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August 11/08 5:31 am - Crankworx: Day 2 report, photos and full results

Posted by Editoress on 08/11/08

CrankWorx Whistler BC
By Fraser Britton

Day 1

Crankworx has once again taken over the Whistler BIke Park. Festivities officially kicked off on Saturday with the second annual Crankworx Dual slalom. This year's track was immaculate, garnering rave reviews from racers and media alike featuring larger carved berms, technical jumps and even a water hazard.

JD Swanguen (MS Intense - USA) took home top honours for the men beating out Nico Vink (Trek - BEL) and teammate Anneke Beerten (NED) took home the win for the ladies after edging out Rachel Atherton. Anneke discussed her afternoon while in the finish area: "It's something different from 4x. To be honest I had trouble riding the berms, they are so tight. I'm pretty happy!"

Racing was tight all afternoon with numerous upsets. Brian Lopes, Sam Hill, Cedric Gracia and Dan Atherton all got knocked out in early rounds. "I just had to keep it pinned to take the win" explained an ecstatic Swanguen, who pumped his fist in the air as the results came in.

Canadians Micayla Gatto and Miranda Miller squared off in the first heat, with Gatto moving on to the second round and losing to eventual 3rd place rider, Fionn Griffiths of the UK.

Day 2


Sunday brought more rain and clouds, cold temperatures and the infamous Monster Garbanzo Downhill. Over 14 minutes long, the Garbanzo DH has been known to reduce professional racers to mush. When it gets wet and the thousands of roots and rocks that litter the upper portions of the track get tracked with mud, it only gets worse. Riders have to fight to stay upright, let alone put in a winning.

World Champion Gee Atherton (Animal Commencal - GBR) took home the win for the men with a time of 14:20.4.

Last year's winner, Sam Hill (Monster Energy/Iron Horse - AUS) attempted to defend his title, but luck would play no part in helping. Hill had a small excursion off course at the top of the run, and then dabbed while going over one of the small wooden structures on course, and somehow managed to lose his show in a hole. " I debated the consequences of going on without it, and thought better of it" explained Hill from his team truck. Hill would get second and Marc Beaumont (Bike Radar Santa Cruz - GBR) took third.

For the women, it was Rachel Atherton (Animal Commencal - GBR) completing the Atherton Garbanzo sweep beating country women Fionn Griffiths (Norco - GBR) and rookie Canadian racer Danice Uyesugi (Pinkbike).

Rachel talked to Crankworx media officials after her run. "This course is like three times as long as what I'm use to on the world cup. You really need to stay focused on such a long, hard course."


Pro Women
1 Rachel Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal16:48.9
2 Fionn Griffiths (GBr) Norco World Team17:25.1
3 Danice Uyesugi (Can) Pinkbike.Com18:32.7
4 Rebecca McQueen (Can) Summity Gravity18:41.9
5 Helene Valerie Fruhwirth (Aus) Morewood//Generali/19:02.1
6 Bethany Parsons (Can) Scott Bikes/ Glc19:17.5
7 Jacqueline Harmony (USA) Zumbi//Hayes19:39.9
8 Anka Martin (USA) Fluidride/ Ironhorse19:49.3
9 Joy Mutoli (USA) Speedy Beavers20:13.1
10 Kari Mancer (Can) 20:25.4
11 Shannon Chugg (Aus) 20:47.2
12 Abigail Hippely (USA) Yeti/ Shimano/ Mavic21:16.7
13 Angi Weston (USA) Kona Usa21:28.0
14 Kristen Smart (Can) 21:48.0
15 Kelly Kozevnikov (Can) Full Boar 21:54.5
16 Niki Gudex (Aus) Scott Oakley24:27.4
DNF Miranda Miller (Can) Mad March Racing
DNF Katie Holden (Can) Katieholden.Com
DNF Sheryl McLeod (NZl) Giant Bicycles
DNF Kathy Pruit (USA) Jamis Bikes/ Maxxis
Pro Men
1 Gee Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal14:20.4
2 Sam Hill (Aus) Monster/ Ironhorse14:37.8
3 Marc Beaumont (GBr) Team Bike Radar14:44.6
4 Dan Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal14:50.0
5 Curtis Keene (USA) Specialized14:50.1
6 Amiel Cavalier (Aus) Giant Bicycles14:55.0
7 Andrew Neethling (RSA) Mongoose 15:01.6
8 Chris Kovarik (USA) Chain Reaction Intense15:03.8
9 Paul Stevens (GBr)15:10.8
10 Matti Lehikoinen (Fin) MS- Intense15:10.9
11 Jack Reading (GBr) 15:11.2
12 Ben Reid (GBr) Ironhorse15:16.4
13 Evan Turpen (USA) Kona Bikes15:17.4
14 Andrew Mitchell (Can) Cove Bikes15:19.5
15 Jamie Biluk (Can) Mojo Orange15:19.7
16 Neil Donoghue (GBr) Bike Radar15:21.8
17 Nico Vink (Bel) Trek Dolphin15:23.2
18 Harrison Armstrong (Tas) Dunbar Cycles15:30.0
19 Duncan Riffle (USA) Cannondale15:30.2
20 Cole Bangert (USA) Specialized15:30.6
21 Jesse Murphy (Can) 15:32.7
22 Brendan Fairclough (GBr) Monster/ Ironhorse15:33.3
23 Dean Tennant (Can) Primary/De15:33.8
24 Oliver Kristevic (Aus) Dunbar Cycles15:35.3
25 Tim Coleman (Can) John Henry15:39.2
26 Samuel Dale (GBr) Cannondale15:41.7
27 Simon French (Aus) Dirt Art15:42.3
28 Tristan Merrick (Can) Garbanzo Bike & Bean15:44.1
29 Rhys Atkinson (Aus) GT Bicycles15:44.9
30 Cillian Kennedy (Aus) Cove Bikes15:45.0
31 Brett Hornfelt (Can) Calgary Cycles15:45.7
32 Kevin Bartkowski (Can) Cove Bike15:47.1
33 Dylan Wolsky (Aus) Spearman Cycles15:47.5
34 Nick Tuttle (USA) Ghy Bikes15:49.6
35 Chris Polley (Aus) Garbanzo Bike & Bean15:50.6
36 Mads Weidemann (Den) 15:57.7
37 Derek Chambers (Can) Pinkbike15:58.3
38 Geoff Pendrel (Can) Pinkbike D16:01.8
39 David Harder (Can) Fanatykco16:03.2
40 Reuben Miller (Can) 16:03.4
41 Ariel Lindsley (USA) Yeti//Shimano/Mavic16:06.8
42 Jeff Bryson (Can) Specialized/ Hayes16:10.2
43 Mitchell Forbes (Can) Luxury Apparel16:10.2
44 Dan Doron (Isr) Redbull/ Morewood16:10.3
45 Kieren Bennett (NZl) Gamut//Nema/Sdg16:12.7
46 Jeff Hunte (Can) 16:15.5
47 Chris Reading (Can) Summit Ski16:16.8
48 Doug Dunn (Aus) 16:18.3
49 Steve Smith (Can) Cove Bikes16:18.6
50 James Hall (Can) Dunbar Cycles16:18.8
51 William Dixon (USA) 16:20.5
52 Simon Garstin (Can) Giant Bicycles16:22.3
53 Kyle Thomas 16:23.1
54 Chris Bateman (USA) 16:26.5
55 Matt Zdriluk (Can) Poisonfrog16:28.0
56 Thiago Velardi Fox Dabomb16:29.5
57 Josh Mcdonald (Aus) 16:33.5
58 Harold Woolnough (Can) 16:34.7
59 Boe McGee (USA) Go-Ride.Com16:39.3
60 Tyler Paksi (Can) 16:49.9
61 Tim McCullough () 4 Riders16:50.8
62 Greg Grant (Can) Tantalus 16:55.6
63 Max Richard (Can) 16:56.5
64 Cody Warren (USA) Specialized16:57.5
65 Adam McConaghy (Can) 17:03.7
66 Kyle Lockyer (Can) Cycle Solutions17:09.3
67 Daniel Anderson (Can) Steed Cycles17:11.4
68 Dante Harmony (USA) Zumbi Cycles17:13.8
69 Chris Barlin (Aus) 17:17.9
70 Jason Tarbet (Can) Pilly17:18.6
71 Colin Bird (Can) 17:22.1
72 Geoff Briggs (Can) Calgary Cycles17:25.5
73 Gustavo Fernandes (Bra) 17:28.5
74 Shane Gayton (Aus) G1 Wrecking Crew17:30.1
75 Steven Slooth () 4 Riders17:55.8
76 Tyler Gnitt (Can) Full Boar Cycles18:05.2
77 Theo Mello (Bra) Santa Cruz/Bell18:32.0
78 Leonardo Griebler (Bra) Unirace/ Santa Cruz18:39.9
79 Andre Bretas (Bra) Transition/Utopia19:54.5
80 Shaun Fry (Can) G1 Wrecking Crew21:10.9
DSQ Josh Decloet (Can)
DNF Sven Martin (USA) Fluidride
DNF Adam Mantle (Can)
DNF Ethan Mutoli (USA) Rotec Cycles
DNF JD Swanguen (USA) Ms- Intense
DNF Josh Bryceland (USA) Santa Cruz/Rockshox
Junior Amateur Women 13-18
1 Holly Feniak (Can) Sunshine Coast21:00.6
Senior Amateur Women 19+
1 Eleanor Maxfield (Can)18:59.5
2 Carolyn Kavanagh (Can)21:09.7
3 Dawn Cashen (Can)21:27.7
4 Aimee Dunn (Can)23:12.5
5 Caleigh Christie (Can)24:48.1
DNF Dominique Noreau (Can)
DNF Brooke Shore (USA)
Boys 13-15
1 Luke Stevens (Can)16:07.5
2 Nicholas Geddes (Can)16:12.3
3 Linden Feniak (Can)16:36.2
4 Austin Benge (USA)17:56.9
5 Chase Schmidt (USA)18:14.8
6 Cody Ratte (Can)18:21.7
7 Alexander Geddes (Can)18:47.1
8 Will Kalacis (Can)18:51.6
9 Michael Barram (Aus)19:07.5
10 Jordan Gosteli (Can)19:20.7
11 Colby Benge (USA)19:40.9
12 Raoof Aram (Pol)19:45.9
13 Owen Scully (Can)20:28.3
14 Aaron Kokorudz-Gazley (Can)22:34.9
DNF Jeremy Quesnel (Can)
Master Amateur Men 30+
1 Adam Wright (Can)15:58.0
2 Mathieu Hebert (Can)16:48.3
3 Chad Hendren (Can)16:53.0
4 Tim Graverson (Can)17:01.9
5 Thomas Reed (GBr)17:03.7
6 Nathan Marsh (USA)17:16.7
7 Todd Hellinga (Can)17:17.2
8 Joel Davis (Can)17:27.4
9 Zac Hubery (GBr)17:27.7
10 Ralf Hauser (Can)17:28.6
11 Travis Eigeard (Can)17:29.5
12 Ben Ferguson (Can)17:37.7
13 Martin Newman (Can)17:41.6
14 Frank Robbins (USA)17:46.9
15 Rachid Moumou (Bel)18:02.9
16 Ryan Copeland (Can)18:13.1
17 Patrick Labbe (Can)18:33.5
18 Yoshito Tsuji (Can)18:35.6
19 Dave Hutton (USA)18:35.7
20 Kevin Hall (USA)18:57.1
21 David O'Neill (Can)18:59.8
22 Stephan Desjardins (Can)19:13.1
23 Brian Kelly (Can)19:14.2
24 Tavish Capewell (Can)19:31.3
25 Mike Hansley (Can)19:32.9
26 Eric Brown (USA)19:48.1
27 Bart Brown (Can)19:51.9
28 Nimi Cohen (Isr)20:06.6
29 Jonathan Harris (Can)20:15.1
30 David Warner (Can)20:15.9
31 Richard Jarman (Can)20:35.9
32 Phil Howard (Can)20:39.5
33 Gord Longden (Can)21:06.6
34 Graham Barry (USA)21:08.2
35 Ryan Kuhn (Can)21:08.7
36 Rich Brinkmann (Can)21:11.9
37 Richard Ratte (Can)22:16.0
38 Jon Wright (GBr)22:19.4
39 Aaron Thomson (Can)22:52.8
40 Fenton Hazelwood 22:53.2
41 Bryan Luecking (Can)24:11.6
42 Leonardo Dias (Bra)24:35.5
43 Matt Patterson (USA)25:05.9
44 Claude Larue (Can)28:35.5
DNF Craig Bullen (Can)
DNF Mike Robson (USA)
DNF Marcel Augusto Radicchi (Bra)
DNF Jim Knowles (Can)
DNF Clinton Fowler (USA)
DNF Chris August (Can)
Senior Amateur Men 19-29
1 James Swinden (Can)15:40.1
2 James McSkimming (Can)16:01.1
3 Matthew Parkinson (GBr)16:03.3
4 Raoul Duke (Can)16:07.6
5 Sam Neufeld (Can)16:25.5
6 Seb Kemp (Can)16:45.3
7 Luiz Felipe Viavi (Bra)16:45.5
8 Robin Potvin (Can)16:48.3
9 Matt Juhasz (Can)16:53.7
10 Brad Tibbs (USA)16:57.0
11 Shannon Rozel (Can)16:57.1
12 Jon Ross (USA)16:57.5
13 Colin Tobin (USA)17:02.9
14 Ken Faubert (Can)17:11.3
15 James Tilbury 17:11.7
16 Johny Wilson (Ire)17:12.0
17 Kevin Tafts (Can)17:16.6
18 Kevin King (Aus)17:17.1
19 Mickael Guillemette (Can)17:34.4
20 Andy Zehentner (Aus)17:37.0
21 Jerry Knight (USA)17:38.6
22 Marc Zurbuchen (Can)17:40.7
23 Stephan Hein (Ger)17:42.6
24 Nicolas Harvey (Can)17:53.5
25 Tim Stevens (Can)17:55.0
26 Craig Wilson (Can)17:56.0
27 Philip Schlosser (USA)17:56.4
28 David Quick (Can)18:00.4
29 Blaine Horner (USA)18:00.6
30 Jonathan Card (USA)18:01.9
31 Jeff Leigh (Can)18:02.5
32 Sam Burkhardt (USA)18:04.4
33 Tyler Gilsdorf (USA)18:13.5
34 Henrique Paladino (Bra)18:14.6
35 Jared Wilson (Aus)18:23.0
36 Adam Mccoy (USA)18:29.9
37 Adrian Bangerter (Can)18:31.1
38 Zac Smith (Can)18:32.3
39 Shaun Mcgrath (Can)18:38.5
40 Nathan Murphy (Aus)18:38.6
41 Matty Komar (USA)18:40.2
42 Nicholas Pearson (GBr)18:43.3
43 Chris Dzavik (Can)18:53.6
44 Mike Hancock (GBr)18:56.0
45 Paul Holmes (Can)19:01.1
46 Kevin Albert (USA)19:05.3
47 Christian Stalder (Can)19:07.1
48 Brad Hall (Can)19:09.6
49 Ben Thompson (Can)19:11.8
50 Brent Hein (Can)19:13.9
51 Nathan Ryder (Can)19:22.6
52 Dante Thwaite (Can)19:32.1
53 Tom Ellingworth (Can)19:36.6
54 Jeremy Novello (Can)19:37.1
55 Anthony Smith (Can)19:39.6
56 Ryan Hein (Can)19:41.5
57 Graham Davey (Can)19:48.7
58 Jean Loup Curtat 19:53.1
59 Itamar Peres (Isr)19:55.3
60 Peter Lauritzen (Can)20:01.3
61 Kyle Passen (USA)20:04.8
62 Tom Thornton (Can)20:05.8
63 Patrick Labrosse (Can)20:06.9
64 Derek Poulin (Can)20:15.3
65 Tobias Hoeffner (Can)20:15.5
66 Gabriel Ferreiro Queinoz 20:43.3
67 Chris Currie (Aus)20:48.1
68 Devyn Pelley (Can)21:06.7
69 Cory Kucera (USA)22:35.5
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