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July 8/08 1:41 am - Bikeshevik Grand Prix of Track Racing

Posted by Editoress on 07/8/08

Bikeshevik Grand Prix Track Race July 5-6, Calgary AB
Courtesy Jim Smith

Hot summer conditions brought out the best in Alberta track riders for the Bikeshevik Grand Prix on July 5 and 6. Riders competed in three groups: Category 1, 2 and 3 men (Group A for this report), category 4 and 5 men with elite women (Group B) and Under 17s. All groups saw spirited racing and a number of personal best times.

In Group A, Jeff Bakal (Juventus) won the omnium by winning all three of the power events (sprint, kilo and Keirin) convincingly. Ryan Mckenzie (H&R Block) picked up second in the omnium, winning the scratch race, finishing second in the points race and scrounging a few points from the sprint and Keirin to finish ahead of the ageless Peter Toth. Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Roadworks) won the points race with a canny strategy of picking up a few points in the early sprints, then setting up a long attack with Jesse Collins (bicisport) to win the last three sprints and secure the victory.

Trevor Gunderson (H&R Block) did the fastest pursuit we've seen here since nationals in 2005 with a 4:52:616 while Jeff Bakal's 1.07.893 kilo was also the fastest since 2005.

Group B saw some great racing with the two elite women, Tara Whitten (Velocity) and Monique Sullivan (PCL), both of whom competed on the world cup circuit this year, winning most of the events but having to work hard to do it. Master C John Plant of the host Synergy Racing club took time off from his chief timer duties to surprise Monique to Sullivan and take the Keirin while junior Brad Knapik took the 500. Tara Whitten took the points race, winning all the sprints but always had to work hard against either Derek Lynn (bicisport) or junior Graham Courtney (Synergy Racing).

The under 17 group was a battle between Adam Todd (Juventus) and Alison Beveridge (bicisport). Alison showed that she had the speed by winning the pursuit by over six seconds with a 2.54.093, but she was unable to defeat Adam's power in the other events. Younger riders Samuel Beaudoin (Juventus) and Dan Rosichuk (Velocity) showed that we have riders waiting to step up over the next few years.

Thanks to Colin Walsh for returning to race director duties after a vacation for the last couple of years. Colin has been the cornerstone of Calgary track racing for many years and it was good to see him back at the helm.

Event Winners

EventGroup AGroup BGroup C
PursuitTrevor GundersonTara WhittenAlison Beveridge
ScratchRyan MckenzieTara WhittenAdam Todd
SprintJeff BakalMonique SullivanAdam Todd
Kilo/500Jeff BakalBrad KnapikAdam Todd
PointsNicholas JendzjowskyTara WhittenAdam Todd
KeirinJeff BakalJohn Plant
Overall omniumJeff BakalTara WhittenAdam Todd

Category 1/2/3
1 Jeff Bakal (Juventus)30 pts
2 Ryan McKenzie (H&R Block)20
3 Peter Toth (Juventus)18
4 Dylan Menard (Juventus)17
5 Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Roadworks)15
6 Mike Patton (Synergy Racing)15
7 Trevor Gunderson (H&R Block)13
8 Graeme Thomson (bicisport)12
9 Craig Debellefeuille (Synergy Racing)8
10 Reid Cummings (CMC/Bow Cycle)6
11 Jesse Collins (Bicisport)5
12 Reid Dalgeish (Synergy Racing)3
13 Colin Walsh (Synergy Racing)2
14 Frank Kovacs (Synergy Racing)2
15 Sean Huggins-Chan (Bicisport)1
16 Rob Leeds (CMC/Bow Cycle)1
Matt Wheatley (Juventus)0
James Purdy (bicisport)0
Scott Anderson (CMC/Bow Cycle)0
Craig Good (Synergy Racing)0
Paul Becher (Independent)0
Chris Hooper (Synergy Racing)0
David Larson (Juventus)0
Nic Anderchuk (CMC/Bow Cycle)0
Category 4/5 + Women A
1 Tara Whitten (Velocity)37 pts
2 Graham Courtney (Synergy Racing)24
3 Derek Lynn (bicisport)21
4 Dean Mitchell (bicisport)21
5 Monique Sullivan (PCL)20
6 Brad Knapik (Synergy Racing)14
7 John Plant (Synergy Racing)13
8 Cole Murphy (Synergy Racing)8
9 Greg Yanicki (bicisport)7
10 Kevin Rosmanitz (Synergy Racing)2
Alex Kay (CBTL)0
Bill Blonski (bicisport)0
Brad Remenda (Juventus)0
Laura Mckenzie (Webcor)0
Under 17
1 Adam Todd (Juventus)47 pts
2 Allison Beveridge (Bicisport)38
3 Samuel Beaudoin (Juventus)25
4 Dan Rosichuk (Velocity)11
5 Annie Stadnyk (Bicisport)10
6 Derek Walsh (Synergy Racing)5
7 Gina Kisell (Synergy Racing)4
Trevor Kissell (Synergy Racing)0
Elise Walsh (Synergy Racing0


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