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July 18/08 4:05 am - Junior World Championships: ITT report and full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/18/08

Junior World Championships Cape Town, South Africa
Report Courtesy Canadian Sport News

Denis Ramsden of Kingston, Ont., placed 16th (Friday) in the women's time trial at the world junior cycling championships.

Maria Grandt Petersen of Denmark won the 14.1 kilometre race in 21 minutes and 03.11 and was the only rider to average more than 40 kilometres and hour. Valeriya Kononenko of Ukraine was second in 21:20.24 and Laura Dittmann of Germany third in 21:52.41.

Ramsden, the runner-up at the junior nationals last month, clocked 22:41.46. Leah Kirchmann of Winnipeg was 25th in 23:22.87.

"I was happy with how I rode and it was an improvement over how the time trial went for me last year," said Ramsden, 24th in the time trial at last year's world juniors. "I felt great throughout the race. I really liked the course and I was able to ride more consistently from start to finish."

Kirchmann, who also competed at the mountain bike worlds this year, was making her world junior debut on the road.

"I felt I put a good effort in," said Kirchmann, 18. "I would have liked to finish a bit better but it's a good first race at this level."

In the men's 26.8 kilometre time trial, Michal Kwiatlowski of Poland was the winner in 36:21.21 with Jakon Steigmiller of Germany second in 36:26.54 and Taylor Phinney of the U.S., third in 36:29.15.

Devon Novakowski of Kingston was 28th in 38:35.72 and Hugo Houle of Drummondville, Que., 38th in 39:08.27.

"I was really pleased with it," said Novakowski. "The course is really rolling and worked well for me. My main focus was keep a nice and steady rhythm. It was very easy to get caught in the trap of getting your heart rate too high and just blowing up. It was a longer time trial and I'm more use to 15 kilometres."

Competition ends Sunday with the men's and women's road races.

Women- 14.1kmTimeGap1. Maria Grandt Petersen (Denmark)0:21:03.11002. Valeriya Kononenko (Ukraine)0:21:20.2400:173. Laura Dittmann (Germany)0:21:52.4100:494. Amy Pieters (Netherlands)0:21:58.7300:555. Sophie Ootes (Australia)0:21:59.9900:566. Jennifer Letue (France)0:22:03.2601:007. Jessie Daams (Belgium)0:22:03.680s.t.8. Franziska Ruschke (Germany)0:22:07.2701:049. Winanda Spoor (Netherlands)0:22:11.8601:0810. Elizaveta Oshurkova (Ukraine)0:22:13.0501:1011. Larisa Pankova (Russia)0:22:13.510s.t.12. Jerika Hutchinson (USA)0:22:18.2701:1513. Zoe Appel (Australia)0:22:21.7001:1814. Jacqueline Hahn (Austria)0:22:23.2401:2015. Elodie Le Bail (France)0:22:27.7201:2416. Denise Ramsden (Canada)0:22:41.4601:3817. Nataliya Yelisseyeva (Kazakhstan)0:22:46.4301:4318. Michelle Corbett (South Africa)0:22:47.4801:4419. Kajsa Snihs (Sweden)0:22:50.6701:4720. Sinead Miller (USA)0:22:54.5601:5121. Evelyn Arys (Belgium)0:22:59.3301:5622. Emma Petersen (New Zealand)0:23:05.9202:0223. Chiara Capuzzo (Italy)0:23:08.1502:0524. Emma Mills (Sweden)0:23:09.4202:0625. Leah Kirchmann (Canada)0:23:22.8702:1926. Sofia Arreola (Mexico)0:23:25.9702:2227. Irene Lasa Sebastian (Spain)0:24:08.8503:0528. Marcia Fernandes Silva (Brazil)0:24:10.7003:0729. Nessrine Imadali (Algeria)0:26:27.4405:24Men- 26.8kmTimeGap1. Michal Kwiatkowski (Poland)0:36:21.21002. Jakob Steigmiller (Germany)0:36:26.5400:053. Taylor Phinney (USA)0:36:29.1500:084. Jimmi Sorensen (Denmark)0:36:40.6900:195. Johan Le Bon (France)0:36:49.0200:286. Anton Vorobev (Russia)0:37:01.2900:407. Tom David (New Zealand)0:37:03.2000:428. Michael Humbert (Germany)0:37:06.7200:459. Vegard Breen (Norway)0:37:08.5600:4710. Massimo Coledan (Italy)0:37:11.7900:5011. Albert Torres Barcelo (Spain)0:37:14.5500:5312. Nathan Brown (USA)0:37:34.9201:1313. Jakub Novak (Czech Republic)0:37:45.4001:2414. Nikita Umerbekov (Kazakhstan)0:38:06.9401:4515. Siarhei Plisko (Belarus)0:38:08.4501:4716. Arthur Vanoverberghe (Belgium)0:38:09.7801:4817. Artur Ershov (Russia)0:38:10.4901:4918. Michael Freiberg (Australia)0:38:11.9201:5019. Piotr Gawronski (Poland)0:38:12.2701:5120. Daniil Fominykh (Kazakhstan)0:38:13.3401:5221. Nejc Kosir (Slovenia)0:38:14.3901:5322. Alex Mcgregor (New Zealand)0:38:15.0901:5423. Jasper Bovenhuis (Netherlands)0:38:22.4602:0124. Fabio Silvestre (Portugal)0:38:22.720s.t.25. Jan Tratnik (Slovenia)0:38:28.5102:0726. Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Belgium)0:38:30.6302:0927. Tom Thill (Luxembourg)0:38:32.3502:1128. Devon Novakowski (Canada)0:38:35.7202:1429. Tiaan Swart (South Africa)0:38:37.1002:1630. Frederik Jernov (Denmark)0:38:44.9102:2331. Rohan Dennis (Australia)0:38:47.0702:2632. Filip Eidshiem (Norway)0:38:47.880s.t.33. Marek Benda (Czech Republic)0:38:55.0602:3434. Jesus Herrada Lopez (Spain)0:39:01.6802:4035. Romain Bacon (France)0:39:04.8802:4336. Claudio Imhof (Switzerland)0:39:05.7302:4437. Jani Tewelde Weldegaber (Eritrea)0:39:06.1802:4538. Hugo Houle (Canada)0:39:08.2702:4739. Oleh Solomko (Ukraine)0:39:28.4603:0740. Sean Patrick Downey (Ireland)0:39:34.1303:1341. Adam Leibovitz (USA)0:39:54.2503:3342. Artem Orlov (Ukraine)0:40:13.7203:5243. Alexander Emmanuel Caselles (Argentina)0:40:22.2504:0144. Andzs Flaksis (Latvia)0:40:25.0304:0445. Mattia Sinigaglia (Italy)0:40:32.3304:1146. Niek Van Geffen (Netherlands)0:40:34.3204:1347. Ryu Sasaki (Japan)0:40:46.9004:2548. Patrick Luternauer (Switzerland)0:40:48.9304:2749. Felix Alejandro Baron Castillo (Colombia)0:41:02.2404:4150. Shota Takahashi (Japan)0:41:06.7004:4551. King Lok Cheung (Hkg)0:41:06.760s.t.52. Janari-Joel Joessar (Estonia)0:41:07.8704:4653. Suren Petrosyan (Armenia)0:41:41.3405:2054. Recep Unalan (Turkey)0:41:44.4405:2355. Alexandru Mocan (Moldavia)0:42:02.1805:4156. Bilal Saada (Algeria)0:42:02.180s.t.57. Stefan Petrovski (FYR Macedonia)0:42:15.9105:5458. Daniel Rinner (Liechtenstein)0:42:19.3805:5859. Aymen Mraïhi (Tunisia)0:42:30.8606:0960. Jomli Haroun (Tunisia)0:43:01.4506:4061. Osama Atia (Libya)0:43:05.2006:4462. James Colin Mayer (Mauritius)0:43:05.550s.t.63. Berhane Melake Teklehaimanot (Eritrea)0:43:26.2307:0564. Drobisch Florian (Namibia)0:43:30.3707:0965. Ali Abubregh (Libya)0:45:06.3908:4566. Mirko Meier (Namibia)0:45:10.3808:49DNF. Paul Van Zweel (South Africa)DNS. Hasan Aslan (Turkey)DNS. Hugo Sebastian Salazar Castaneda (Colombia)


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