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June 16/08 9:08 am - Ottawa Grand Prix

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/08

from the CC Forums

The following was published in the forums, and since not everyone reads that section I will repost it in Daily News - editoress

By Bike Race Ottawa

It was an epic day in Ottawa as multiple extreme storms swept through the area. The day started under perfect conditions but that changed dramatically about halfway through the "B" race.

We had to shorten the "B" race because of a lightening strike on a building inside the course and the resulting slew of firetrucks that responded to the alarm that was triggered. The sight of firetrucks coming through the barricades on very wet roads resulted in a quick call to stop the race. The commissaires were challenged to sort out the results as riders were spread around the course at the time

1. Shawn Kelly- Peterborough CC
2. Mason Hanrahan - Ottawa Bicycle Club
3. Doug Hinan - Peterborough CC
4. Duncan Beard- West Of Quebec Wheelers
5. Brendan Gorman- Fresh Air Experience
6. Robert Orange- Ride With Rendall

There was a brief respite in the weather and the sun reappeared. We needed this time because the heavy rain had flooded one of the streets and the entire width was a pond. A chain gang of volunteers with brooms worked hard to push the water to one of the drains that was not blocked. Eventually the road was passable though still somewhat muddy.

The "A" race started about 10 min. late but the storms came back. There were power outages, more lightning strikes, hail and heavy rains. Our timing equipment was blown off the stage. The street flooded once again, this time deeper and we quickly said "5 to go". The weather had split the field into many groups and lapped riders were numerous. Osmond Bakker and Bryson Bowers were off the front at the time and they held the gap to the finish, with Osmond grabbing the first place prize of $1000 .

Here are the top 10:

1. Osmond Bakker- EMD Sorono
2. Bryson Bowers- Jet Fuel Coffee
3. Craig Hawkes- EMD Serono
4. Thomas Devissche- Eli Cycle
5. Daniel Coldrey- Team Ultraline
6. Stephen Keeping- Blueberry Mountain Swiss
7. Marc Boudreau- Ride With Rendall
8. James Brooks- The Cyclery
9. Warren McDonald- EMD Serono
10. Jeffery Schiller- London Centennial

The volunteers deserve special mention because they got drenched in the first storm, some shivering from cold, but remained in position as the second storm came through. Riders were able to dive under tents/shelters/cars but many volunteers stayed at the corners using whatever they had for protection.

Thanks to all the participants who I am sure will have survival stories of their own.


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