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July 19/08 2:18 am - Tour de White Rock: Prologue report, photos and full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/19/08

Tour de White Rock July 18th, White Rock BC

Photos by Greg Descantes

A couple of quick recoveries by Whistler’s Will Routley kept the hopes of a BC Superweek sweep alive for Symmetrics Pro Cycling as the Tour de White Rock kicked off with the grueling Homelife Hillclimb on Friday night.

Routley was second fastest up the leg melting 700-meter ascent from the White Rock beach to the top Buena Vista Avenue, trailing only Boulder, Colorado’s Kiel Reijnen of Team Waste Management, who finished the 16 per cent grade climb in one minute, 40.28 seconds. When the five fastest riders went head to head a second time up the big hill, Routley was well out in front of the pack as the sun settled majestically over a sparkling Semiahmoo Bay in the background.

Pocatello, Idaho’s Matt Shriver of the Jittery Joes Pro Cycling Team was third, ahead of Kelowna’s Chris Devries of Team H&R Block and Australian Shaun Morris from the Rubicon-ORBEA Team.

“Last year I did really good the first time up the hill and totally didn’t recover and didn’t go good the second time, so this makes up for that,” said Routley. “You’re not going to go as fast the second time. As soon as it got steep one of the guys kicked too early, so I just stayed on his wheel for another 30 second or so and then just went the last 45 seconds all out.”

It’s been an all-out two weeks for Routley, who went from riding the Canadian Championships two weekends ago, straight to the six-day Cascade Classic in Bend, Oregon right through last weekend.

“I went from Nationals straight home, unpack, re-pack, down to Cascade, back just in time for Gastown, and still felt on form.”

He re-joined his Symmetrics teammates in time to see them follow up a clean sweep of the Tour de Delta last weekend with wins at the Tour de Gastown Wednesday and Giro di Burnaby Thursday. All Symmetrics needs to sweep BC Superweek are wins in Saturday’s Bosa Properties Criterium and Sunday’s Peace Arch News Road Race as the 29th Tour de White Rock continues.

“The team is riding unbelievable, the streak is going and I had to keep it up, I was the only guy in the top five,” Routley said.

Unlike last year, however, Routley had something left in the tank, finding that delicate balance between making sure he was in the top-five final, but not burning himself out entirely to get there.

“It’s a huge learning curve,” said Routley. “You have to push to be top-five and almost passing out at the top, but you’ve got to time it right. I’d say at least half the guys go too hard in the first half.”

It’s a lesson that Australia’s Ruth Corset learned the hard way in the women’s race.

Corset, of New Zealand’s Jazz Apple Cycling, easily posted the fastest time by more than eight seconds the first time up, conquering the steep hill in two minutes, 10 seconds. But Corset couldn’t hold off Vancouver’s Rachel McBride of West Point Cycles, who sprinted away to win the head-to-head race after originally posting the third-fastest time.

“I was a little disappointed,” McBride, just a third-year competitive cyclist and riding her first “big race,” joked of finding out she had to go up the grueling hill again after finishing among the top-five. “I was secretly happy of course, it’s a pretty good feeling to win and I’m pretty surprised I was able to hold my own on this.”

Ontario’s Natasha Elliott of EMD Sereno/Stevens also edged out Corset by a tire width at the line for second place. While McBride celebrated her first big win Corset, who won the Tour de Delta overall title last weekend and finished third at both the Tour de Gastown and Giro di Burnaby midweek, needed oxygen and a half hour of medical treatment after cramping badly.

“I may have an advantage because I haven’t been racing all week, so I’m on fresh legs,” said McBride, also a triathlete whose season was slowed because of an early foot injury. “I’m just really enjoying it and improving and getting more and more into the cycling races. But that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment to be able to hold my own amongst some pretty solid riders.”

The Tour de White Rock – the final event in the 10-day, eight-race BC Superweek – continues with the Bosa Properties Criterium Saturday and the Peace Arch News Road Race on Sunday.

Prologue: Homelife Hill Climb

1. Rachel Mcbride (Can) West Point Cyclesby position
2. Natasha Elliott. (Can) EMD Serono/Stevensby position
3. Ruth Corset (NZl) Jazz Apple Cycling Teamby position
4. Megan Rathwell (Can) Team H&R Blockby position
5. Heather Kay (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycleby position
6. Sarah Bamberger (USA) Cheerwine Pro Cycling2:24.77
7. Gillian Moody (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:24.78
8. Steph Roorda (Can) Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler Canada2:26.81
9. Jaymie Mcgowan (Can) Oak Bay Bikes2:27.86
10. Margaret Pugh (Can) Chicks Cycling Club2:32.16
11. Stacey Spencer (Can) Different Bikes2:32.77
12. Amy Herlinveaux (Can) Dearden Construction2:33.13
13. Sarah Stewart (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:34.70
14. Shoshauna Laxson (USA) Team Whistler2:34.76
15. Kristine Brynjolfson (Can) Team Coastal2:35.35
16. Jennifer Tabbernor (Can) Team Whistler2:35.71
17. Kelsey Miller (Can) Wedgewood Cycling Team2:36.49
18. Marie-Claude Gagnon (Can) Glotman Simpson2:37.98
19. Leslie Vice (Can) Glotman Simpson2:40.59
20. Kelly Benjamin (USA) Cheerwine Pro Cycling2:40.99
21. Yukie Nakamura (Jpn) Team Kenda Tire2:42.03
22. Dana Lis (Can) Chicks Cycling Club2:42.99
23. Moriah Macgregor (Can) Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler Canada2:43.34
24. Laura Brown (Can) Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler Canada2:43.56
25. Karen Watson (Can) Glotman Simpson2:45.14
26. Jenny Trew (Can) Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler Canada2:52.73
27. Alyssa Weninger (Can) Sask/BCW2:56.30
28. Jennifer Schulz (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:59.37
29. Hannah Banks (Aus) ValueAct Capital3:00.98
30. Gillian Carleton (Can) Organic Athlete3:03.01
31. Malindills Maclean (NZl) Jazz Apple Cycling Team3:06.78
32. Megan Elliott (USA) Independant3:06.93
33. Susannah Pryde (NZl) Jazz Apple Cycling Team3:07.92
34. Monica Nelson (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team3:13.67
35. Lauren Ellis (NZl) Jazz Apple Cycling Team3:35.78
DNS. Marisa Russell (USA) Procon/FNBA
Pro 1/2 Men
1. Will Routley (Can) Symmetrics Cyclingby position
2. Kiel Reijnen (USA) Team Waste Managementby position
3. Matt Shriver (USA) Jittery Joe's Pro Cyclingby position
4. Chris Devries (Can) Team H&R Blockby position
5. Shaun Morris (Aus) Rubicon-ORBEAby position
6. Brad Kerr (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team1:45.72
7. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling1:46.51
8. Cyrus Kangarloo (Can) Team H&R Block1:47.40
9. Matthew Guse (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team1:48.07
10. Morgan Schmitt (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team1:48.19
11. Taylor Shelden (USA) Team Rio Grande Cycling1:48.76
12. Derrick St John (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling1:49.12
13. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team1:49.52
14. Brad Bingham (USA) Team Rio Grande Cycling1:49.65
15. Quinn Keogh (USA) Independent1:49.87
16. Chris Mcneil (Can) Team H&R Block1:50.40
17. Ron Jensen (USA) Team Waste Management1:50.44
18. Chris Horner (USA) Astana Cycling Team1:50.83
19. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Can) Symmetrics Cycling1:51.00
20. Curtis Dearden (Can) Dearden Construction Services1:51.39
21. Mathew Bell (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team1:51.97
22. Kurtis Vallee (Can) Team Aviawest1:52.06
23. Nic Hamilton (Can) Team Aviawest1:52.65
24. Grant Van Horn (USA) Team Waste Management1:53.06
25. Tom Last (Gbr) Kinesis UK1:53.21
26. Marcel Aarden (Can) Kona-Adobe1:53.57
27. Jared Barrilleaux (USA) Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling1:53.67
28. Ben Chaddock (Can) Independent1:53.80
29. Matt Potma (Can) Kona-Adobe1:53.87
30. Stevie Cullinan (USA) Team Waste Management1:54.07
31. Maurice Worsfold (Can) Glotman Simpson Racing 1:54.56
32. Tim Sherstobitoff (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team1:54.77
33. Matthew O'hagan (Can) Campione-Ratcliff Racing Team 1:54.86
34. Ryan Hamity (USA) Team Rio Grande Cycling1:55.55
35. Garrett Peltonen (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling Team1:55.67
36. Andrew Roche (Irl) Pinarello1:55.95
37. Sebastian Salas (Can) Campione-Ratcliff Racing Team 1:56.73
38. Tyler Trace (Can) TREK Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic1:58.05
39. Nathan Macdonald (Can) TREK Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic 1:58.86
40. Kyle Fry (Can) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing1:58.94
41. Evan Elken (USA) Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling1:59.25
42. Bryce Fegley (USA) Fanatik Bike Co.1:59.26
43. Carson Miller (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA1:59.71
44. Dan Macdonald (Can) Kona-Adobe1:59.88
45. Tim Henry (USA) Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling2:00.57
46. Mark Macdonald (Can) Team H&R Block2:00.69
47. Allen Krughoff (USA) Team Rio Grande Cycling2:00.75
48. Owen Harrison (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:00.96
49. Aaron Chappell (Can) ERTC2:02.07
50. Shaun Adamson (Can) Juventus2:02.61
51. Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R Block2:02.76
52. Chris Worsfold (Can) Glotman Simpson Racing 2:03.04
53. Michael Rothengatter (Can) Escape Velocity2:03.43
54. Kyle Gritters (USA) Health Net Pro Cycling Team2:03.61
55. Ryan Taylor (Can) Campione-Ratcliff Racing Team 2:03.93
56. Mike Sayers (USA) BMC Pro Cycling Team2:04.52
57. Stewart Bowmer (USA) Fanatik Bike Co.2:06.10
58. Francois Parisien (Can) Team RACE Pro2:06.37
59. Ryan Anderson (Can) Symmetrics Cycling2:06.39
60. Roman Van Uden (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA2:06.52
61. Dave Brooks (Can) TREK Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic2:06.56
62. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling2:07.19
63. Jeff Bolstad (Can) Team H&R Block2:08.56
64. Cory Forrest (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:10.55
65. Mathieu Roy (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team2:10.89
66. Michael Sencenbaugh (USA) Fanatik Bike Co2:11.30
67. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics Cycling2:13.95
68. Trevor Haaheim (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:14.60
69. Jonathan Gormick (Can) Kona-Adobe2:15.87
70. Sean Williams (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:16.00
71. Jesse James Collins (Can) Bicisport Gruppo Sportivo Campione2:16.44
72. Joe Wessel (Can) Kelowna Cycle Opus sd232:16.56
73. Jon Parrish (USA) Team Waste Management2:17.31
74. Geoff Macdonald (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle2:18.87
75. Kirk O'bee (USA) Health Net Pro Cycling Team2:21.17
76. Rob Britton (Can) TREK Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic2:22.39
77. Anthony Steenbergen (Can) Team H&R Block2:23.70
78. Roman Kilun (USA) Health Net Pro Cycling Team2:24.45
79. Cody Stevenson (Aus) Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling2:35.35
80. Dan Skinner (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team2:36.31
81. Jamie Sparling (Can) TREK Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic 2:37.32
82. Dave Vukets (Can) TREK Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic2:37.36
83. Shawn Goulet (Can) Kona-Adobe2:37.79
84. Sean Mazich (USA) Team Waste Management2:39.98
85. Logan Hunn (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA2:43.40
86. Kyle Ward (USA) Team Waste Management2:47.19
87. Phil Elsasser (USA) First Rate Mortgage Cycling Team2:54.34
88. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics Cycling4:17.76
DNS. Alistair Howard (Can) Kona-Adobe
DNS. Zack Garland (Can) Kona-Adobe
DNS. Chris Reid (Can) Kona-Adobe
DNS. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon Pro Cycling Team
DNS. Kevin Noiles (Can) TREK Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic
DNS. John Perkins (Can) Glotman Simpson Racing
DNS. Josh James (Can) Kinesis UK
DNS. Devon Vigus (USA) California Giant/Specialized
DNS. Trevor Connor (Can) Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
DNS. Shane Savage (Can) Mighty Cycling
DNS. Tim Abercrombie (Can) Escape Velocity
DNS. Jeff Ain (Can) Escape Velocity
DNS. Paul Beard (Can) Escape Velocity
DNS. Jonathan Page (Can) Escape Velocity
DNS. Owen Sturgess (Can) Escape Velocity
DNS. Russell Stead (Can) La Bicicletta
DNS. David Gillam (Can) Cycle Solutions
DNS. Matthew Martyniuk (Can) Moose Jaw Pavers/Boh's Cycle
DNS. Stephen Ferris (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle
DNS. Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics Cycling
DNS. Hugh Trenchard (Can) Shwalbe CC


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