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August 5/08 4:12 am - MP Tables Bill to Remove GST from Bicycles

Posted by Editoress on 08/5/08

Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy Tabled Bill to Remove GST from Bicycles

On June 13, 2008 Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy tabled a Bill in the House of Commons to remove all GST from bicycle sales across Canada to promote both sustainable transportation and healthy activity.

"The best way to encourage something is to provide incentives. By removing the GST on bicycles we can promote their use as one of the healthiest, most environmentally sound forms of transportation and recreation," Joyce Murray, MP for Vancouver Quadra, who will second the Bill in the House of Commons.

"Promoting bike use is a positive policy that I believe all Canadians can and should support," stated Murphy. "Reducing individual car use is one of the biggest steps individuals can take to reduce their carbon emissions," Murphy added. An individual can save 28.2 kg of carbon for every 100kms that they bike instead of drive.

"All efforts to increase bicycle use are commendable. Enhanced transportation on bicycles would have an obvious and measurable effect in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing gridlock, decreasing consumption, and enhancing overall human and environmental health. I applaud these efforts." David McGuinty, Environment Critic for the Liberal Party of Canada

"I believe by 2010, Canadians can increase our bike usage in the spring, summer and fall months by 80%," said Murphy. "Regions not accustomed to biking can promote increased use through the creation of bike lanes and trails, and by supplying safe places to secure your bike," responded Murphy.

photo: Shawn and Duncan Sturz of Smooth Cycle in Charlottetown


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