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July 17/08 12:41 pm - More Tour de Gastown photos, Halton RR Prize Update, O-Cup DH#4 Preview

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/08

Tour de Gastown Photos

Ryan Morasiewicz has some shots from last night on his FLICKER page

Prize Update for Halton RR
Courtesy Craig Fagan

Midweek Cycling Club is pleased to announce that Gatorz Precision Built Eyewear has come forward and donated over $6,000 worth of eyewear prizes to Halton Road Race on July 20th 2008 in Burlington ON. These eyewear prizes will be spread through all categories and will in addition to the other product and $3,000* in cash prizes.

* cash prize package will be directly proportional to participation level; the higher the participation the greater the amount, the lower the participation the lower the payout.

Cycle Solutions O-Cup DH#4

Camp Fortune July 19/20 - Pre Race

This will be a sanctioned race in Quebec and Ontario this weekend and will hopefully lead to the 2009 Ontario/Quebec DH Challenge!

Finally the answer everyone has been waiting for....What Course??? What Course??? Well Matt Woods and his amazing trail crew have created a whole new jump section on last years Provincial Championships course, so this should provide some excellent flow at the start of the course and lead into some of the more demanding technical sections lower down.

• Camping is free as always in the parking lot!

• Save $10-20 and pre-reg online at

• Map and Directions are Here

• Bring lots of TUBES, you're gonna need em!

REMINDER: Minime Category IS NOT allowed to race in Quebec currently, hopefully next year the FQSC will allow it, so we'll see all the Minime's at Blue Mountain in August.

We can’t thank enough our amazing support staff, Lee Allen, Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff, Pro Patrol and ofcourse the amazing volunteers and sponsors: Bike Store, Commencal Bikes, Norco Performance Bikes , Kenda Tires, Titec Components,, Privateer Racing, To Wheels, Industry Bike park, Trident Distribution, Gamut, FUNN, YODO bike, E-13, Atomlab, Azonic.


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