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June 19/08 10:30 am - Atlantic Cycling Centre News: Track 101, New Partner Signs On, Mike's Bike Shop Cup

Posted by Editoress on 06/19/08

Track Riding Lessons

The Atlantic Cycling Centre is holding a track 101 course on Saturday June 21st at 10:00 AM. This course is an introduction to track riding and once complete allows the rider to participate in future events held at the Caisse Populaire Velodrome in Dieppe.

The course costs $30 and riders may bring their own pedals and shoes if desired as well as their cycling helmet. Bicycles are provided and included in the cost of the course.

The Caisse Populaire Velodrome is located in the Rotary Park, Melanson Rd. in St. Anselme. In case of rain the course will be postponed. No track experience is necessary and in the words of Centre Technical Director, Sheila Colbourne –“…if Rick Mercer can do it anyone can!”, in reference to the Nfld comedian’s recent ride on the Forest City Velodrome in London Ontario and shown on the Rick Mercer Report program.

Subway Inks Deal with BMX Track

The National Cycling Centre - Atlantic Canada is pleased to announce its newest cycling partner: Subway. This partnership will now link the Dieppe Subway Restaurants to the newly built BMX track. The Subway BMX track, completed last fall, in partnership with the City of Dieppe and the government of New Brunswick, greatly welcomes such support over the next five years. “Such partnership will enable us to build BMX within the community. It's the next big sport, and we are proud to be able to count on Subway restaurants in Dieppe to help us build it;” says Cycling Centre's head coach, Luc Arseneau.

Starting Sunday June 22 at 6:00 PM, the Subway BMX track will be fully opened to public with its first open time of the season. The public is invited to come out and try the sport for free on every Sunday evening.

Riders are permitted to ride mountain bikes or BMX bikes on the track and an approved full face helmet must also be worn. A limited number of BMX bikes and helmets are available for rent at the track - rental fees are $5.00 per bike or helmet for the session. Riders are also required to wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and fully enclosed footwear and full fingered gloves.

In order to access the Subway BMX Track at other times, yearly membership will be required. Such memberships will be available at the Sunday evening open track times or from the National Cycling Centre's office during business hours (8:30-4:30 weekdays). Membership is $50 for the year.

For the moment, the open times for members will be Monday (6 to 8 pm), Tuesday (2 to 4 pm), and Friday (2 to 4 pm). Wednesday evening (6 to 8 pm) will include coaching and fun racing for all members.

The Subway BMX track will also be opened at other specific times for specific training groups such as Sprockids and Peter Wedge Programs.

In July, we will also be hosting a weekly racing series on Saturday mornings. This series will culminate with the first ever Atlantic BMX Open on August 2nd.

BMX is the newest Olympic Sport and will premiere in Beijing this summer. For aspiring BMX riders in NB the Subway BMX Track in the Rotary Park in Dieppe is the route to Olympic glory.

Sheila Colbourne, Technical Director of the National Cycling Centre - Atlantic Canada says that BMX racing is really going to take off. “Everyone is excited about BMX becoming an Olympic event and some of our younger riders from other disciplines are looking to go far in BMX. What's also nice with BMX is you can get the kids going at a very young age, as low as five years old! Plus, it's more accessible then other cycling disciplines. BMX offers an opportunity for these young New Brunswickers to compete but we need to provide the basic training and local racing to develop the skills needed to ride in the big leagues.” Colbourne goes on to state “We are behind some of the bigger provinces, BMX is up and running strongly in Ontario, Alberta and BC but the support we have had from the City of Dieppe and the Province of New Brunswick in the building of this facility and the backing of Subway should allow us to catch up rapidly. I anticipate phenomenal growth and am looking for volunteers to form the backbone to develop a club and a race calendar for our riders. The fun of BMX is that is all right in front of you. Unlike road and mountain bike races where spectators see only a small segment of the race, BMX happens right in front of the stands from start to finish. It's fast paced and exciting.”

Information regarding registration, equipment needs or volunteer opportunities should be directed to Sheila Colbourne at the Atlantic Cycling Centre 877-7809 or by email at

Mike's Bike Shop Cup Week 6

June 17th, 2008

The Mike's Bike Shop Cup series held the third and final Mountain Bike Cross Country race on Tuesday. The winner of the race was Nova Scotia rider Terry Tomlin. However, once the handicap system was applied the winner for the night was Krista Koval who put in a great ride and certainly deserves the win.

Series leader Derrick Keith continues to hold onto the lead with 365 points, but is being hotly chased by Mike LeBlanc who has 315 points. With the series switching to track events the series may see a change in leader as Keith is a new rider to the Velodrome.

The Mike's Bike Shop Cup is a series of weekly races held on Tuesdays nights at 6:30pm. The series also includes criteriums, track, BMX and cyclocross events to be held later in the summer and fall. The overall winner of the series will pick a charitable organization to which a donation from the registration proceeds will be made.

The series takes a two week break from racing and resumes on July 8 with Velodrome racing on the Caisse Populaire Velodrome in the Rotary Park in St. Anselme. Registration will take place at 6:00 PM at the Atlantic Cycling Centre. The break will give the newer riders to the series a chance to practice their single speed riding skills on the Velodrome.

1. Krista Koval, 0:47:24
2. Terry Tomlin, 0:50:15
3. Jean Richard Cormier, 0:50:47
4. Mike LeBlanc, 0:51:14
5. Rene Julien, 0:51:16
6. Josh Lamkey, 0:52:05
7. Michelle Chase, 0:52:22
8. Guy Pellerin, 0:52:46
9. Caroline Belliveau, 0:52:58
10. Denis Hébert, 0:53:24
11. Charles Cormier, 0:53:44
12. Francois Maltais, 0:54:14
13. Sherry Mercer, 0:55:49
14. Keith Godfrey, 0:56:39
15. Frank LeBlanc, 0:59:01
16. Mark-André Deslaurier, 0:59:25
17. Derrick Keith, 0:59:29
18. Don Ricker, 0:59:47
19. Ron LeBlanc, 0:59:50
20. Craig Harper, 1:01:36
DNF. Derek LeBlanc

0:59:4719. Ron LeBlanc, 0:59:5020. Craig Harper, 1:01:36DNF. Derek LeBlanc


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