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June 16/08 1:08 am - Test Of Metal Results (part 2)

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/08

Test of Metal Results part 2 June 15th, Squamish BC

Male 45-49
1. Scott Woolley (Ind) Whistler, BC2:56:19
2. Mike Charuk (Ind) Whistler,at 10:28
3. Ted Russo (Ind) Anmore, BC14:31
4. Kerry White (Team Coastal) Surrey, BC14:57
5. Barry Rempel (oak bay bikes) Victoria, BC21:42
6. David Richardson (Ind) Langley, BC23:08
7. Rick Bowerman (Ind) Brackendale, BC24:39
8. Stewart Kerr (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC26:13
9. Steve Crowley (arrowsmith) Lantzville, BC26:35
10. Rod Dagneau (west coast racing) North Vancouver, BC28:34
11. Bill McMillan (Nanaimo Mtb Club) Nanaimo, BC28:42
12. Brent Martin (Ind) North Vancouver, BC31:19
13. Richard Hughes-Davies (Skagit cycle center) Sedro Woolley, WA32:15
14. Bart Nakano (Team Alliance) Abbotsford, B.C33:51
15. Jan Toom (Ind) Garibaldi Highl,40:02
16. Tim Brezsnyak (Bow Cycle, Schwalbe) Calgary, Ab40:09
17. Lloyd Westby (Ind) Summerland, BC42:21
18. Bart Gould (Steed) Northvancouver, BC44:41
19. Jan Kirsebom (Ind) Surrey, B.C45:31
20. Bruce Hale (Penninsula Cycling) Surrey, BC47:51
21. Scott Paxton (The Home Doctor) Squamish, BC48:14
22. Gary Mcfarlane (Ind) Squamish, BC48:50
23. Graeme Fitch (Ind) Whistler, BC51:14
24. Russell Angrignon (My wife) Squamish, BC52:21
25. Mike Brooks (Ind) Vancouver, BC52:58
26. Steven Wallouch (Ind) North Vancouver, B.C54:11
27. Paul Yetter (Ind) Mukilteo, wa54:27
28. Harv Bergen (Life Cycles Bike Sho) Abbotsford, BC55:30
29. Greg Heyes (ryders eyewear) North Van, b.c55:37
30. Lance Turner (Ind) Maple Ridge, BC55:51
31. Dan Swanson (Ind) North Vancouver, BC56:22
32. Don Coburn (Marty's Mountain Cyc) Victoria, BC58:20
33. Hal Loewen (Fort Garry Bike Club) Winnipeg, MB58:23
34. Shawn Pedersen (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC58:24
35. Stu Snowball (Ind) Squamish, BC59:39
36. Graham Turner (Ind) Brentwood Bay, BC59:40
37. Kevin Macdonald (BSP) North Vancouver, BC1:00:11
38. Mark Goodgrove (Ind) Squamish, BC1:02:02
39. Ron Rosser (Ind) Squamish, BC1:02:50
40. Joe Haegert (Ind) Surrey, BC1:03:10
41. Mark Fonseca (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:03:33
42. Kurt Foellmer (Ind) West Vancouver, BC1:05:01
43. Ifor Thomas (Ind) Clearwater, BC1:05:12
44. Mike Truelove (Ind) Squamish, BC1:05:27
45. Stephen Sutherland (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:05:45
46. Harley Ensing (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:05:50
47. Julian somers (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:05:51
48. Crosland Doak (Ind) Whistler, BC1:09:06
49. Lindsay Schram (Ind) Richmond, BC1:12:39
50. Tim Williams (Ind) Surrey, BC1:13:04
51. Jeff Gallimore (Oak Bay Bikes) Nanaino, BC1:13:37
52. Dean Imbeau (Ind) Squamish, BC1:13:46
53. Peter Emsky (Rad Racing North Wes) Fall City, wa1:15:06
54. Jeremy Hill (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:16:23
55. Mike Rogerson (WORCA) Whistler, BC1:16:45
56. Steven Murray (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:18:13
57. Andrew Howland (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC1:19:25
58. Daniel Burnett (Ind) Delta BC1:19:41
59. Yves Charbonneau (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:19:47
60. Perry Klassen (Ind) Abbotsford, BC1:20:41
61. Dan Ellis (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:21:02
62. Mark Seger (Ind) North Van, BC1:21:32
63. David Smith (worca) Whistler, BC1:21:50
64. Claudio Pellichero (Ind) Burnaby, BC1:23:23
65. Dan Horn (Ind) Halfmoon Bay, BC1:26:09
66. John Heilig (Ind) Squamish, BC1:27:04
67. Geoff Weddell (Ind) Whistler, BC1:28:10
68. Greg Newton (Ind) Whistler, BC1:28:26
69. Jamie Doll (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:32:05
70. Scott Galloway (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:32:10
71. Andrew Speed (AMC) Errington, BC1:35:21
72. David Rushbrook (Ind) Whistler, BC1:36:01
73. Richard Te brinke (West Coast Racing) Vancouver, BC1:37:33
74. Mike Beaubien (Ind) Squamish, BC1:38:29
75. Chris Bottrill (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:39:49
76. Neil Winkelmann (Atomic Racing) Vancouver, BC1:43:10
77. Glenn James (Ind) Surrey, BC1:45:20
78. Grant Prenevost (Ind) Vancouver, BC1:46:31
79. Peter Fritz (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:48:17
80. Pat Murphy (Ind) Langley, BC1:48:42
81. Lyndon Williams (Russ Hays Bicycle) Victoria, BC1:48:44
82. Fred Wiley (Ind) Bellingham, wa1:49:45
83. John Yap (bike dogz) New Westminster, BC1:52:04
84. Denis DiPasquale (Ind) Kelowna, BC1:52:06
85. Jim Caruth (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:52:08
86. Kent Klassen (Ind) Abbotsford, BC1:57:45
87. Eric Goehle (Ind) Mill Creek, Wa1:58:07
88. Victor Corpuz (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC1:59:08
89. Peter Kentel (Ind) New Westministe, BC2:05:40
90. Darren Ridge (Ind) Whistler, BC2:09:11
91. Jon Maunsell (Trailside Physio) Port Coquitlam, BC2:11:54
92. Greg Davey (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:14:09
93. Guy Thomas (Ind) Vancouver, BC2:30:37
94. Robert Thurrott (Ind) Surrey, BC2:35:37
95. Darren Wong (Edmonds cycles) Coquitlam, BC2:45:28
96. Cory Ratke (Ind) Langley, BC2:45:30
97. Tom Merenyi (Ind) North Vancouver, BC2:47:45
98. Andy Horka (Big Air Productions) Vancouver, BC2:51:35
99. Jeff Poloni (Ind) North Vancouver, b.c2:53:49
DNS. Bob Allison (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNS. Brian Baldwin (Ind) Calgary, Ab
DNS. Ricci Bedry
DNS. Ray Carroll (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Todd Carter (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. David Crist (Ind) Seattle, WA
DNS. Dan Curry (Ind) Whistler, BC
DNF Jeff Delany (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Jamie Emery (action motorcycles) North Saanich, BC
DNS. Jeffrey Eppler (Ind) Kelowna, B.C
DNS. Cliff Eschner (OBSESSION BIKES) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Michael Frankenberger (Ind) Victoria, BC
DNS. Mike Frankenberger (Ind) Victoria, BC
DNS. Greg Gardner (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. William Geddes (Ind) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Josh Gerak (avanti) Seattle, wa
DNS. Thomas Goetz (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Kevin Gould (Ind) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Don Halliday (different bikes) Calgary, ab
DNS. Warren Lang (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Jonathan Living (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Jonathan Mckinney (Ind) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Monty Montaine (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNF Dave Patitucci (Ind) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. John Petersen (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Terry Piweck (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC
DNS. Alan Richer (Ind) Langley, BC
DNS. Randy Richmond (Geriks Nelson) Nelson, BC
DNS. Andrew Rigg (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Steve Rochetta (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Dave Roskell (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Kevin Salter (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Phil Scalia (Ind) Calgary, AB
DNS. Brian Smith (avanti) Seattle, wa
DNS. Gregg Van Hierden (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Justin Webb (Ind) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Eddie Whittemore Hayden Lake, ID
DNS. Chris Wilson (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
Male 50-54
1. Tony Routley (Rocky Mountain) Whistler, BC2:58:58
2. Tim Daechsel (bike barn) Penticton, BCat 19:32
3. Rob McSkimming (Ind) Whistler, BC21:00
4. Frank Ammirati (Team Peninsular Racing) White Rock, BC35:53
5. Alan Carr (Ind) Bowen Island, BC35:54
6. Scott Brunning (Ind) Whistler, BC36:50
7. Bill Sanders (Ind) Vernon, BC47:02
8. Ernie Bodie (Ind) West Vancouver, BC50:25
9. Robert Foord (Ind) Vernon, BC53:00
10. Daniel Gloor (Sunflower bakery caf) Squamish, BC55:43
11. Richard Dustan (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:00:30
12. Greg Mcdougal (Ind) Pemberton, BC1:03:25
13. Shane McGrath (Ind) Clearwater, BC1:07:07
14. Paul Kindree (Team Squamish) Squamish, BC1:07:21
15. Simon Parker (Ind) Bowen Island, BC1:07:41
16. Cyrill Orssich (no sponsor) Squamish, BC1:16:23
17. Patarick Gallant (Ind) Port Moody, B.C1:16:49
18. Tim Clarkson (Ind) Victoria, BC1:16:51
19. Jake Stein (Ind) North Van, BC1:20:00
20. Mike Nelson (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:21:59
21. Bill Ford (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:28:28
22. Brian Aikens (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:28:31
23. Richard Martin (WORCA) Whistler, BC1:40:23
24. Rene Spooner (Ind) Burnaby, BC1:41:03
25. Dan Korolyk (Ind) Victoria, BC1:41:04
26. Bob McLaren (Ind) Port Coquitlam, BC1:43:37
27. Robert Guthrie (Ind) Surrey, B.C1:46:53
28. Keith Butler (Ind) Delta BC1:47:41
29. Rod Shigeoka (Ind) Vernon, b.c1:52:54
30. Rod Jenkins (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:55:18
31. Brad Walkey (Ind) Squamish, BC2:03:26
32. David Wilson (Ind) West Vancouver, BC2:06:08
33. Russ Blow (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:10:02
34. Roland Kentel (Ind) Langley, BC2:13:56
35. Stuart Loewen (Ind) West Vancouver, BC2:14:26
36. Stephen Colmar (Ind) Seattle, WA2:24:30
37. John Foley (citizen) Surrey, B.C2:28:00
38. Jeff Jackson (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:33:05
39. Arno Tatto (Ind) Burnaby, BC2:41:04
40. Francis Chiasson (WORCA) Whistler, BC2:44:54
41. Mike Morgan (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC2:49:48
42. Alan Pearse (Ind) Delta BC2:59:16
DNS. Dave Bates (Ind) Halfmoon Bay, BC
DNS. John Gjervan (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. John Graham (Ind) Abbotsford, BC
DNS. Patrick Heale (Ind) West Vancouver, B.C
DNS. Bruce Johnstone (Ind) Nanoose Bay, BC
DNS. Allan Jonzon (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Scott Manson (nanaimo mountain bik) Nanaimo, BC
DNS. Sandy Mitchell (Geriks Nelson) Nelson, BC
DNS. Dirk Optland (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. David Paperny (Ind) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Merv Parr (Ind) Abbotsford, BC
DNS. John Ramsden (Ind) West Vancouver, BC
DNS. Keith Reynolds Roberts Creek, BC
DNS. Darrel Sharpe (none) North Vancouver, BC
DNS. Paul Smit (Ind) North Vancouver, BC
DNF Peter Spir Lake Oswego, OR
DNS. Glenn Stainton (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNS. Steve Stew (B&B Contracting) Surrey, BC
DNS. Cam Towill (West Point Cylce) Vancouver, BC
DNS. Peter Wellsman (Rider's Cycles Victo) Victoria, BC
DNS. Rick Wilkerson (Bike Works of LS) Snohomish, WA
DNS. Craig Woida (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
Male 55-59
1. Henric Meldgard (Ind) Whistler, BC3:44:48
2. Erik Brooks (avanti) Seattle, waat 11:52
3. Jim Hildebrandt (Ind) Bby, BC14:15
4. Bob Amos (NS Ride) Richmond, BC14:20
5. Peter Avis (arrowsmith) Nanoose Bay, BC14:33
6. Rick Seward (Ind) Golden, B.c25:05
7. Paul Skinner (Giant) Salmon Arm, BC30:43
8. Rick Reid (Ind) Whistler, BC31:07
9. Brent Harley (Ind) Whistler, BC31:44
10. Dean Vinden (Ind) Errington, BC33:39
11. Greg Miller (Ind) North Vancouver, BC38:33
12. Brian Pollock (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC38:40
13. Ian Parker (Ind) North Vancouver, BC49:10
14. Brett Manlove (Ind) North Vancouver, b.c1:02:25
15. Bill Mullaly (Ind) North Vancouver, BC1:05:04
16. Cliff Shaw (Ind)1:09:46
17. Zoltan Nagy (North Shore Massage) North Vancouver, BC1:12:03
18. Mike McKone (Ind) West Vancouver, BC1:23:27
19. Derek Smith (SORCA) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:35:29
20. Neil Metcalf (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC1:38:33
21. Jim Brown (Ind) Sechelt, BC1:39:09
22. Jonathan Ratzlaff (Ind) Abbotsford, BC1:44:48
23. Maurice Rougeau (Ind) Surrey, BC1:48:47
DNS. Richard Cudmore (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC
DNS. Mike Jenson (Ind) Squamish, BC
DNF Craig Mackenzie (Worca) Whistler, BC
DNS. Stephen Schachter (Ind) Vancouver, BC
Male 60+
1. Roy Kregosky (Ind) Qualicum Beach, BC3:47:35
2. Robin Willard (Ind) Victoria, BCat 3:58
3. David Thornhill (Team Whistler) Whistler, BC22:08
4. Fred Jorgensen (Ind) North Vancouver, BC40:00
5. Gary Baker (Ind) Whistler, BC40:21
6. michael hawes (Ind) Whistler, BC40:53
7. Paul Mier (Ind) Lake Country, BC42:47
8. Peter Hotston (Ind) Garibaldi Highl, BC43:33
9. Ian Walton (Ind) Chesterfield, D, UK1:09:09
10. Joe Klausner (The River Church) Brackendale, BC1:09:22
11. Tom Thomson (Ind) Whistler, BC1:12:32
12. Mike Gosselin (Ind) Kamloops, BC1:21:20
13. Bill Lane (Alberni Valley Rider) Sidney, BC1:29:34
14. William Pritchard (WORCA) Whistler, BC1:50:09
DNS. Steve Holcomb (Ind) Vancouver, BC


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