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July 12/08 10:03 am - Canadian National DH Championships: Results from Seeding Runs

Posted by Editoress on 07/12/08

Canadian National DH Championships Mont Ste Anne

Results from Seeding Runs

Junior & Elite WomenTimeGap
1. Micayla Gatto (Commencal/Marzocchi)4:39.3110
2. Sheila Morris (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnnys Racing)4:40.3590:00:01
3. Miranda Miller* (Bikes/Mad March Racing/ Team Squamish)4:47.4910:00:08
4. Marie-Eve Marcotte (Équipe du Québec/Primary-DeVinci)4:48.0540:00:09
5. Danice Uyesugi (
6. Kim Huard (Independant)4:53.4960:00:14
7. Anne Laplante* (Équipe du Québec/Équipe Grounded)5:00.8790:00:21
8. Amber Zirnhelt (Devinci/Dunbar/Loeka)5:01.2580:00:22
9. Vaea Verbeek* (Independant)5:18.4940:00:39
10. Mylène Kim Fortier (FH Racing)5:28.9810:00:49
11. Sophie Poirier (Devinci)5:31.2270:00:52
12. Claudia Paquin (Independant)5:33.7020:00:54
13. Audrée Vaillancourt (Independant)5:52.5050:01:13
Junior Expert & Elite MenTimeGap
1. Hans Lambert (Équipe du Québec/Norco)3:52.6530
2. Luke Kitzanuk (Independant)3:57.0830:00:05
3. Andrew Mitchell (Independant)3:58.2290:00:06
4. Benoit Rioux (Independant)3:59.7850:00:07
5. Dean Tennant (Primary/Devinci)4:00.0030:00:08
6. Mathieu Laurin (Équipe du Québec/Lama Cycles)4:00.4040:00:08
7. Simon Garstin* (Team BC / Giant Bicycles)4:02.5010:00:10
8. William Viens (Independant)4:03.4200:00:11
9. Andy Thibodeau (Gravité Sports)4:04.1200:00:12
10. Samuel Vallée (Devinci)4:04.1350:00:12
11. Jeffery Bryson (Specialized)4:04.7840:00:12
12. Guillaume Soucy-Alarie (Équipe du Québec/Lama Cycles)4:05.0880:00:13
13. Louis-Philippe Léonard (Équipe du Québec/XPREZO)4:05.1260:00:13
14. Trenton Zoobkoff* (Addidas Eyewear/Team B.C.)4:05.5090:00:13
15. Harold Woolnough (Independant)4:07.1630:00:15
16. Yann Gauvin* (Équipe du Québec/Mathieu Performance)4:09.5900:00:17
17. Mitchell Forbes (Luxury Apparel)4:10.3530:00:18
18. Dylan Morley* (DH Racer)4:12.8160:00:20
19. Matthew Woods (Independant)4:13.3990:00:21
20. Jonathan Allard (Devinci)4:13.3990:00:21
21. Stéphane Mailhot (Gravité Sports)4:13.9320:00:21
22. Brett Hornfelt (Calgary Cycle)4:14.5830:00:22
23. Martin Lacroix* (Independant)4:15.3300:00:23
24. Samuel Lagrange (Rocky Mountain/ProCycle)4:16.0980:00:24
25. Kyle Lockyer (Cycle-Solutions Angry Johnys racing)4:16.3110:00:24
26. Alexandre Conlon (Independant)4:16.9970:00:24
27. Willy Cadham (Privateer Racing)4:17.0480:00:25
28. Nick Dent (Kona)4:17.6580:00:25
29. James Jeannet* (Transcend Magazine)4:18.4560:00:26
30. Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard* (Équipe du Québec/Devinci)4:19.3750:00:27
31. Brian Serneels (Independant)4:19.4480:00:27
32. Christian Pradella (Sports aux Puces)4:20.1630:00:28
33. Emmanuel Daoust* (Équipe du Québec/Team Transcend)4:20.8310:00:28
34. Guillaume Laramée (Quilicot-Rackultra)4:21.0960:00:29
35. Philippe Bergeron (Gravité Sports)4:21.3020:00:29
36. Dominique Dostie (Independant)4:21.3220:00:29
37. Justin Brown (InterSport/
38. Hugo Lanthier (Mathieu Performance/R-Solution)4:21.7780:00:29
39. Hédi Bassoussi (Independant)4:22.3290:00:30
40. Daniel Parent (Independant)4:23.6650:00:31
41. Simon Carbonneau (Independant)4:24.3240:00:32
42. Dave Filion* (Independant)4:24.4030:00:32
43. Pier-Olivier Lassonde* (Independant)4:24.7580:00:32
44. Benoit Poirier (Independant)4:25.0050:00:33
45. Vincent Tremblay (Devinci)4:25.2450:00:33
46. Ben Reasbeck (Air Racing)4:25.2580:00:33
47. Drew Pautler (Primary Devinci)4:26.0170:00:34
48. Clinton Gould* (Team BC)4:26.6770:00:34
49. Jonathan Pilon (Independant)4:26.7880:00:34
50. Jordan Wells* (GearHeads)4:27.9150:00:35
51. Tristan McLean* (Independant)4:28.5290:00:36
52. Justin Macknish (Lama Cycles/Morewood)4:28.8170:00:36
53. Tom Kakamousias (Solutions / Angry Johnnys Racing)4:29.8430:00:37
54. Benoit Labelle (Lama Cycles/Morewood)4:30.3950:00:38
55. Marc Poirier* (Independant)4:30.6200:00:38
56. Hugo Rhéaume Lalumière (Independant)4:30.8450:00:38
57. Joshua Thibodeau (Mikes Bike Shop/Oakley)4:31.2650:00:39
58. Mathieu PrudHomme* (Team BSA)4:31.9620:00:39
59. Maxime Fortin Faubert* (FH Racing)4:32.7370:00:40
60. Julien Laramée (Quilicot-Rackultra)4:33.1180:00:41
61. Gabriel Pépin Phaneuf (Independant)4:35.4000:00:43
62. Guillaume Lafleur-Smith* (Independant)4:35.9080:00:43
63. Hugh MacLachlan (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnnys Raci)4:36.6670:00:44
64. Philippe Benoît (XPREZO)4:37.9700:00:45
65. Marcel Thomas (Independant)4:39.7080:00:47
66. Patrick Bisson (Impact
67. Andrew Gotuaco* (Independant)4:44.8750:00:52
68. Nick Quinn (Calgary Cycle / Oakley / Dakine / IMV)4:45.2160:00:53
69. Jocelyn Langlois (Gravité Sports)4:46.9630:00:54
70. Quinn Lanzon (Independant)4:47.2840:00:55
71. Jean-François Tardif (Vélo Plein-Air)4:47.8770:00:55
72. Harrison Gould (Independant)4:48.5240:00:56
73. Chris Furlotte (Independant)4:48.9460:00:56
74. Laurent St-Cyr* (le yéti)4:49.5900:00:57
75. Yann-Alexandre Roy-Vallée* (Independant)4:49.6490:00:57
76. Guillaume Caron (Independant)4:55.9160:01:03
77. Fraser Britton (Mojo Orange)4:57.7950:01:05
78. Robert Mcphalen* (Independant)5:03.0780:01:11
79. Jonathan Palframan (Impalla Steam whistle racing)5:03.2670:01:11
80. Charles-Alexandre Dubé (InterSport/
81. Saul Boudreau* (Independant)5:04.2720:01:12
82. Steve Chan (Giant Canada)5:11.7720:01:19
83. Scott Halvorson* (Team BC/Mad March Racing)5:17.9650:01:25
84. Joey Jenkins (Devinci)5:24.2680:01:32
85. Simon Bossé* (Spin Sport Inc.)5:47.0640:01:55
86. Tyler Gnitt (Full Boar Bike Store)6:12.4060:02:20
87. David Moar* (FH Racing)6:54.6880:03:02
88. Gabriel Distilio (Sports aux Puces)7:38.8360:03:46
89. Dominick Ménard (InterSport/
90. Vincent Poliseno (Independant)9:55.1010:06:03
91. Jonathan Lefrançois* (Independant)10:15.6160:06:23
92. Xavier Purcell Lalonde* (Independant)12:12.4470:08:20
DNF. Jean-Pierre Theriault (Intense/oakley/Troy lee Designs)
DNF. Taylor Rowlands* (Commencal)
DNF. Nelson Pelletier (Ryno Performance)
DNF. Francis Paquet (valley racing)
DNF. Arnaud Dulude (Independant)
DNS. Ewan Fafard (Independant)
DNS. Brendan Flanagan* (Team Big Time)
DNS. Craig Campbell* (Independant)
DNS. Nathan Rands (Independant)



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