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July 26/08 10:35 am - Tour de l'Abitibi: report and full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/26/08

Tour de l'Abitibi Val-d'Or QC

Oliver Harding-Sheath Marks a First Victory for New Zealand
Report courtesy Tour de l'Abitibi

The 40th edition of the Tour de l'Abitibi was launched Friday evening with the prologue of this prestigious event. One hundred fifty-five competitors faced the daunting starting ramp to finish their sprint 400 metres later. The rain moved in for the evening when at most one-third of the cyclists had managed to cross the finish line.

The fickle weather did not put a damper on the efforts of Oliver Harding-Sheath of the New Zealand national team, who finished in 27.22 seconds, defeating his nearest rivals by more than a full second. Harding-Sheath may turn out to be a fine successor to his fellow New Zealander Tom David who made a name for himself in 2007 by winning two of the stages of the Tour de l'Abitibi.

The Americans Andrew AJ Meyer (28.25 seconds) and Ty Magner (28.29 seconds), both from the Florida Velo Development Team, graced the second and third steps of the podium in this first outing of the Tour.

The first stage of the road trials will be held tomorrow, during which time the cycists will cover the distance between Preissac and Val-d'Or. For this event Oliver Harding-Sheath will be sporting the brown jersey while Andrew AJ Meyer will be wearing the blue jersey, which is awarded to the best first-year junior.

Prologue: .4 km TT
1 Oliver Harding-Sheath (NZl) Bike NZ New Zealand0:27
2 Andrew (AJ) Meyer (USA) Florida Velo Development Teamat 0:01
3 Ty Magner (USA) Florida Velo Development Team
4 Latham Croft (NZl) Bike NZ New Zealand
5 Joshua Courtney (USA) Major Motion
6 Pierre-Étien Boivin (Can) Eva Devinci
7 David Boily (Can) Québec
8 Pierric Fiset-Picard (Can) Louis Garneau-Meglab
9 Marcos Rodriguez (USA) Florida Velo Development Team
10 Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Québec
11 Charlie Avis (USA) USA National Team
12 Zachary Stein (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling
13 Scotty Tickemyer (USA) Major Motion
14 Arnaud Demare (Fra) France
15 Pierrick Naud (Can) Eva Devinci
16 Jerome Boucher (Can) Québec
17 Hamish Presbury (NZl) Bike NZ New Zealandall s.t.
18 Simon Honour (NZl) Bike NZ New Zealand0:02
19 Ivan Sivash (Kaz) Kazakhstan National Team
20 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Can) Eva Devinci
21 Colton Barrett (USA) Borah Development
22 Jamie Crass (Aus) Australian National Team
23 Danny Finneran (USA) Major Motion
24 Ben Michael Grenda (Aus) Australian National Team
25 Weston Luzadder (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling
26 Sergiy Klimakov (Ukr) Ukraine National Juniors Team
27 Jean-Richard Cormier (Can) Apogee Kuota Élicycle
28 Danny Heeley (USA) Major Motion
29 Connor Sallee (USA) North East Regional USA
30 Iggy Silva (USA) USA National Team
31 Justin Middleton (Can) Alberta
32 Ian Moir (USA) USA National Team
33 Karl Steppan (Can) Louis Garneau-Meglab
34 Yann Beaulieu (Can) Louis Garneau-Meglab
35 Michael Bilodeau (Can) Espoirs Saputo
36 Antoine Duchesne (Can) Québec
37 Antoni Loignon (Can) Louis Garneau-Meglab
38 Jacob Schwingboth (Can) Cycling British Columbia
39 Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Ontario
40 F. Ouellet-Lacroix (Can) Eva Devinci
41 Evan Huffman (USA) Arizona Select
42 Alexande Montoya (USA) USA South Eastern
43 Erik Meier (USA) Baraboo Sharks
44 Rusla Abdulmanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan National Team
45 Arnaud Jouffroy (Fra) France
46 John Loucks (USA) USA Pro Chain / Team Turner
47 Kyosuke Kasahara (Jpn) Japan Junior National Team
48 Ludovic Fleury (Can) Québec
49 Philippe Alexandre (Can) Québec
50 Dustin Andrews (Can) Alberta
51 Maximilie Benjamin (Can) Apogee Kuota Élicycle
52 Marco Beauchesne (Can) Louis Garneau-Meglab
53 Alfredo Cruz (USA) Major Motion
54 Levi Baker (USA) Tyson Racing
55 Connor O'leary (USA) Arizona Select
56 Ryan Zupko (USA) Arizona Selectall s.t.
57 Jung Curtis (Can) Cycling British Columbia0:03
58 Sam Lindsay (NZl) Bike NZ New Zealand
59 Scott Rosenfield (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling
60 Colter Young (Can) Alberta
61 Morgan Ryan (USA) Major Motion
62 Jeremie Belisle (Can) Louis Garneau-Meglab
63 Taylor Gunman (NZl) Bike NZ New Zealand
64 Mitch Gantz (USA) Baraboo Sharks
65 Philippe Brizard (Can) Eva Devinci
66 Tucker Gerald (USA) Tyson Racing
67 Ricky Gargiulo (USA) Borah Development
68 Arman Kamyshev (Kaz) Kazakhstan National Team
69 Ethan Stone (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling
70 Brad Clifford (Can) Alberta
71 Evan Flater (Can) Cycling British Columbia
72 Nikita Umerbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan National Team
73 Joshua Soboti (USA) North East Regional USA
74 Kevin Massicotte (Can) Ontario
75 Devon Novakowski (Can) Ontario
76 Oleksan Shapoval (Ukr) Ukraine National Juniors Team
77 Yannick Bedard (Can) Apogee Kuota Élicycle
78 Florian Taillefer (Fra) France
79 Jason Manning (Can) Cycling British Columbia
80 Boris Martin (Can) Cycling British Columbia
81 Andrew Lattimore (Can) Ontario
82 Zach Geyer (USA) Baraboo Sharks
83 Hugo Barette (Can) Espoirs Saputo
84 Edward Gurney (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling
85 Andre L'espérance (Can) Apogee Kuota Élicycle
86 Laurent Dallaire (Can) Espoirs Saputo
87 Kuanys Kylybayev (Kaz) Kazakhstan National Team
88 Julien Daly (Can) Espoirs Saputo
89 Arashi Hatadan (Jpn) Japan Junior National Team
90 Henry Willis (USA) Florida Velo Development Team
91 Austin Arguello (USA) Arizona Select
92 Boris Zimine (Fra) France
93 Philippe Lacasse (Can) Espoirs Saputo
94 Austin Allison (USA) Baraboo Sharks
95 Josh Macnaughton (USA) Mid-South Regional USA
96 Ryan Bibko (USA) Mid-South Regional USA
97 Marc-Oliver Jussaume (Can) Eva Devinci
98 Nick Aitken (Aus) Australian National Team
99 Max Durtschi (USA) Arizona Select
100 Alex McCormick (Can) Alberta
101 Samuel Murdock (USA) USA Pro Chain / Team Turner
102 Mathew Dahl (Can) Alberta
103 Tomoya Awano (Jpn) Japan Junior National Team
104 Hiroshi Tsubaki (Jpn) Japan Junior National Team
105 Joseph Welsh (USA) USA Pro Chain / Team Turner
106 Mason Hanrahan (Can) Ontario
107 Katsuma Fujioka (Jpn) Japan Junior National Team
108 Austin Mclenithan (USA) North East Regional USA
109 Taylor Kuphaldt (USA) USA National Team
110 Peter Braunsteins (Aus) Australian National Team
111 Blake Collier (USA) Tyson Racing
112 Alexis Ansard (Fra) France
113 Matt Connelly (Aus) Australian National Team
114 Colin Reinholt (Can) Ontario
115 Mac Brennan (USA) Borah Development
116 Oleg Solomko (Ukr) Ukraine National Juniors Team
117 Daniel Mcintyre (Aus) Australian National Team
118 Artem Orlov (Ukr) Ukraine National Juniors Teamall s.t.
119 Andrew Barker (USA) USA National Team0:04
120 Ian Boswell (USA) Baraboo Sharks
121 Thomas Smith (USA) USA South Eastern
122 Kevin Young (USA) Borah Development
123 Nicholas Savadelis (USA) USA South Eastern
124 Anthony Olson (USA) Borah Development
125 Kevin Gottlieb (USA) North East Regional USA
126 Cory St-Clair (USA) USA Pro Chain / Team Turner
127 Alex Hetherington (USA) Tyson Racing
128 Anato Sosnytskyy (Ukr) Ukraine National Juniors Team
129 Will McGinnis (USA) USA South Eastern
130 Brandon Lach (USA) USA Pro Chain / Team Turner
131 Tomohi Hayakawa (Jpn) Japan Junior National Team
132 Stephen Liguori (USA) Tyson Racing
133 Chris Hurst (USA) Baraboo Sharks
134 Derek Hughes (Can) Apogee Kuota Élicycle
135 Corey Hess (Can) Cycling British Columbia
136 Andrew Hammond (USA) Mid-South Regional USA
137 Kyle Foley (USA) North East Regional USA
138 Jimmy Page (USA) Florida Velo Development Team
139 Andres Cano (USA) Florida Velo Development Teamall s.t.
140 D Clymore-Greene (USA) USA South Eastern0:05
141 Michael Stone (USA) USA South Eastern
142 Kyle Kneabone (Can) Apogee Kuota Élicycle
143 Daniil Fominykh (Kaz) Kazakhstan National Team
144 Florent Brochard (Fra) France
145 Adrian Balsara (USA) Tyson Racing
146 Evgen Voroshyn (Ukr) Ukraine National Juniors Teamall s.t.
147 Matthew Green (USA) USA Pro Chain / Team Turner00:06
148 Nathaniel Wilson (USA) North East Regional USA
149 Jordan Humble (USA) Mid-South Regional USA
150 Kyle Cochran (USA) Mid-South Regional USAall s.t.
151 Larry Warbasse (USA) USA National Team0:07
152 Sam Stone (USA) Borah Developments.t.
153 Charles-A Cloutier (Can) Espoirs Saputo0:13
154 Chris Di Re (USA) Mid-South Regional USA0:32
155 Eric Dobberfuhl (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling0:36


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