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June 16/08 12:39 pm - Test Of Metal 2008: Plaxton and Simms win

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/08

Plaxton and Simms win 2008 Test of Metal
Press release

It was a day for records to be broken at this year's North Shore Credit Union Test of Metal.

Max Plaxton of Victoria, riding for Rocky Mountain Bicycles, won the men's side in a time of 2:31:46 taking more than 5 minutes off the record time of 2:37 set by Chad Miles in 2000.

On the women's side, Kona Factory Team member Wendy Simms of Nanaimo finished with a time of 2:56:35. Her time beat the previous record 3:10 set by Alison Sydor in 2005.

Race director Cliff Miller credited to the trail crews for the fast course this year.

“We've had hundreds of hours of volunteer and paid work done the course this year,” Miller said. “I think that the results speak for themselves. It was worth the effort.”

Riders were almost unanimous in their praise for the course.

“The course was probably in the best condition I've ever seen it on race day,” said Squamish resident Ken McDowell who has ridden in every Test of Metal since the race moved to Squamish 15 years ago.

Unlike last year's mud-fest, the weather for this year's race was an ideal 20° C with partly cloudy skies.

More than 900 riders lines up at the start-line- another record-for Saturday's race.

Plaxton and Simms both earned $250 for their wins. Plaxton also added $700 in primes winnings while Simms earned $900 in primes.

Elite Women
1. Wendy Simms (Kona) Nanaimo BC2:56:35
2. Jean Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain Bikes) Coquitlamat 6:43
3. Joanna Harrington (Fineline) 15:06
4. Dawn Berg (Oak Bay Bikes) Victoria19:03
5. Kristin Johnston (Ind) Whistler19:04
6. Melanie Vaughan(Ind) N. Van29:02
7. Stacey Spencer (Different Bikes) Garibaldi Highlands33:10
8. Melanie Lewis ( Duvall WA33:11
9. Lesley Clements(Ind)36:43
10. Linda Robichaud(Ind) Victoria43:01
11. Jennifer Tabbernor (Team Whistler)48:16
12. Julie Melanson (Balance Point Racing)1:19:34
DNS Joele Guynup (Island Racing Club)
DNS Carey Sather (Steed cycles)
Elite Men
1. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain Bicycles) Tofino2:31:46
2. Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Different Bikes) N. Vancouver, at 4:11
3. Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Different Bikes)4:23
4. Matt Ryan (WORCA11:23
5. Kris Sneddon (Kona) Victoria, BC11:38
6. Kevin Calhoun N. Vancouver12:25
7. Frederic Bussieres(Ind)13:05
8. Craig Richey (Aria West - Oak Bay Bikes)13:29
9. Mathew Green (Ind)15:19
10. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn)16:22
11. Toby Swanson (BRI)17:35
12. Russell Stevenson (Benaroya Research) Renton, WA17:58
13. Logan Wetzel (Benaroya Research) Renton, WA18:48
14. R. Carston Ivany (Natural Earth20:32
15. Colin Kerr (Ind)Bowen Island, BC21:42
16. Jason Shorter (Ryder's Eye Wear) Whistler, BC21:46
17. Aaron Weiss (Ind)Kamloops, BC25:00
18. Mathew Hewitt (Ind)26:00
19. Joshua Stott (Team Whistler) Pemberton, BC27:41
20. Justin Mark (Steed Cycles/Helly H) Nanaimo, BC29:34
21. Simon Tremblay (Giant, Summit Cycle) Cowichan Bay, BC30:01
22. Robert Whishaw (Obsession Cycles) West Vancouver, BC33:18
23. Jonathan Braunstein (Aviawest) Victoria, BC33:26
24. Andy Traslin (North Face, Suarez, Ry) North Vancouver, BC34:34
25. Matt Patterson (Ind)36:53
26. Michael Traslin (Suarez Ryders) North Vancouver, BC46:35
27. Dustin Gordon (Ind)Pemberton49:07
28. Matt Law (Rocky Mountain Bikes) White Rock, BC49:45
29. Craig Fabische (Overtime Sports Coq.) Coquitlam, BC50:13
30. Yves Audit (Les yables) 1:02:54
31. Duncan Gavin Vancouver, BC 1:06:53
32. Trevor Porter(Ind)1:37:52
33. Doug Rogers (Ind)Whistler, BC 3:28:58
DNS. Russell Anderson (oak bay bikes) Victoria, BC
DNS. Graham Cocksedge (Suncoast Cycles) Powell River, BC
DNS. Patrick Graham (DeadGoat Racing) Calgary, ab
DNS. Dwayne Kress (Ind)Garibaldi Highl,
DNS. Chris Lane (Experience Cycling) Vancouver, BC
DNF. Drew Mackenzie (IRC)
DNS. Earl Nolan (Ind)Calgary, AB
DNS. Kyle Salisbury (Fanatik Bike Company) Bellingham, WA
DNS. Thomas Skinner (Ind)

Other Categories

Female19 & under
1. Toria Whitney (Ind) Whistler, BC4:13:40
2. Lauren Rosser (Team Squamish) Squamish, BCat 0:11
3. Eden Imbeau (Team Squamish) Squamish, BC8:46
4. Maia Kilby (Ind) Brackendale, BC1:02:44
DNS. Lauren Hughes (Team Avia West) Squamish, BC
DNF Alison MacKellar (Team Squamish) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Calindy Ramsden (West Van High) West Vancouver, BC
Female 20-29
1. Emma Smith (Ind) London, UK3:37:08
2. Fanny Paquette (Team Awesome) Pemberton, BCat 4:24
3. Madalene Earp (Ind) Vancouver, BC11:52
4. Jeanine Ball (Local Ride) Vancouver, BC59:18
5. Beverly Baker (Ind) Pemberton, BC1:23:03
6. Natalie Burke (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:23:15
7. Madeline Tang (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:27:20
8. Sarah Newman (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC1:36:53
9. Brittany Herle (Ind)1:39:10
10. Jennifer Rossi (Ind) Squamish, BC1:39:12
11. Carolyn Kelly-Smith (Ind) Vancouver, B.C1:42:50
12. Shannon Lorenz (tantalus) Squamish, BC1:54:54
13. Carla Greer (Ind) Squamish, BC2:07:23
DNS. Astrid Bonter (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Meghan Kindree (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNF Christine Lynch (Sunshine Coast Cycll) Sechelt, BC
DNS. Jennifer Marshall (Nanaimo Mountain Bike) Nanaimo, BC
DNS. Katie Painchaud (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Megan Rose (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Jen Segger-Gigg (Corsa Cycles) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Robyn Smith (Moveo) Vancouver, BC
Female 30-34
1. Annie Kvick (Natural Earth Racing) North Vancouver, BC3:36:02
2. Kristenn Magnusson (Arrowsmith Bikes) Parksville, BCat 8:09
3. Sarah O'Byrne (Ind) Whistler, BC15:54
4. Katrina Strand (Scott Bikes, Maxxis,) Whistler, BC16:11
5. Angie Bryans (Ind) Fernie, BC26:06
6. Carrie Sutherland (Terrascape) Calgary, AB43:01
7. Karen Ogilvie (Ind) Squamish, BC46:16
8. Saskia Arnesen (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:01:16
9. Stephanie Hutchinson (Republic Bicycles) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:05:03
10. Tammy Shore (Ind)1:05:13
11. Inis LeBlanc (Ind) Squamish, BC1:06:42
12. Patti Dods (Ind) Port Moody, BC1:13:14
13. Jennifer Schoenfeld (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:15:25
14. Isabelle Thielen (Ind) Surrey, BC1:26:02
15. Ellen Duncan (Ind) Kamloops, BC1:28:20
16. Paula Hitsman (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:33:13
17. Jo-Anne Perrett (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:38:01
18. Nicole Ladeur (Ind) Brackendale, BC1:48:53
19. Lisa Lefroy (Scott, Dakine, Marzo) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:50:43
20. Rhonna Gurevich (Ind)1:58:39
DNS. Renee Brickner (Sorca) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Alexandra Brooks-Hill (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Shannon Clegg Price (Sorca) Squamish, BC
DNS. Kara Loebel (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Julie Miller (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Marilene Pomerleau (Ind) Burnaby, BC
DNS. Jodi Preto (Smithers Bike Club) Smithers, BC
DNF Karen Stark (Clif Bar) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Tami Thicke (Ind) Calgary, AB
Female 35-39
1. Christine Shandro (Ind) North Vancouver, BC3:37:22
2. Karen Todd (Ind) Vancouver, BCat 10:00
3. Isabelle Laplante (Ind) Pitt Meadows, BC29:34
4. Rua Read (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC37:09
5. Nicole Howell (Ind) Vancouver, BC39:17
6. Kim Stegeman (Ind) Squamish, BC40:46
7. Bobbie-Jean Taylor (Arrowsmith) Nanaimo, B.C45:14
8. Grace Menning (Ind) North Vancouver, BC45:47
9. Lisa Princic (Ind) Squamish, BC46:05
10. Lorraine Ross (Tantalus Bike Shop) Garibaldi Highl, BC48:09
11. Sandra Bicego (Ind) Squamish, BC50:15
12. Heather Macintosh (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:03:52
13. Robin Wolfe (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:06:10
14. Elladee Brown (Shimano/Marin) Vancouver, BC1:14:13
15. Vlasta Dusil (Different Bikes) Squamish, BC1:35:29
16. Jane Pannell (Ind) Squamish, BC1:41:44
17. Sarah Jervis (WORCA) Whistler, BC1:42:35
18. Julie Vaneesteren (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:42:57
19. Trina Prior (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:43:27
20. Laila Presotto (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:10:12
21. Lisa Canjar (Ind) Whistler, BC2:11:37
22. Karen Harmatuk (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:15:43
DNS. Lisa Byrne (Ind) Burnaby, BC
DNS. Babe Carel (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Marilise Erasmus (Ind) Grande Prairie, alb
DNS. Sara Hamilton (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Christine Macer (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Amy McGlothern (Bike Works of LS) Shoreline, WA
DNS. Tracy Napier (Ind) Rossland, BC
DNS. Sasja Nieukerk (Ride With Rendall) Kamloops, BC
DNS. Luisa Nitrato Izzo (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Robin O'Neill (Ind) Whistler, BC
Female 40-44
1. Michelle Newton (Ind) North Vancouver, BC3:48:33
2. Kathleen Negraeff (Team Wedgewood) Vancouver, BCat 17:26
3. cheryl Giffin (Ind) Vancouver, BC17:27
4. Mary Shaughnessy (Ind) North Vancouver, BC17:48
5. Julie Tennock (Ind) Squamish, BC18:26
6. Marlies Van dijk (Ind) Calgary, AB24:35
7. Moira-ann Handford (Ind) West Vancouver, BC26:30
8. Kathy Cormack (SORCA) Garibaldi Highl, BC37:20
9. Valerie Fraser (SORCA) Garibaldi Highl, BC39:39
10. Lesley-Ann Marriott (Ind) Vancouver, BC43:36
11. Lori Broker (SORCA) Squamish, BC46:16
12. Maren Bruun (Goodwin Studios) Garibaldi Highl, BC46:17
13. Michele Marsh (WORCA) Whistler, BC50:51
14. Kate Inman (Sorca) Squamish, BC50:53
15. Meigel Lund (none) Victoria, BC57:45
16. Robyn Angliss (Avanti) Seattle, WA1:00:46
17. Monique Gallant (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:02:29
18. Carla Wilkie (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:04:01
19. Barb Engstrom (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:11:11
20. Corey Longeway (Kona Factory) N.Van, BC1:11:24
21. Claire Parsloe (Ind) Squamish, BC1:20:25
22. Delena Angrignon (Ind) Squamish, BC1:22:00
23. Diana Kilby (Ind) Brackendale, BC1:27:55
24. Maren Cohn (Ind)1:29:39
25. Gabriele Moeller (Ind) Whistler, BC1:34:57
26. Heather Manning (Ind) Calgary, AB1:48:37
27. Andrea Townson (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:59:12
28. Diane Jones (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:06:03
29. Cathy Choinicki (Ind) Squamish, BC2:15:10
DNS. Brenda Akerley (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. MIRIAM Bailey (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Tamara Blythe (Ind) Abbotsford, BC
DNS. Christine Boehringer (Ind) Campbell River, BC
DNS. Michelle Brousson (different bikes) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Jodi Connolly (Avanti Racing) Seattle, WA
DNF Michelle Kruger (Howe Sound Inn) Squamish, BC
DNS. Lee Anne Patterson (Ind) Rossland, BC
DNS. Karen Rodgers (Ind) Chilliwack, B.C
DNS. Denise Roman (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Cathy Ross (Ind) Coquitlam, BC
DNS. Kathy Salisbury (Fanatik Bike Company) Bellingham, WA
DNS. Cindy Shaw (Ind) Abbotsford, BC
DNS. Cindy Welsh (Ind) Squamish, BC
Male19 & under
1. Eric Emsky (Kona) Fall City, wa2:52:52
2. Tyler Allison (Nike/Trek/Fizik) Whistler, BCat 0:28
3. Mo Lawrence (Fox Racing Shox) Squamish, BC12:41
4. Nicholas Geddes (Fanatyk.Co) West Vancouver, BC17:23
5. Hayden Drygas (Team Squamish) Squamish, BC18:34
6. Philip Cairns (Team Squamish) Garibaldi Highl, BC21:10
7. Devan McClelland (Ind) North Vancouver, BC26:53
8. Toby Nolan (team squamish) Squamish, BC37:11
9. Max Horner (Devinci) Whistler, BC39:22
10. Jesse Melamed (Natures Path) Whistler, BC41:58
11. Jesse Horn (Sunshinecoast Cyclin) Halfmoon Bay, B.C46:48
12. Aiden Davis (Ind) Squamish, BC51:38
13. Sam Bowerman (N/A) Brackendale, BC58:16
14. Rob Leigh (Ind) Squamish, BC58:17
15. Hank Jien (Team Peninsula Cycle) Surrey, BC58:49
16. Jereomy Pelletier (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC59:50
17. Jarrad Wilhelm (SORCA/DON ROSS) Brackendale, BC1:06:21
18. Michael Mee (Ind) Squamish, BC1:08:53
19. Jacob Melville (Ind) Brackendale, BC1:18:54
20. Matthias Quast (Tv Olpe) Squamish, BC1:20:10
21. Jonathan Aubry (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:21:47
22. Brad White (Ind) Squamish,1:29:53
23. Owen Scully (Ind) Squamish, BC1:37:18
24. Colten Mahood (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, B.C1:41:48
25. Evan Drygas (Ind) Squamish, BC1:45:32
26. Trevor Halvorson (Mad March Racing) Brackendale, BC1:52:17
27. Clayton Palanio (Ind) Surrey, BC2:07:21
28. Joel Schachter (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:15:32
29. Thomas Rattray (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:39:21
Male 20-29
1. Jeff Riemer (Arrowsmith Mountain) Parksville, BC2:55:52
2. Fraser Charles (Ind) Vancouver, BCat 12:51
3. Jiri Senkyrik (Benaroya Research) Renton, WA17:42
4. David Huntley (Norco, Motor Tabs) Duncal, BC17:49
5. Norrie Henderson (Kelowna Cycle) Kelowna, BC19:29
6. Jonny Lloyd (Bear Back Whistler, BC22:41
7. Matt Delany N (Ind) Vancouver, BC25:43
8. Aaron Quesnel (Ind) Vancouver, BC28:53
9. Philippe Gagnon (Ind) Whistler, BC35:55
10. Nick Christensen (Rocky Cycle) Surrey, BC42:59
11. Brett Grayston (Ind) North Vancouver, B.C43:49
12. Alex Ritchie (Ind) Victoria, BC46:39
13. Ian Sheppard (Ind) Calgary, Ab49:00
14. Kevin Chew (Ind) Vancouver, BC51:40
15. Trevor MacKenzie (Ind) Victoria, BC52:47
16. Klelly Galway (Ind) North Vancouver, BC56:01
17. Jake Heitman (G Money) Seattle, WA58:44
18. Kurt Amundson (Ind) Squamish, BC1:02:09
19. Andrew Baird (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:05:07
20. Daniel Stein (Ind) North Van, BC1:06:26
21. Kris Johnstone (Skookum Cycle and Sk) Salmon Arm, BC1:12:39
22. Melvin Suy Juarez (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:13:50
23. Tyler Strong (Squamish Eye Doctors) Burnaby, BC1:16:35
24. Matt Smit (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:17:08
25. Rob Cameron (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:19:24
26. Andrew Reid (Ind) Whistler, BC1:24:45
27. Brian McKone (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:26:10
28. Nick Walkey (Ind) Squamish, BC1:27:33
29. Chris Whelan (Ind) Squamish, BC1:29:04
30. Dan Thwaite (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:30:23
31. Kyle Sauve (Ind) Burnaby, BC1:38:46
32. Dion Harrison (Sigma Sport) Batley, Wes1:40:29
33. Jarvis Strong (Ind) Squamish, BC1:41:42
34. Adam Phillips (Ind) Calgary, AB1:49:43
35. Gary Morris (Ind) Calgary, Ab1:56:35
36. Matthew Rochetta (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:03:56
37. Tom Owen (Ind) Squamish, BC2:09:53
38. Derek Rougeau (Ind) Surrey, BC2:21:25
39. David Dunlop (Ind) Squamish, BC2:24:58
40. Iain Warren (Ind) Whistler, BC2:28:28
41. Pat Noonan (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:36:09
42. Andrew Grant (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC3:12:31
43. Martin Saetre (Ind) Calgary, AB3:25:33
DNF Sean Bickerton (Ind) Brackendale, BC
DNS. Nick Gill (Ind) Kamloops, BC
DNS. Darren Hirst (Dead Goats) Calgary, ab
DNS. Patrick Hui (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Tyler Johnson (Ind) Victoria, BC
DNS. Joseph McGill (Ind) Blaine, WA
DNS. James McSkimming (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Kent Ratke (Ind) Langley, BC
DNS. Jason Sarai (Ind) Richmond, BC
DNS. Kyle Stainton (Ind) Squamish, BC
Male 30-34
1. Jay Latiff (JDC Racing/Arrowsmit) Nanaimo, BC3:03:42
2. Andrew Rigel (Mafia Racing) Seattle, Waat 0:41
3. Robin Dutton (Ind) Nanaimo, BC1:01
4. Sean Howie (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:02
5. Olivier Gendron (Ind) Squamish, BC2:04
6. Martin Bojesen (Ind) Kamloops, BC4:06
7. Albert Nomura ( Vancouver, BC6:49
8. Nathaniel Pellman (twin six) Seattle, wa13:19
9. Mike Kleso (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC16:48
10. Trevor Jones (experience cycling c) Shawnigan Lake, BC17:34
11. Russ Wood (Ind) Pemberton, BC17:52
12. Martin van Essen (Ind) Vancouver, BC17:55
13. Joshua Weiss (Ind) Kamloops, BC20:14
14. Garett Heitman (Ind) Seattle, Wa23:16
15. Stuart Bookbinder (Ind) Vancouver, BC24:33
16. Shawn Vogt (Ind) Mission, BC25:44
17. Michael Tunnah (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC26:41
18. Jas Gill (Ind) Vancouver, BC33:39
19. Christopher Menge (Cucina Fresca) Everett, WA33:46
20. Ken Leggatt (Ind) Surrey, BC34:17
21. Jonathan Silcock (Ind) North Vancouver, BC35:56
22. Martin Dickson (Ind) Kamloops, BC35:57
23. Luke Gibson (Ind) North Vancouver, B.C43:07
24. Andrew Pitre (Ind) Sidney, BC43:13
25. Demetrios Tsaoussis (Ind) North Vancover, BC43:41
26. Greg Malpass (Ind) Port Moody, BC44:34
27. Francis van der Loos (Lifecycles) Mission, BC44:44
28. Dave Brown (Ind) Calgary, AB45:42
29. Kristan Elliott (Ind) Squamish, BC46:13
30. Matt Meanchoff (NS Ride) Vancouver, BC46:19
31. Hector Aragon (SORCA) Britannia Beach, BC46:20
32. Kevin Koopmans (Ind) Abbotsford, B.C46:32
33. Spencer Bass (Ind) Surrey, BC46:34
34. Daniel Irvine (Ind) Whistler, BC47:31
35. Matt Smith (Obsession Bikes) North Vancouver, BC48:12
36. Carl Taylor (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC49:33
37. Armand Hurford (Ind) Brackendale,49:34
38. Greg Pitre (Ind) Victoria, BC50:06
39. Tyson Kaempffer (Ind) Port Moody, BC51:19
40. Edan Marshall (Ind) Calgary, AB51:35
41. Lannie Thielen (Ind) Surrey, BC52:05
42. Andrew Bythell (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC54:44
43. Mac McDell (Ind)56:07
44. Joshua Robinson (Dead Goats) Calgary, AB56:22
45. Andrea Kraft Costigan (Ind) North Vancouver, BC57:51
46. Brett Armstong (Ind) Delta, BC57:55
47. Benjamin MacInnis (Ind) Kelowna, BC58:29
48. Eric Kjode (Ind) North Vancouver, BC59:48
49. Fred Masse (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:00:32
50. Drew Lejbak (Ind) Winfield, BC1:01:30
51. Billy Adams (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:01:36
52. Doug Walsh (Ind) Snoqualmie, WA1:04:16
53. Trevor Mazurek (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:04:23
54. Jean-Francoi Plouffe (Ind) Squamish, BC1:04:58
55. Graham Archer (Ind) Coquitlam, BC1:05:46
56. James Cassell (Ind) North Vanouver, BC1:07:51
57. Grant Wilburn (Ind) Langley, BC1:08:07
58. Michael Ritter (Ind) Mission, BC1:09:29
59. Shawn Campbell (N/A) North Vancouver, BC1:10:37
60. Aaron Muir (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:10:51
61. Jens Klett (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:12:13
62. Paul Austin (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:13:56
63. Curtis LaBounty (Ind) Lantzville, BC1:19:04
64. Jason Lorenz (tanatlus) Squamish, BC1:20:12
65. Alex Macdonald (Ind) Richmond, BC1:24:25
66. Stuart Cook (Sorca) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:26:42
67. Marlon Tang (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:30:03
68. Malcolm Schulz (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:30:54
69. Tavis Thomson (SORCA) Squamish, BC1:30:55
70. Ian Cruickshank (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:34:06
71. Neal Fitzgerald (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:37:56
72. Chris Laundy (Ind) Squamish, BC1:38:44
73. Duncan Barber (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:38:49
74. Jason Abrams (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:38:51
75. Brandon Lapczuk (Ind) Calgary, AB1:39:38
76. nick Varey (Ind) Squamish, BC1:41:15
77. Simon Douglas (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:41:33
78. Wes McIntyre (Ind) Whistler, BC1:42:34
79. Mark Dobson (Ind) Golden, BC1:43:28
80. Shawn Pedersen (Ind) Seattle, wa1:43:52
81. Alan Bransdon (Escape Velocity) Vancouver, BC1:47:02
82. Trevor Davison (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:47:20
83. Ian Bartley (Ind) Whistler, BC1:48:28
84. Brian Sholdra (Ind) Port Moody, BC1:53:27
85. Ronald Horwood (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:54:41
86. Michael de Wit (Ind) Abbotsford, BC1:54:45
87. Steven Perrett (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:55:35
88. Eric Malboeuf (Ind) Penticton, BC1:56:43
89. Edwin Betinol (Ind) Courtenay, BC1:59:15
90. Steven Fofonoff (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:05:28
91. Peter MacPhie (Ind) Calgary, AB2:08:44
92. Dan Kucherka (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:17:23
93. Tom Sebulssky (Ind) Kelowna, BC2:17:32
94. Robert Jahnsen (Ind) Surrey, BC2:19:05
95. Ryan Chamberlain (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:24:24
96. John MacKenzie (Anita's Organic) Abbotsford, BC2:34:49
97. Blake Peel (Ind) Pemberton, BC2:43:49
98. Brendan Behan (Ind) Victoria, BC2:54:48
99. Ian Nicoud (Ind) Seattle, WA2:59:36
100. Patrick Senk (Ind) Surrey, BC3:02:23
101. Karel Kulhavy (Ind) North Vancouver, BC3:11:04
102. Kien Tran (Ind) Calgary, AB3:19:02
DNS. Todd Avison (Ind) Kelowna, BC
DNS. Nick Beuglet (Ind) Calgary, AB
DNS. Mark Borslein (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Sean Brigden (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Ryan Bruins (Ind) Coquitlam, BC
DNS. Matthew Carter (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNF Doug Demarzo (Ind) Burnaby, BC
DNF Michael Emerick (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Devin Erfle (Bow Cycle) Calgary, AB
DNS. Brady Fleguel (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNF Rob Gosselin (Mighty Riders) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Paul Henriksen (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Nicholas Herder (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Joel Jacques (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Mark Knight (Bear Back Squamish, BC
DNS. Adrian LaSalle-Lowe (Ind) Brackendale, BC
DNS. Mason McGarrigle (Ind) Nanaimo, BC
DNS. Mike Noseworthy (Ind) Chilliwack, BC
DNF Todd Nowack (Ind) Victoria, BC
DNS. Shawn Pallan (Ind) Surrey, BC
DNS. Ajitpaul Panesar (Ind) Delta BC
DNS. Ajay Panesar (Ind) Burnaby, BC
DNS. Jake Pruden (Grande Prairie Wheel) Grande Prairie, AB
DNF Gary Robbins (Sorca)
DNS. Geoff Scrase (Ind) Delta BC
DNS. Dave Sears (Ind) Bellingham, wa
DNS. Bradley Smith (Ind) Victoria, BC
DNS. Thomas Syvret (Ind) Calgary, AB
DNS. Kavie Toor (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNF Aaron VanderWaal (Mafia Racing) Seattle, WA
DNS. Steve Wickham (Smithers Bike Club) Smithers, BC
DNS. Tim Williams Putney, London, UK
Male 35-39
1. Andrew Brown (Ind) Comox,2:57:40
2. Trevor Hopkins (Ind) Whistler,at 1:35
3. Ted Matson (Lafarge) Herndon, VA7:38
4. Andrew Shandro (Ind) North Vancouver, BC9:31
5. Andrew Clarke (Ind) Squamish, BC10:07
6. Andrew Rosette (Second Ascent) Seattle, WA11:27
7. Roy McBeth (Local Ride) Maple Ridge, BC12:14
8. carl goldstraw (Ind) Pemberton, b.c13:43
9. Heath Mccroy (Ind) Canmore, ab13:52
10. Jonny Rockall (Mark Kenny) North Vancouver, BC16:02
11. Ted Lawson (Ind) Port Moody, BC16:05
12. Ryan Newsome (local ride) Port Moody, BC16:28
13. Tyler Jordan (Ind) Squamish,20:19
14. Justin Harman (Ind) Woodinville, WA20:55
15. Chris George (NRG) Nelson, BC21:21
16. Michael Costigan (Ind) North Vancouver, BC21:41
17. Peter Drysdale (Ind) Squamish, BC21:48
18. John Loewen (Arrowsmith) Nanaimo, B.C22:06
19. Simon Blythe (Ind) Abbotsford, BC24:51
20. Mike Rauch (Life Cycles Abbotsfo) Abbotsford, BC25:30
21. Joe Polito (Ind) Whistler, BC26:19
22. Peter Schenk (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC27:15
23. David Watkins (Avanti Racing) Mukiltea, WA28:01
24. Kevin Smith (Ind) Whistler, BC28:15
25. Rob MacLeod (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC28:27
26. Jon Taylor (Ind) Vancouver, BC29:13
27. Mike Taratko (Ind) Honolulu, HI29:20
28. Joe Purves-Smith (Evolve Cycling) Port Moody, BC29:28
29. Stefan Jakobsen (Frontrunners) Lantzville, BC31:50
30. Tom Brodzinski (Deadgoat Racing) Calgary, AB32:33
31. Gordon Michaux (Ind) Vancouver, BC33:18
32. Leslie Wilson (SORCA) Squamish, BC33:23
33. Tony Bachler (Ind)33:33
34. Charles Fortier (Ind) New Westminster, BC33:53
35. Eric Barnsley (Ind) Surrey, BC34:11
36. Mike Wilson (Ind) Surrey, BC34:18
37. Nobuo Shoji (Ind) Vancouver, BC35:30
38. Clayton Paradis (pedalhead racing clu) Calgary, ab36:38
39. Jeremy Hart (Experience Cycling C) Victoria, BC37:58
40. Craig Dillon (Cucina Fresca) Mill Creek, wa38:00
41. Tom Craik (Ind) North Vancouver, BC38:01
42. Kalle Karu (Ind) Vancouver, BC38:56
43. Dave Chamberlain (Local Ride) Maple Ridge, BC38:57
44. Brett Foster (Revolution Cycles) Kirkland, wa39:01
45. Dale Miur (Sorca) Garibaldi Highl, BC41:15
46. Jason Simpson (Ind) Whistler, BC44:33
47. Scott Bentley (Ind) Markham, ON45:23
48. Louie Soave (Corsa) Garibaldi Highl, BC45:50
49. Steve Turner (West Coast Racing) Vancouver, BC46:28
50. Duncan Coo (Ind) North Vancouver, BC46:49
51. Brent Hambleton (N/A) Vancouver, BC47:37
52. Allistair Clegg (sorca) Squamish, BC49:29
53. Mike Hedberg (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC50:28
54. Chris Gagan (Ind)52:08
55. Jonathan Chester (Ind) Vancouver, BC52:47
56. Max Bruce (Ind) North Vancouver, BC54:15
57. Pete Field (Ind) Whistler, BC54:29
58. Brian Goldstone (Ind) North Vancouver, BC54:35
59. Michael Boehm (Ind) Whistler, BC54:58
60. Chris Birch (Ind) Ladysmith, BC56:45
61. Norman Barmeier (Ind) Vancouver, BC57:04
62. Ryan Parsons (Ind) Vancouver, BC57:56
63. Rock Castrillo (Ind) Squamish, BC58:04
64. Rudolf Benes (Ind) Pemberton, BC58:05
65. Todd Mckenzie (Ind) Edmonton, ab58:10
66. Hugo Paquin (Ind) Squamish,1:00:08
67. Yariv Ben Shooshan (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:00:26
68. Guilhem Ryan (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:00:50
69. Ryan Letchford (Ind) Squamish, BC1:00:52
70. Jesse Grissom (Ind) Seattle, WA1:01:16
71. Niall McGrath (Ind) Calgary, AB1:03:47
72. Eric Anderson (Obbsession Bikes) Port Coquitlam, BC1:04:08
73. Jason Stobbe (Life Cycles Bike Sho) Abbotsford, BC1:04:09
74. Marko Torppala (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:04:48
75. Darren Causon (Ind) Port Moody, BC1:07:30
76. Kris Henry (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:07:35
77. Kevin Nelson (Ind) West Vancouver, B.C1:09:31
78. Toby Gorman (Ind) Nanaimo, BC1:11:54
79. Brant Carter (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:12:13
80. Kenichi Saito (life cycles) Abbotsford, BC1:12:48
81. Jason Poitras (Kelowna Cycle) Kelowna, BC1:13:02
82. David Norona (Advil/Marin/Shimano) North Vancouver, BC1:13:27
83. Dean Brandt (Reflex Nutrition) Port Moody, BC1:13:55
84. Jeff Anderson (Ind) Squamish, BC1:14:31
85. Trevor Sutherland (Dead Goat) Calgary, AB1:15:18
86. Andreas Sandell (Ind) Squamish, BC1:16:57
87. Ian Povey (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:16:58
88. Kevin Trotter (Ind) Squamish, BC1:17:27
89. Trevor Rutten (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:17:43
90. Glade Schoenfeld (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:18:40
91. John Smyth (Ind) Squamish, BC1:19:40
92. Jason Pearson (n/a) Port Moody, BC1:19:53
93. Werner Gerntholtz (Ind) Port Moody, BC1:20:25
94. martin Kang (Ind) Burnaby, BC1:23:26
95. Scott Harding (none) North Vancouver, BC1:23:41
96. Mark Pace-Floridia (Ind) Delta BC1:24:15
97. Bill Bishop (Ind) Whistler, BC1:24:19
98. Joshua Kleban (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:28:09
99. Onil Ray (Ind) Calgary, AB1:28:41
100. Jon Crozier (Ind) Kelowna, BC1:29:42
101. chris Pardek (Ind) Vancouver, b.c1:29:47
102. Shawn Fraser (Obsession Bikes) Vancouver, BC1:29:54
103. Jason Addy (Self Propelled Outdo) Vancouver, BC1:29:58
104. Jason Brandenburg (Ind) Abbotsford, BC1:30:58
105. Jonathan Blunt (Auto QUest) Seattle, WA1:32:00
106. Jordan Jacobs (Ind) Delta BC1:32:21
107. Dwayne Friesen (Ind) Abbotsford, BC1:33:54
108. Keith Montgomery (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:34:21
109. Rene Michaely (none) North Vancouver, BC1:34:37
110. Roger Aballini (Ind) Coquitlam, BC1:34:39
111. lance mcclure (Galileo coffee compa) Squamish, BC1:36:54
112. Graham Schulz (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:36:55
113. Andrew McLellan (Ind) Burnaby, BC1:36:59
114. Alan Young (Local Ride) Port Moody, BC1:38:47
115. Tim Jervis (WORCA) Whistler, BC1:38:50
116. John Hitsman (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:39:46
117. Rick Stevens (Skagit Cycle Center) Anacortes, WA1:40:25
118. Jason Larson (self) Nelson, BC1:40:26
119. Alain Cote (Ind) Squamish, BC1:42:36
120. Aaron Fransen (bike dogz) Surrey, BC1:43:39
121. Jim MacElwain (Ind) Chilliwack, BC1:46:47
122. Bryan Swan (Ind) Port Moody, BC1:46:59
123. Ted Smith (Ind) Calgary, AB1:48:12
124. Tim Cardinal (Ind) Surrey, B.C1:48:26
125. Michael Hallett (Ind) Calgary, AB1:50:31
126. Ian Hilts (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:51:03
127. Aaron Davis (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:51:45
128. Rory Tucker (Ind) Squamish, BC1:52:56
129. Pat Wright (Ind) Surrey, B.C1:54:22
130. John Hawkings (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:55:08
131. Craig Mitchell (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:56:07
132. Graham Newell (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:56:18
133. Chad Brooks (Trailside Physio) Port Moody, BC1:58:46
134. John Waite (Ind) Squamish, BC1:58:49
135. Christopher Heald (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:59:21
136. Paul Kennedy (Wedgewood Cycling Te) Vancouver, BC1:59:26
137. David Lee (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:00:32
138. Adam Valance (Ind) Powell River, BC2:00:55
139. Mark Sloat (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:02:44
140. Darcy Johnson (Green Haze) Calgary, AB2:03:21
141. Francisco Gatchalian (Trailside Physio) New Westminster, BC2:03:30
142. Mel Kartusch (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:04:47
143. Scott Berda (Ind) North Vancouver, B.C2:05:06
144. Layne Crocker (Ind) Seattle, wa2:05:29
145. Chris Wojcik (Ind) Seattle, wa2:07:22
146. Stephen Lambie (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:09:02
147. Darren Durupt (Experience Cycling) Mape Ridge, BC2:11:22
148. Nicholas Geh (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:12:21
149. Kory Fawcett (Ind) Vancouver, B.C2:12:23
150. Martin Pangracs (Ind) Calgary, AB2:17:26
151. Matthew Jones (Winter Ale) North Vancouver, BC2:20:21
152. Dennis Randy Ranada (Ind) Squamish, BC2:20:55
153. Angus Corey (Ind) Whistler, BC2:21:37
154. Darren Saul (Ind) Pemberton, BC2:21:42
155. Gareth Keane (Ind) Burnaby, BC2:25:25
156. Thomas Vlcek (Ind) Delta BC2:28:25
157. Dean Wilkes ( Maple Ridge, BC2:28:49
158. Max Hufton (Ind) Squamish, BC2:37:03
159. Bruce Tetrault (Ind) Abbotsford, B.C2:38:33
160. Winston Lui (Ind) Coquitlam, BC2:44:08
161. Greg Klassen (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:47:25
162. Jeff Levine (Ind) Brackendale, BC2:56:57
163. Derek Lowe (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:58:06
164. Warrick Hubbard (Ind) Squamish, BC2:59:34
165. Rod Adrian (SORCA) Squamish, BC3:08:32
DNS. Byron Andres (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Chris Andrew (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Shane Aseltine (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. jeff Austin (Ind) Edmonton, ab
DNS. Ben Bakk (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Scott Bennett (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Ken Bognar (Sorce) Surrey, BC
DNS. Russell Bougie (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Garrett Buckley (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Brian Buick (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Wayne Calder (Deadgoat Racing) Calgary, AB
DNS. Craig Caldwell (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Marc Campbell (helly hansen) Nanaimo, BC
DNS. Simon Chester (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Jon-david Choy (Ind) San Diego, ca
DNS. Brendan Connolly (Avanti Racing) Seattle, WA
DNS. Andre Couturier (Ind) New Westminster, BC
DNS. Doug Dewar (Ind) Prince George, BC
DNS. Leigh Edge (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Aaron Eyjolfson (Ind) Mission, BC
DNS. Werner Folscher (Ind) Grande Prairie, alb
DNS. Kelly Gilchrist (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Robert Gill (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Robert Harris (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Paul Havens (none) Port Coquitlam, BC
DNS. Andrew Hoffman (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Phil Hoilett (Ind) Canmore, ab
DNS. Michael Hunter (Rocky Mtn) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Arama Jillings (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Scott Kinnon (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Edward Kosnoski (Ind) Seattle, wa
DNS. Chris Lofft (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Gerhard Malherbe (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. John Marinis (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Ryan McGimpsey (Ind) Edmonton, AB
DNF Michael McLure (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Paul McMillan (Ind) White Rock, BC
DNS. Chris Michael (Ind) Furry Creek, BC
DNS. Blaine Monaghan (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Todd Monge (SORCA) Squamish, BC
DNS. Alex Morote (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNF Stefan Muller (Ind) Coquitlam, BC
DNS. Kevin Neufeld (West Coast Racing) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Michael Oliver (Ind) Port Moody, BC
DNS. Ryan Oliver (red shreds) 150 Mile House, BC
DNS. Dean Payne (BC Bike Race) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Clinton Pazdzierski (Ind) Brackendale, BC
DNS. Leighton Poidevin (Ind) Canmoire, ab
DNS. Paul Polizzi (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Dan Proulx (Total Restoration) Parksville, BC
DNS. Sandy Reid (Ind) Campbell River, BC
DNS. Dave Richardson (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Lance Richardson (Ind) Port Moody, BC
DNS. Ian Rood (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Eric Rowe (Ind) Renton, WA
DNS. Jason Sandquist (Experience Cycling) Duncan, BC
DNF Dale Shinnan (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Craig Simmons (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Ben Sporer (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Bryan Tasaka (MOMAR) New Westminster, BC
DNS. Dan Thorson (Avanti) Mukilteo, WA
DNS. Bruce Townson (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Graham Tutti (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Graham Versailles (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Drew Wilson (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Mitch Wright (Ind) Nanaimo, BC
DNS. John Wright (Ind) Victoria, BC
DNF Jason Wubs (Ind) Surrey, BC
Male 40-44
1. David Kvick (Natural Earth Racing) North Vancouver, BC2:50:58
2. Andrew Handford (Ind) West Vancouver, BCat 0:44
3. Normon Thibault (Frontrunners) Nanaimo, BC6:41
4. Peter Holzhuter (Ride With Rendall) Kamloops, BC17:04
5. Keith McIvor (Obssession Bikes) Whistler, BC19:44
6. Sherkat Ramin (NRG Enterprises) Nelson, BC20:17
7. Tim McDermott (Rocky Mtn) Vancouver, BC23:31
8. Lonn Bate (Deadgoat Racing) Calgary, ab23:43
9. Richard Potter (Ind) Whistler, BC25:50
10. Matteo Abel (Ind) Brackendale,27:39
11. Maurice Castonguay (Ind) North Van., BC28:02
12. Edward Roddy (Deadgoat) Calgary, AB30:02
13. Craig Bartlett (Ind) Canmore, ab30:11
14. Bryon Enns (Ind) N. Vancouver,30:47
15. Doug Engstrom (Sorca) Garibaldi Highl, BC31:30
16. Ken Olson (n/a) Nanaimo, BC31:41
17. Chris Lawrence (N/A) Squamish, BC31:48
18. Mike Seniuk (NRG Enterprises) Nelson, BC32:09
19. Pat Johnston (Ind) Whistler, BC33:30
20. Bill Slater (Ind) Whitehorse, YT33:46
21. Paul Craig (Natural Earth Racing) Pitt Medows, BC34:04
22. Johnny Halliday (Different Bikes) North Vancouver, BC34:38
23. Volker Schneider (Ind) Squamish, BC35:13
24. Steven Noble (Ind) Bellingham, WA35:20
25. Michael Dhont (Different Bikes) Vancouver, BC38:15
26. John Irvine (Ind) Squamish, BC38:54
27. Sean O'Brien (Ind) Coquitlam, BC40:03
28. David Cook (Ind) Tacoma, wa40:36
29. Dik Cox (Kona Factory) N.Van, BC40:37
30. Stephen Walsh (Zimtek Telecom) Calgary, AB42:20
31. George Neffner (Ind) Seattle, WA42:57
32. Johnny Evoy (Velocity Cycles) Cloverdale, BC43:07
33. Glen Illingworth (Ind) Gibsons, BC45:10
34. Michael Dolling (Peninsula Cycles/Rocky Mt) Surrey, BC45:46
35. Robert Mayenburg (Ind) Powell River, BC48:08
36. Martijn Poelen (Ind) Powell River, BC48:59
37. Dave Spenst (Life Cycles Bike Sho) Abbotsford, BC49:12
38. Allan Stepaniuk (Ind) Powell River, BC51:30
39. Jean-Paul Molgat (Ind) Whitehorse, YT53:15
40. Alan Firth (Ind) Vancouver, BC53:16
41. Dimitri Pavlakos (Edmonds Cycles) Port Moody, BC54:18
42. Joe Peterson (Cucina Fresca) Renton, wa54:49
43. Jay Menning (Ind) North Van., BC55:01
44. Ken Mcdowell (Ind) Squamish, BC55:38
45. Christopher Gullett (Ind) Delta BC56:09
46. Wes Dyck (Ind) Abbbotsford, B.C57:02
47. Paul Nicholas (Ind) Pemberton, BC57:12
48. Terry Turpening (Avanti Ticycles) Kent, WA57:40
49. Graham Ross (Ind) Vancouver, BC58:10
50. Mark Sawatzky (Ind) Abbotsford, BC58:40
51. Martin Rother (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:00:14
52. Ron Goldstone (Ind) Squamish, BC1:01:18
53. Clayton Mayenburg (Ind) Powell River, BC1:03:19
54. Jeff Burton (Ind) Port Moody, BC1:04:36
55. David Bowes (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:04:51
56. Danny Soda (Ind) Richmond, BC1:04:53
57. Zamon Kingi (Ind) Squamish, BC1:05:00
58. Ian Gray (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:05:49
59. Mark Miller (Ind) North Saanich, BC1:08:29
60. Dave Howells (Iron Horse, Helly Ha) North Vancouver, BC1:08:43
61. Lawrence Johnson (Ind) Delta BC1:08:53
62. Shawn Cruickshank (Tantalus Bike Shop) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:09:12
63. Eric Foltan (Bicycle Cafe) Kamloops, BC1:09:20
64. Alek Laursoo (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:10:10
65. John Bonell (Ind) Squamish, BC1:11:09
66. Philip Shaw (Ind) Abbotsford, BC1:13:58
67. Brad Rodgers (Ind) Chilliwack, BC1:17:16
68. Matt Shandro (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:19:49
69. Karl Finstad (Ind) Port Moody, BC1:20:14
70. Ferdinand Flores (Ind) Renton, wa1:20:29
71. Darcy Reimer (The River Church) Squamish, BC1:21:34
72. Peter Poburab (Ind) Squamish, BC1:22:57
73. James Frail (Ind) Calgary, AB1:24:17
74. Pieter VanDuzee (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:24:20
75. Ken Kobylanski (Ind) Surrey, BC1:26:14
76. Nelson Yu (Ind) Seattle, wa1:27:47
77. Duane Ensing (Ind) Victoria, BC1:28:46
78. Brent Prokop (Ind) Kelowna, BC1:29:44
79. Marshall House (Ind) Delta BC1:31:05
80. Alex Buczewski (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC1:31:35
81. Joseph Daignault (N/A) Mission, BC1:32:30
82. Joffre Brondgeest (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:33:42
83. Matthew Hillhouse (Ind) Calgary, AB1:34:36
84. Richard Boehnke (Ind) Coldstream, BC1:35:21
85. Chris Doyle (Ind) Squamish, BC1:36:27
86. Brett Bauer (Ind) Bellingham, wa1:36:57
87. Michael Roblin (Sorca) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:39:27
88. Lee Hallett (Ind) Stettler, AB1:39:30
89. Iain Lowe (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:42:53
90. Bobby Holden (Ind) Squamish, BC1:45:20
91. Daniel Schoeler (Ind) Surrey, BC1:45:43
92. Andy King (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:45:46
93. Shawn Janes (Ind) Surrey, BC1:48:48
94. Richard Link (Ind) Calgary, AB1:49:16
95. Geoff Huenemann (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:51:36
96. Peter Tremblay (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:52:08
97. Sean Horne (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:52:31
98. Jonathan Sine (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:53:14
99. mike rodger (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:53:21
100. John Morley (Ind) Whistler, BC1:53:51
101. Mark Henderson (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:56:16
102. Chris Runnals (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:56:34
103. Ged Hague (Ind) Whistler, BC1:56:56
104. Bill Reid (Ind) Seattle, wa1:58:59
105. Carlos Hsia (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:00:55
106. Keith Bruhm (Ind) Victoria, BC2:02:31
107. Todd Humen (Experience Cycling) Duncan, BC2:03:09
108. larry klein (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:05:26
109. Dan Kennedy (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:06:10
110. Robert Head (Ind) Powell River, BC2:06:49
111. Will Steele (Ind) Calgary, AB2:06:50
112. John Woodfield (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:07:42
113. Graeme Hopkins (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:08:51
114. James Devries (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:10:15
115. Joern Rohde (Ind) Whistler, BC2:13:45
116. Jason Miller (Ind) Squamish, BC2:13:58
117. Jeff Driedger (none) Burnaby, BC2:14:38
118. Neil Hourihane (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC2:15:32
119. Don Van eesteren (Ind) Garibaldihighla, BC2:16:39
120. Frank Franchini (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:17:06
121. Markus Wachowski (Ind) Burnaby, BC2:17:19
122. Gregory Venables (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:18:26
123. Dave Casey (Ind) Chilliwack, BC2:21:33
124. Douglas Manness (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:23:29
125. Alfredo Costales (Ind) Vancouver, B.C2:29:59
126. ROBERT MRNKA (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC2:32:27
127. Jeff Hutton (Ind) Surrey, BC2:36:00
128. Peter Van den hoogen (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:37:01
129. Reeve Geary (Avanti Racing) Seattle, WA2:40:31
130. Glenn Stapelmann (Ind) North Vancouver, B.C2:45:19
131. Gordon Olliver (Ind) Calgary, AB2:46:45
132. Richard Morley (Ind) Surrey, BC2:47:01
133. brad Bushell (Ind)2:52:29
134. Scott Lawrence (Ind) Brackendale, BC2:59:29
135. David Olsson (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC3:02:57
136. Brian Perrodou (Nester's Market) Whistler, BC3:17:47
137. James Brooks (Ind)3:20:23
DNS. Douglas Alexander (Oak Bay Bicycles) Victoria, BC
DNS. Will Arnold (Experience Cycling) Duncan, BC
DNS. Scott Ballard (Ind) Portland, OR
DNS. Jeff Beltramini (Skagit Cycle Center) Anacortes, WA
DNS. Greg Bergen (Velocity Cycles) Surrey, BC
DNS. Duncan Boggs (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Grant Botto (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Neil Bowley (Ind) Garibaldi Highl,
DNS. Colin Bridge (Ind) North Van, BC
DNS. Nicholas Broskovich (Bow Cycle, Schwalbe) Calgary, ab
DNS. Mike Carney (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, B.C
DNS. Brett Carrier (Ind) Williams Lake, BC
DNS. Chris Carter (Ind) N-Vancouver, BC
DNS. Felix Cirelli (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Michael Cober Richmond, BC
DNS. Ron Edwards (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Mike Edwards (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Andrew Farmer (Ind) Maple Ridge, BC
DNS. Ross Forman (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Graham Garrison (Natural Earth Racing) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Jamie Gauthier (arrowsmith) Nanaimo, BC
DNS. Richard Haverkamp Summerland, BC
DNS. Kevin Hellier (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Edward Henczel (The Bike Gallery) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Peter Henderson (Ind) Brackendale, BC
DNF David Henning (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Douglas Hulme (Ind) Seattle, WA
DNS. Greg Inkster (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Eric Laliberte (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Peter Lambert (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Gavin Larkin (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Peter Lister (Ind) N-Vancouver, BC
DNS. Burgess Marc (My Wife) Victoria, BC
DNS. Diego Marchese (Ind) Belcarra, BC
DNS. James Martin (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Darren McClelland (Coastal/Zimich Coach) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Guy Morum (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Jim Nicholas (Ind) Quesnel, BC
DNS. Brent Palmer (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Peter Pearson (Sorca) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Eric Petersen (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Corey Piket (oak bay bikes) Nanaimo, BC
DNS. Darren Quist (Ind) Roberts Creek, BC
DNS. Alan Rode (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Sean Ruzicka (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Tim Schoahs (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Dean Stanton (Tri1 Multisport) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Rob Stockton (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. David Strang (Ind) Surrey, BC
DNS. Michael Taylor (Ind) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Derek Thomas (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Paul Tinsley (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Gregory Vos (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNF Paul Wick (Wicked) Squamish, BC
DNS. John Wong (Team Whistler) Whistler, BC
DNS. Andrew Young (Ind) Victoria, BC
DNS. Michael Younghusband (Ind) Vancouver, BC


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