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July 5/08 6:34 am - Road Nationals: Women's Road Race photos, report and full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/5/08

Road National Championships - Women's Road Race St Georges QC


Alex Wrubleski (Webcor) won the second Canadian national road title of her career on Saturday when she out sprinted Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine) and Felicia Gomez (Aaron's) after 114 kilometres of racing. Julie Beveridge (Aaron's) took the Under-23 title after finishing seventh in the lead group.

A nontechnical 28.5 kilometre course with no major climbs meant that the only way to reduce the number of contenders was through attacks, and time trial champion Anne Samplonius (Quebec) did just that on the second of four laps with a hard attack along a crosswind section.

When the dust had all settled by the end of the lap there were 12 riders at the front. A group tried to chase up for a lap, with Alison Testroete (Aaron's) getting to within 20 seconds of bridging, but the race came down to these 12. The chase group of nine gradually dropped back, eventually merging with the remnants of the peloton to finish eight minutes back.

In addition to Wrubleski, Hobson, Gomez and Beveridge, the others who made the cut were Samplonius, Erinne Willock (Webcor), Heather Logan (Ontario), Sue Schlatter (EMD Serono Stevens), Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta), Joelle Numainville (Quebec), Audrey Lemieux (Quebec) and Natasha Elliott (EMD Serono Stevens). Beveridge and Numainville were the only two U-23 riders in the group.

For the third lap and the first half of the last lap, the group worked well together, rotating through a double paceline steadily. In the final half lap, as the riders left the headwind behind, with only a crosswind section and a final tailwind run into the finish, the attacks began.

"Erinne and I had two strategies," explained Wrubleski. "Erinne was going to attack and I would counter, and if that didn't work then Erinne was going to lead me in for the sprint finish."

The pair did attack, with Willock getting 15 seconds clear with Gomez and Hobson at 10 kilometres to go, but it wasn't enough, as Samplonius and Collins towed a reduced group of six back to the front three.

So the Webcor women went to Plan B, with Willock towing the group in at a high tempo for the final eight kilometres.

"Erinne did a great job for Alex," Hobson agreed. "She was pulled us hard enough that no one wanted to attack and it was a great lead out for Alex."

"Erinne was so strong," commented Wrubleski "she had me hurting on the climbs. It worked out perfectly. A couple of riders came around at about 500 metres to go, and I got on them and then went to the front in the final few hundred metres."

Race Notes

- Leigh Hobson revealed after the race that, like Anne Samplonius, this will be her final Nationals, and the Olympic road race will be her final race (on her birthday). Hobson has been on a sabbatical from teaching high school physical education for the past two and half years, and will return to the classroom after Beijing.

- Beveridge actually forgot about the U-23 race within the race, as she worked for team mate Gomez to make the podium. "It wasn't until they came up and told me that they needed me at the podium that I realized I had won."

U 23 & Elite Women - 114 km
1. Alex Wrubleski (SK) Webcor Builders Cycling Team3:11:39
2. Leigh Hobson (ON) Cheerwine
3. Felicia Gomez (CA) Aaron's/L5Flyers
4. Heather Logan (ON) Team Ontario
5. Sue Schlatter (ON) EMD Serono Stevensall s.t.
6. Anne Samplonius (QC) Équipe du Québec0:03
7. Julie Beveridge * (AB) Aaron's Women's Pro Cycling0:06
8. Erinne Willock (BC) Webcor Builders Cycling Team0:12
9. Merrill Collins (ON) La Bicicletta/J Lindebergs.t.
10. Joelle Numainville * (QC) Équipe du Québec1:28
11. Audrey Lemieux (QC) Équipe du Québec1:38
12. Natasha Elliott (ON) EMD Serono/Stevens1:47
13. Jennifer Stephenson (ON) Team Ultralink7:24
14. Alison Testroete (BC) Aaron's Professional Cycling8:07
15. Jenny Trew (BC) Giant/Whistler
16. Stephanie Roorda * (BC) Giant/Whistler
17. Joanie Caron (QC) Équipe Cascades
18. Cara Gillis (CA) OrganicAthlete's Team Vegan
19. Carrie Cartmill (ON) Team Ontario
20. Lucie Poulin (QC) Le Yéti
21. Julia Farell (ON) Team Ultralink
22. Vicki Thomas (ON) The Cyclery
23. Naomi Cermak (ON) Terry Precision Cycling
24. Megan Rathwell (BC) Team H&R Block
25. Karol-Ann Canuel * (QC) Équipe du Québec
26. Raphaëlle Chrétien * (QC) Équipe du Québec
27. Elisa Gagnon (QC) Advil-ChapStick
28. Julie Bellerose (QC) Équipe Cascades
29. Geneviève Gauthier (QC) Indépendant
30. Moriah Macgregor (BC) Giant
31. Mathilde Hupin Debeurme (QC) Marin Bikes
32. Ireen Wieditz (ON) Terry Precision Cycling
33. Alyssa Weninger * (SK) Team Sask
34. Alyssa Mellon (ON) Team Ultralink
35. Terri Gregotski (ON) Team Ontarioall s.t.
36. Vanessa Godbehere (QC) Le Yéti8:21
37. Julie Marceau (GQC) Specialized-Brault & Martineau--GSD10:20
38. Marie-Christine Guilbert (QC) Le Yéti21:00
39. Isabelle Riedl (QC) Équipe Brunet22:21
40. Allison Lampi (QC) Team Ultralink24:25
41. Sarah Coney * (ON) Team Ultralinks.t.
42. Chloé Saint-Arnaud-Watt * (ON) Team Ultralink40:45
43. Kim Lambert-Gosselin (QC) La Cabosse d'or48:41
DNF. Catherine Hogan * (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF. Véronique Bilodeau * (QC) Rocky Mountain/Lessard
DNF. Julia Bradley (ON) EMD Serono/Stevens
DNF. Jessica Burns (QC) Équipe Cascades
DNF. Catherine Couture * (QC) Équipe Cascades
DNF. Valerie Crête * (GQC) Specialized-Brault & Martineau--GSD
DNF. Johanne Cyr (QC) Équipe Cascades
DNF. Janie Fortin * (GQC) Specialized-Brault & Martineau--GSD
DNF. Véronique Labonté (QC) Équipe Cascades
DNF. Julie Madore (QC) Le Yéti
DNF. Sophie Matte (QC) EMD Serono Stevens
DNF. Ariane Patenaude * (GQC) Specialized-Brault & Martineau--GSD
DNF. Kathryn Rozitis (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Tricia K. Spooner (ON) EMD Serono Stevens
DNS. Karine Tessier * (QC) Marinoni-Cadence
DNS. Marilyn McDonald (AB) Team TBB
DNS. Julie Munro * (QC) Équipe Cascades
1. Julie Beveridge (AB) Aaron's Women's Pro Cycling3:11:45
2. Joelle Numainville (QC) Équipe du Québec01:22
3. Stephanie Roorda (BC) Giant08:02
4. Karol-Ann Canuel (QC) Équipe du Québec08:04
5. Raphaëlle Chrétien (QC) Équipe du Québecm.t.
6. Alyssa Weninger (SK) Team Sask08:05
7. Sarah Coney (ON) Team Ultralink24:19
8. Chloé Saint-Arnaud-Watt (ON) Team Ultralink40:39
9. Kim Lambert-Gosselin (QC) La Cabosse d'or48:35
DNF. Catherine Hogan (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF. Véronique Bilodeau (QC) Rocky Mountain/Lessard
DNF. Catherine Couture (QC) Équipe Cascades
DNF. Valerie Crête (GQC) Specialized-Brault & Martineau--GSD
DNF. Janie Fortin (GQC) Specialized-Brault & Martineau--GSD
DNF. Ariane Patenaude (GQC) Specialized-Brault & Martineau--GSD
DNF. Karine Tessier (QC) Marinoni-Cadence
DNF. Julie Munro (QC) Équipe Cascades


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