05:644:57:884:57:88
Hardtail1st Run2nd RunBest Time
1. Jeremy Gass (Sportwheels)4:21:974:20:674:20:67
2. Mark Taylor (Independent)4:30:294:24:324:24:32
3. Brandon Miner (Valley Stove & Cycle)4:28:194:24:574:24:57
4. John Canavan (Independent)4:56:064:52:824:52:82
5. Joseph Allison (Independent)5:00:185:41:035:00:18
6. Jamie Hennebury (Independent)5:17:015:11:025:11:02
7. Kate Scallion (Independent)5:26:665:13:145:13:14


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