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July 1/08 1:23 am - Classique cycliste de Magog

Posted by Editoress on 07/1/08

Classique cycliste de Magog June 28th, Magog QC

50 km Criterium

1 Martin Gilbert (Kelly Benefit Strategies/MediFast)1:08:57
2 Guillaume Boivin (EVA-Devinci)
3 Eric Boily (Volkswagen)
4 Mathieu Roy (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)
5 Jean-Sebastien Perron (EVA-Devinci)
6 Jean-François Laroche (Sleeman Clear/Énergie- Kuota)
7 Maxime Vives (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)
8 Thierry Laliberte (Sportif Bromont)
9 Christian Deshaies (Volkswagen)
10 Georges-Edouard Duquette (EVA-DEVINCI (Club))all s.t.
11 Arnaud Papillon (Volkswagen)0:05
12 André Tremblay (Apogee- Kuota/Elicycle)s.t.
13 Mathieu Toulouse (EVA-Devinci)0:06
14 Hugues Lapointe (Bluberi-Martin Swiss)
15 Ryan Béliveau (Apogee- Kuota/Elicycle)
16 Mathieu Boudier- Reveret (Club Cycliste CGR)
17 François Chabot (Volkswagen)
18 François- Charles Malo (Volkswagen)all s.t.
19 Benoît Lussier (CIBC Wood-Gundy)0:14
20 Jean- Michel Lachance (Volkswagen)s.t.
21 Jean- Sebastien Maheu (Sleeman Clear/Énergie- Kuota)0:49
22 Bruno Langlois (Volkswagen)1:02
23 David Maltais (EVA-DEVINCI (Club))1:29
24 Dante D' Urbano (West of Quebec Wheelers)2:55
25 Jean- Philippe Provost (Marinoni-Cadence)3:10
26 Goji Kawamura (Independant)4:24
DNF Marc Allard (Volkswagen)
DNF Charles B. Thibault (EVA-Devinci)
DNF Marc Dugas (Apogee- Kuota/Elicycle)
DNF Simon Gagnon- Brassard (EVA-DEVINCI (Club))
DNF Alexandre Lavallee (EVA-DEVINCI (Club))
DNF Jean-Philippe Houle- Paradis (Sleeman Clear/Énergie- Kuota)
DNF Francis Morin (Bluberi-Martin Swiss)
DNF William Blackburn (Vélo Select)


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