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August 11/08 6:43 am - TransRockies: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 08/11/08

2008 TransRockies: Stage 1

Courtesy Paul Done
TransRockies VII kicked off in true mountain fashion Sunday with temperamental weather and spectacular scenery as riders wound their way from host start community Panorama Mountain Village down to the historic K2 ranch on the shores of Lake Windermere. Wind, rain sleet and snow - in addition to spots of blue sky - introduced riders early in the week to classic TransRockies conditions. A dispatch from Checkpoint #1 noted the mid-day drop in temperature brought with it the ability to see one's breath.

Following an introductory parade lap through Panorama, riders ascended to the literal high point of the week, at nearly 2,500 metres, after tackling a steep vertical wall that no doubt had everyone wondering early on what else TR could possibly throw at them this week. From the top, the route descended via a mix of scenic sub-alpine singletrack and jeep track into the Columbia Valley.

At day's end, the skies are clearer but the temperature remains on the chilly side.

At the Front of the Pack Stage One

TransRockies 2008 began with trepidation and nervous energy according to multi-TR winner Andreas Hestler. Hestler and partner Chris Sheppard, along with two other Rocky Mountain teams consisting of Kris Sneddon and Max Plaxton, and Stefan Widmer and Marty Lazarski were up against the Powerhouse Italian team of Marzio Deho and Johnny Cattaneo. Deho is ranked as one of the top three world cup marathon racers.

According to Hestler the Italians flew up the first climb like they were riding weightless hard-tails, and in fact they were, leaving their Rocky Mountain rivals behind them. Hestler and Sheppard worked with Plaxton and Sneddon for the rest of the climb where they eventually met with freezing temperatures and high winds before cresting into the single track. 'We were super tentative on that decent, as I'm sure most were. Our hands were frozen and we could hardly modulate braking', said a retrospective Hestler.

Topping out at 2400 meters above sea level, today's 1000 meter climb put all teams, including the front runners, into a deep freeze, consisting of horizontally blowing snow and frozen rain but considering the elements the trails were still in pretty good condition. One of the main difficulties with today's geography, according to Hestler, was the challenge to get food and hydration into the body. "We were going so hard up the climb we couldn't eat or drink and the descent didn't make it any easier. At the end of the day we ended up downing maybe a bottle and a half of water."

Sneddon and Plaxton made their move just as the big descent began putting Hestler and Sheppard behind them and into a 3rd place position but the day was not over. A final small grunt of a climb stood between the bottom of the big daddy descent and the finish line at K2 Ranch and it was here Marty Lazarski and Stefan Widmer made their move. "I was having a bit of a No Sugar Moment," reported Hestler, with a smile on his face. "Marty and Stefan pulled up and then pulled over the top of that last climb, then attacked on the final descent into K2. We ended up 4th for the day but I feel good about the ride and the climb we did today."

Overall the top 5 teams are pretty tight and as Hestler pointed out, three of those teams are Rocky Mountain teams. Could a plan be in the works? According to Hestler there could be something brewing. "I won't say there is a set plan but I will say it looks like we have an International rivalry on our hands as of day one. Tomorrow is going to be another survival day so we will settle in and see what the Italians will do."

It should be an interesting day, with three big climbs totaling over 3800 meters, and over 3600 meters of descending before reaching the finish line in Nipika.

1 Olympia (Marzio Deho/Johnny Cattaneo)3:09:44
2 Kris & Max (Kris Sneddon/Max Plaxton)at 5:54
3 Rocky Mountain2 (Stefan Widmer/Marty Lazarski)11:56
4 Rocky Mountain1 (Andreas Hestler/Chris Sheppard)12:48
5 Scott USA/ Tamarack (Keith Hickerson/Evan Plews)17:17
6 Opus (Brian Cooke/Steve Gaffney)21:3
7 Sobe Cannondale (Jesse Jakomait/Mike Garrigan)24
8 (Matthew Hadley/Frederic Bussieres)26:43
9 Icebreaker NZ (Simon Williams/Mark Williams)29:42
10 Deadgoat Racing (Erik Bakke/Craig Stappler)36:18
11 Kimberley Lodging Co (Trev Williams/Charlie Cooper)42:53
12 Team Trek Store (Cameron Jette/Peter Glassford)46:37
13 Rocinante (Niels Boon/Todd Cassan)50:20
14 Sobe-Cannondale (Ben Thompson/James Williams)52:31
15 Ridin' Dirty (Drew Simson/Ryan Draper)53:17
16 Goka Bikes 1 (Sergio Seco/Manuel Diez-Rabago)59:08
17 Goka Bikes 3 (Alberto Pelaez/Ricardo Moya)59:09
18 Bicycling/Specialized (Chris Matthews/Mike Cushionbury)1:03:45
19 Team WORC (Evan Ryan/David Gill)1:09:40
20 Illy Pie (Simon Bartley/Ian Auld)1:15:00
21 Salty Nuts (Andy Cessna/Jason Boynton)1:23:16
22 Team UK (Adrian Scott/Gavin Rumbles)1:25:19
23 (Pavel Richtr/Vilem Jirous)1:30:04
24 Team Poser Sports (Shaun Van Zyl/Reyno La Cock)1:33:41
25 Hippy Loggers (Andrew Rosette/Justin Vanhulle)1:35:55
26 Team Chuck Norris (Nick Bedford/Barryn Westfield)1:36:07
27 Sensationel (Jean-Francois Guertin/Glenn Joiner)1:37:33
28 Harvard University (George Kenty/Keith Berkoben)1:38:42
29 Québikers (Sébastien Bergeron/David Marsolais)1:38:56
30 Fys Racing Team (Joe McFarlane/Dave Brewin)1:39:36
31 Natural Earth Racing (Paul Craig/Carsten Ivany)1:40:16
32 Team Thompson (Edward Holland/John Holland)1:43:14
33 Jed (Leszek Pachulski/Szymon Ciarkowski)1:45:10
34 Team Doha (Scott Richardson/Malcolm Geluk)1:46:30
35 Manwives (John Cadman/Lyndon Cousins)1:49:16
36 Jay&Jeff (Jeff Landry/Jason Zhu)1:56:49
37 Warwick Uni Old Boys (Hamish Bingley/Peter Windridge)1:57:13
38 Along For The Ride (Michael Fedun/Brian Nichols)2:00:04
39 (Tom Gilfedder/Lee John)2:00:24
40 Go North (Blake Crouch/Graham Jones)2:02:36
41 Fig Rolls Racing (Andrew Dye/Jacek Doniec)2:05:39
42 The Sean Fahlman Exp (Kevin Fahlman/Sean Murray)2:08:12
43 Mtb World (Graziano Sbardella/Luca Vitale)2:08:13
44 Team Tuckermen (Martin Kovacs/Edmund Therrien)2:12:49
45 (Christian Ellis/Ian Lindley)2:13:07
46 Sanferbike (Vicente Gorriño/Juan Gorriño)2:16:24
47 Partners (Gardner Brown/Josh Brown)2:16:36
48 eight seventeen (Adlai Majer/Michael McLean)2:17:00
49 Transatlantic (Ben Smyth/David Cornelius)2:21:45
50 Chromag/ Rolf's Pukk (Rolf Woodward/Jeremy Woodward)2:21:56
51 Longbow (Spencer Eccles/Brian Lifferth)2:27:00
52 Dutch Delusions (Rob Wijnbergen/Cas Brentjens)2:27:06
53 Mr. Tagert And Lyle (Tim Bolton/Steven Bolton)2:31:32
54 Holy Cow (Robert Burden/Bryan Bissell)2:31:55
55 (Steven Joyce/Jon Hayes)2:32:33
56 Quad Engineering (Simon Dove/Peter Tondl)2:32:44
57 Bear Bait (Alex Ramsey/Andrew Rowe)2:33:21
58 Summitt-Consulting (Kyle Epp/Nicholas Vipond)2:34:33
59 Bigring (Bertrand Sirodot/Jeff Woodgate)2:36:45
60 Team Justice (Cory Smith/Nathen Weselake)2:37:27
61 Mountain Goats (Green Groenewald/Willem Kirsten)2:38:43
62 Tungsten (Peter Mallin/Keith Whitwell)2:40:43
63 North Down (Matty Blayney/Samuel Craig)2:42:05
64 Sevets (Steven Cranfield/Brian Robinson)2:43:11
65 Team Isands (Stuart Hannon/Bryan Keaveny)2:43:18
66 Team Dandy (Andrew Mitchell/Daniel Craigen)2:46:10
67 Ludicrous Speed (Nick Rose/Derek MacNeil)2:46:18
68 What Next?/London (Werner Van der Merwe/Willem Thomas Oelofse)2:46:32
69 Boohai (Bjorn Stickling/Chris Bacigalupo)2:46:36
70 Critical Condition (Jonathan Chaney/Charles Casselman)2:48:38
71 Team Rocky Horror (Dean Linnell/Corrie Linton)2:49:53
72 On Yer Bike Son (Martin Williams/Richard Armishaw)2:50:11
73 Bosch Rexroth (Marcel Van Houtum/Kees Van Loon)2:50:29
74 Big Bike Rye'd (Jason Lavigne/Steve Hubbard)2:51:02
75 Break Your Limits (Steve Fraser/Raymond Lampard)2:51:25
76 Firefly (Francois Millard/Pieter Smith)2:51:25
77 TZL Express (Rodney Sebire/Jaxon Rudduck)2:52:11
78 Meyers Norris (Tim Dekker/Jeremy Shipley)2:57:14
79 Shelsux (Ewan Nicholson/James Beresford-Lambert)2:58:54
80 Pi K 2 Team Costa Rica (Ronald Arias/Carlos Garcia)2:59:31
81 Graham And Chris (Graham Christensen/Christopher Munley)2:59:50
82 Elkford (Dan Charest/Gord Simms)3:00:16
83 GSB 3 (Adam Smith/Lee Marston)3:00:30
84 GSB 1 (David Bocquet/Magnus Mill)3:00:31
85 Alpcross (David Frehner/Francesc Babot)3:02:59
86 Redneck Posse (Cory Lanovaz/Jason Copan)3:06:16
87 Cycling For Hope (Codey May/Jordan Axani)3:06:56
88 Huckin' Hicks (Robert Amsing/Tylor Laberge)3:07:01
89 Saturn Of Toledo (Steve Sams/Jason Mishka)3:07:53
90 South Downs Way (William Church/Rob Colliver)3:10:22
91 Tuckermen2 (Joseph St. Peter/Chris Condon)3:11:12
92 Nag P/B Peachtree (Christian Leask/Ian Jones)3:12:41
93 Team Record (Louis Babineau/Francis Bernier)3:14:04
94 Celts On Bikes (Niall McGrath/Stephen Ayotte)3:16:21
1 Outdoor Store/Outs (Carey Lowery/Lisa Randall)5:06:41
2 Guidi-Up (Amy Guidinger/Meghan Osborne)at 25:55
3 Biking Betties (Teri Majer/Shelley Mattson)52:4
4 Evolution (Angie Bryans/Inga Ivany)1:09:58
5 Chasing The Fat Boy (Emma Foster/Trina Metz)1:18:48
1 Beauty And The Beast (Mical Dyck/Dallas Morris)3:38:03
2 Kona (Wendy Simms/Normon Thibault)at 0:26
3 Team Clif Bar (Steven Wallace/Katerina Nash)27:46
4 The Bike Shop (Tom Zidek/Dean Larena)56:35
5 Cannondale/Sobe (Timmy Dougherty/Michelle Stopper)58:13
6 Mtbracenews.Com (Shannon Boffeli/Jennifer Hanks)1:06:03
7 Rocky Mountain Bikes (Les Van der Roest/Jean Ann McKirdy)1:09:33
8 Desert Cyclery (David Harris/Lynda Wallenfels)1:17:20
9 Los Pezos (Peter Kunz/Nicole Haas)1:39:04
10 She Made Me Do It (Callum Reid/Nadia Widmer)1:46:30
11 Poppies (Niall Donovan/Fiona Barrett)1:54:00
12 The Black Mambas (Mark Jessee/Patti Thomas)2:03:02
13 Pharkin-Nuts (Amanda Brooks/Darren Koslicki)2:05:19
14 Team Karumba (J-R Bouchard/Natalie Pronovost)2:05:23
15 Sally Marchand (Sally Marchand Collins/Eric Bradley)2:13:15
16 The Bald And The Bea (Fred Gras/Eva Nijssen)2:17:26
17 Dirt Series (Penny Cameron/Duncan Mackenzie)2:18:15
18 Blackstone Fernie (Michele Kremer/Sebastian Bade)2:24:35
19 Baarbd (Galen Pewtherer/Jennifer Klafin)2:26:38
20 The Crouchies (Joanne Henderson/Gordon Croucher)2:34:02
21 Team Budget Beer (Ken Thorp/Melissa Byrd)2:39:38
22 Seventeen11 Racing (Jaclyn Smith/Darren Ryden)2:45:58
23 Wrecsam Tri (Kim Norman/Chris Smith)2:53:32
80+ Men
1 Wobblenaught (Jon Gould/Ryon Butterfield)3:57:45
2 Deadgoat Racing (Geoff Clark/Pat Doyle)at 2:52
3 Justbike (Gary Brown/Andy Reed)3:36
4 Birkeland Bus Buster (Oyvind Vaagland Reiten/Olav N Birkeland)8:13
5 Czechmasters (Milan Spolc/Jan Kopka)21:57
6 Etx Systems/Ascent (Rob Krushel/Greg Wikenheiser)34:51
7 Steed Cycles (John Ramsden/Trevor Linden)38:51
8 Cyclopaths (Alex Hawkins/Dave Anderson)44:05
9 Worc Masters (Ian Sutton/Paul Coyne)45:17
10 Fox Racing/Suters (Dennis James/Les Suter)45:40
11 Attitude Matters (Shane Thrower/Paul Davies)49:56
12 Brelades Vets (John McGillivray/Martin James)49:56
13 Maxim Power Corp (Dennis Marineau/Dan Sigouin)50:15
14 Pedal-Kona (Paul Newitt/Ray LaChance)54:21
15 Mud (Glenn Meeuwisse/Dave Ariano)59:13
16 Dos Machos Sasquatch (Matthias Behrends/Morgan Fletcher)1:00:15
17 Peñaveran Goka Bike (Juan jose Vallejo/Eduardo Diez-Rabago)1:00:23
18 On The Edge By Mwt (Matt Thourot/Steve Clark)1:02:38
19 Trans Fats (Trevor Wallace/Tim Dunn)1:05:12
20 Copper Boys (Axel Lombaerts/Gert Vanoverbeke)1:08:39
21 Flatlanders (Wade Bourassa/Brian Ross)1:10:36
22 Chrisx2 (Christian Larsen/Christian Vedder)1:12:01
23 Nov (Torgeir Segberg/Nils Ingebrigt Grimsmo)1:12:02
24 Bike Hotel Klausen (Andy Aufschnaiter/Tim Schmidt)1:14:53
25 Farang Bin (Glen Pendry/Oliver Wagner)1:15:32
26 Chantry Fats (Chris Kersting/Laurie Miller)1:20:06
27 Google Paa (Mike Mascott/Mike Vert)1:20:09
28 Coch.Riders (Terry Hook/Andrew Paul)1:20:51
29 Team Arnavsupplies (Craig Dalton/Mark Manning)1:24:15
30 Tatra Team (Slawomir Michalak/Roman Petr)1:34:46
31 Team Diamondex (Dave Eleiter/Glenn Eleiter)1:35:56
32 KHS Canada (Stuart James/Terry Porter)1:36:57
33 G-Men (Glen Gorgichuk/Dan Gorgichuk)1:44:57
34 Pork Products (Mike Hayes/John Miele)1:48:12
35 Hydro Fietsers (Frans Hettinga/Jeff Whitter)1:49:59
36 Tcp Velmar-Transcarp (Piotr Czapski/William Kozik)1:49:59
37 Full Stellite (Joep Beurskens/Trevor Williams)1:51:40
38 French Connection (Jean-Yves Benoit/Roland Benoit)1:52:14
39 Schat's Bakery Boys (Zachary Schat/Timothy Peterson)1:56:10
40 Züri Massive (Martin Barrett/Rodney Scholten)1:58:25
41 Chainsmoke (Eric Leene/Randy Walker)1:59:21
42 Crash Test Dummies (Morris Boyer/Kelly Brett)2:01:26
43 Fight Club (Martin Horak/William Bennett)2:09:05
44 Fire And Lightning (Bill Darling/Scott Darling)2:11:55
45 Fit Like (Russell Allen/Keith Lawson)2:13:16
46 Team Billbo (Bill Jones/Graham Hood)2:13:28
47 Rogue Riders (Joachim Mayer/Kai Muenzer)2:17:59
48 Team Sibill (Simon McAllister/Bill Neave)2:18:03
49 Team Tyreless (Christopher Yip/Brian Miller)2:21:53
50 Jd Sqrd (John David/Tom Ashworth)2:26:59
51 After Hours (Marek Sobieski/Jacek Podworny)2:29:30
52 B2 East (Dean Etienne/Fleming Kaastrup)2:29:49
53 Healthsmith XC (Simon Parker/Anthony Ocana)2:30:42
54 Oakville Wheelmen (Andrew Harrison/John Monette)2:32:14
55 Baka Gaijin (Paul Jones/Chris Flanagan)2:33:15
56 Les Belles Années (Martin Roy/Yvan Bujold)2:34:44
80+ Mixed
1 Just Cuz (Dan McCarthy/Amy Kemper)4:50:59
2 Slow Mo And The Sher (Moira-Ann Handford/Andrew Handford)at 9:32
3 Duo Gazelle (Christiane Bouchard/Marc Payment)41:21
4 Dnet (Greg Kidd/Carrie Edwards)46:10
5 Kb Racing (Kirk Buckman/Cindy Carroll)1:01:46
6 Astoria De'd Dogs (George Andrew/Janka Kozacikova)1:28:31
100+ Open
1 Southwest Hand Cycling (Howard Jones/Jon Roberts)4:58:20
2 This2Shallpass (Les Davidson/Tim Hudema)at 10:54
3 Tough Lumber (Gary Pelletier/Dale McAllister)30:53
4 Cliffhangers (Mike Meagher/Garry Froehler)37:14
5 Pb Inc. (Pierre Loubser/Ben Cronje)54:12
6 Recycled (Tom Collins/Todd Lloyd)1:03:41
7 Team Alliance (Jeff Bandura/Bart Nakano)1:07:45
1 Paribus Orissa (Jim Seethram/431)6:30:21


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