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June 19/08 12:23 pm - MTB World Championships: Junior Men XC photos, report and full results

Posted by Editoress on 06/19/08

MTB World Championships Val di Sole, Italy

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Peter Sagan of Slovakia is the European mountain bike champion, finished second at the Cyclo-cross Worlds, and fourth at the Road Worlds last fall. Now, he is the Junior Mountain Bike champion. Obviously, this is one talented rider.

Sagan went to the front of the huge 102 rider field at the base of the first climb, taking Arnaud Jouffroy (France) with him. At the top of that climb they had a gap of 12 seconds on chaser Alexander Gehbauer (Austria), another favoured rider, and by the end of the first of five laps they were 30 seconds ahead of him.

Sagan then upped the pace again to drop Jouffroy, and was nearly 30 seconds clear two kilometres into the second lap. Gehbauer was still sitting third, just ahead of Matthias Rupp (Switzerland), but a broken derailleur at the top of the second climb put him out of the race, moving Rupp into the bronze medal spot.

This is how it would remain for the rest of the race, with Sagan steadily pulling away to win by over a minute and a half on Jouffroy, with Rupp at nearly three minutes, and fourth place Fabian Strecker (Germany) over five and a half minutes down.

Sagan also obliterated the fastest lap times of Elite riders Jean-Christophe Peraud (France) and Liam Killeen (Great Britain) from the Team Relay, with three laps under 19 minutes. He was the fastest every lap except the last one, when he slowed slightly to celebrate in the final 300 metres.

The top Canadian finisher was Evan Guthrie, in 45th place - the second last rider to avoid being lapped. Guthrie struggled with the fast start, dropping from 28th to 63rd by the top of the first climb. He started to recover later in the lap, moving up to 54th by the end of lap one, then to 49th the next lap and up to a high of 43rd in the third lap, before fading slightly to finish 45th.

"It's the toughest race I've ever done. I was on my fourth lap, going into my fifth, the winner was almost finishing his fifth lap. I was just like, 'Oh man, they are so fast'. But I just kept it steady and tried to work my way through."

Guthries is a first year Junior, so he hopes to be back next year. "I'll take away a lot of experience. I want to compare my times to winners, and hopefully come back stronger next year. I was glad to get top-50 ... I was really glad not to get pulled! I'm fairly happy, I just wish I could have gone a little harder in the last couple of laps."

Canada's two other riders in the race - Tyson Wagler and Jonathan Boucher - finished 53rd and 67th respectively, both one lap down on the winner.

Junior Men - 29.4km
1. Peter Sagan (Slovakia)1:35:21
2. Arnaud Jouffroy (France)at 1:33
3. Matthias Rupp (Switzerland)2:50
4. Fabian Strecker (Germany)5:33
5. Mirco Widmer (Switzerland)5:41
6. Luca Braidot (Italy)5:42
7. Henk Jaap Moorlag (Netherlands)6:06
8. Marcus Schulte-Luenzum (Germany)6:14
9. Mattthias Stirnemann (Switzerland)6:32
10. Marek Konwa (Poland)7:00
11. Martin Gluth (Germany)7:16
12. Tim Wellens (Belgium)9:36
13. Micki Van Empel (Netherlands)9:55
14. Blaz Znidarsic (Slovenia)10:54
15. Anthony Grenet (France)10:58
16. Daniele Braidot (Italy)11:00
17. Jonas De Backer (Belgium)11:16
18. Nicholas Pettina' (Italy)11:40
19. Ondrej Cink (Czech Republic)11:43
20. Zsolt Juhasz (Hungary)11:55
21. Arnaud Grand (Switzerland)12:07
22. Jan Nesvadba (Czech Republic)12:13
23. Robbie Squire (United States Of America)12:24
24. Simon Stiebjahn (Germany)12:29
25. Dirk Peters (New-Zealand)12:29
26. Ricardo Paulo Reis Marinheiro (Portugal)12:30
27. Thomas Decugis (France)12:32
28. Erik Groen (Netherlands)13:00
29. Matthias Hoi (Austria)13:00
30. Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukraine)13:15
31. Reto Indergand (Switzerland)13:18
32. Robbie Hucker (Australia)13:24
33. Elia Silvestri (Italy)13:55
34. Peter Braunsteins (Australia)13:58
35. Marcel Fleschhut (Germany)14:20
36. Olof Jonsson (Sweden)14:33
37. Andreas Gravdal (Norway)14:41
38. Adriaan Louw (South Africa)14:45
39. Hamish Creber (Great Britain)15:00
40. Donat Albin (Switzerland)15:44
41. George Bennett (New-Zealand)15:44
42. Rourke Croeser (South Africa)15:47
43. Liam McGreevy (Ireland)16:49
44. Valentin Fiderer (Germany)17:18
45. Evan Guthrie (Canada)17:25
46. Amotz Nehoray (Israel)17:47
47. Alex Paton (Great Britain)-1Lap
48. Filippo Blanc (Italy)-1Lap
49. Umbert Almenara Verges (Spain)-1Lap
50. Sebastian Batchelor (Great Britain)-1Lap
51. Pavel Pryadein (Russian Federation)-1Lap
52. Ashley Hough (New-Zealand)-1Lap
53. Tyson Wagler (Canada)-1Lap
54. David Miguel Costa Rodrigues (Portugal)-1Lap
55. Kevin Santana (Argentina)-1Lap
56. Benedikt Muendle (Liechtenstein)-1Lap
57. Filip Adel (Czech Republic)-1Lap
58. Attila Bela (Hungary)-1Lap
59. Ruben Scheire (Belgium)-1Lap
60. David Johnston (Australia)-1Lap
61. Joris Bagnol (France)-1Lap
62. Michael Pesse (Italy)-1Lap
63. Charlton Durie (Australia)-1Lap
64. Foronda Mauricio (Colombia)-1Lap
65. Luke Fetch (Australia)-1Lap
66. Rob Van Der Heijden (Netherlands)-1Lap
67. Jonathan Boucher (Canada)-1Lap
68. Michalis Kittis (Cyprus)-1Lap
69. Zoltan Bene (Hungary)-2Laps
70. Manfred Reis (Germany)-2Laps
71. Timofei Ivanov (Russian Federation)-2Laps
72. Alexios Kokovikas (Greece)-2Laps
73. Oscar Byhlinder (Sweden)-2Laps
74. Diogo Beatriz Gome Afonso (Portugal)-2Laps
75. Brazhnik Rodion (Ukraine)-2Laps
76. Mario Rodriguez Bravo (Chile)-2Laps
77. Keisuke Goda (Japan)-2Laps
78. Richard Malinowsky (Brazil)-2Laps
79. Francisco Lopez Pallares (Spain)-2Laps
80. Juan Siles (Argentina)-2Laps
81. Sagi Fainshtain (Israel)-2Laps
82. Szymon Galczynski (Poland)-2Laps
83. John Bennett (United States Of America)-2Laps
84. Andras Szatmary (Hungary)-2Laps
85. Kerry Werner (United States Of America)-2Laps
86. Abdurrahman Dandal (Turkey)-2Laps
87. Charalampos Takidis (Greece)-2Laps
88. Stepan Stepanov (Russian Federation)-2Laps
89. Neil Mc Gimpsey (Ireland)-2Laps
90. Scott Green (New-Zealand)-2Laps
91. Klemen Nicoletti (Slovenia)-2Laps
92. Seamus Powell (United States Of America)-2Laps
93. Tomer Laks (Israel)-2Laps
DNF. Alexander Gehbauer (Austria)
DNF. Jakub Magnusek (Czech Republic)
DNF. Gerhard Kerschbaumer (Italy)
DNF. German Dorhmann (Argentina)
DNF. Paul O'reilly (Ireland)
DNF. Balint Lukacs (Hungary)
DNF. Aleksei Kuzmenko (Russian Federation)
DNF. Vid Tancer (Slovenia)
DNF. Kieran Hambrook (New-Zealand)
DNS. Joze Zagar (Slovenia)


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