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August 12/08 2:19 am - Classique Montreal-Quebec

Posted by Editoress on 08/12/08

Classique Montreal-Quebec


Arnaud Papillion (Volkswagen) won today's Classique Montreal-Quebec with a 2 second gap on Dominique Perras (EVA Devinci). Papillion's teammate Bruno Langlois was 3rd at 32 seconds.

Dominique Perras had a 15 second lead at 4 km from the line but was caught 2 km later. When the sprint started, Arnaud Papillon took the lead and came in 2 seconds ahead of Dominique Perras.

This was the final race in the career of Dominique Perras who goes back to university next week to get his MBA.

1 Arnaud Papillon (Can) Volkswagen5:51:23
2 Dominique Perras (Can) EVA Devinciat 0:02
3 Bruno Langlois (Can) Volkswagen0:32
4 Jake Hollenbach (USA) CCB International/Volkswagen0:36
5 Pierre-Olivier Boily (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie0:50
6 Joel Dion Poitras (Can) Team Race Pro1:06
7 Michael Joanisse (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano1:09
8 Tim Hucker (Aus) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano1:12
9 Colin Jaskiewicz (USA) CCB International/Volkswagen1:14
10 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Can) 2 peer.coms.t.
11 Kleber Ramos (Bra) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano1:21
12 James Larmer (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr1:22
13 Guillaume Boivin (Can) EVA Devinci1:36
14 Paul Migner (Can) Marinori-Cadence
15 William Goodfellow (Can) Volkswagen
16 Goji Kawanura (Jpn) Sleeman Clear Énergieall s.t.
17 Philippe Leduc (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy1:39
18 Torrey Pass (Can) Le Yéti
19 Andrew Hunt (Can) Team Race Proboth s.t.
20 Georges-Édouard Duquette (Can) EVA Devinci2:12
21 Thierry Laliberté (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
22 Osmond Bakker (Can) EMD-Serono-Stevens
23 Geoffroy Dussault (Can) Sports Bazar
24 Louis-Charles Lacroix (Can) Sports Bazar
25 David Maltais (Can) EVA Devinci
26 Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie
27 Frédérick Bélanger (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelume
28 Mathieu Boudier-Reveret (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
29 Mark Batty (Can) Team Race Pro
30 Antoine Malo (Can) Espoirs de Lavalall s.t.
31 Mathieu Fillion (Can) Sports Bazar2:16
32 Peter Ladd (Aus) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano
33 Pascal Bussières (Can) 2
34 Thomas Devisscher (Can) 2
35 Etienne Tremblay (Can) Marinori-Cadenceall s.t.
36 Jean-François Racine (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano2:19
37 William Dugan (USA) CCB International/Volkswagen2:30
38 François Chabot (Can) Volkswagen2:35
39 Steve Maurice (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
40 Maxime Joly-Smith (Can) 2
41 Marc Lapointe (Can) EMD-Serono-Stevens
42 Frrédéric Francoeur (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelume
43 Marc Boudreau (Can) EMD-Serono-Stevens
44 Eric Robertson (Can) Team Race Pro
45 Sébastien Rousseau (Can) Marinori-Cadence
46 Vincent Veilleux (Can) 2
47 Benoit Lussier (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
48 Dominic Cladu-Despatis (Can) Club Cycliste VéloSelectall s.t.
49 John Malois (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy2:50
50 François Woods (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdys.t.
51 Christopher Worden (USA) CCB International/Volkswagen2:53
52 Charles Thibault (Can) EVA Devinci2:58
53 Vincent Quirion (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano3:00
54 Sébastien Pilotte (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie
55 Pierre-Maxime Branche (Fra) Cycles Performance-Cinelume
56 Dominic Cantin (Can) 2
57 Simon Brassard (Can) EVA Devinci
58 Giovanni Traina (Can) Marinori-Cadence
59 Olivier Savaria (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelume
60 Claude Crepeau (Can) Iris
61 Olivier Lalonde (Can) Le Yéti
62 Stéphane Joncas (Can) Sports Bazar
63 Owen Eastamond (Can) Club Cycliste VéloSelect
64 Martin Goineau (Can) Marinori-Cadence
65 Stephen Keeping (Can) Bluberi Martin Swiss
66 William Blackburn (Can) 2
67 Pierre Boilard (Can) 2
68 Alexander Ste-Croix (Can) Club Cycliste VéloSelect
69 Francis Clarke (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr
70 Joel Pelletier (Can) Marinori-Cadence
71 David Dulude (Can) Bluberi Martin Swiss
72 Joel Sidhu (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr
73 Michael Dekelver (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr
74 Mathieu Fleury (Can) Iris
75 David Munden (Can) EMD-Serono-Stevens
76 Nicolas Therrien (Can) Espoirs de Lavalall s.t.
77 François Brunelle (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie3:10
78 John Bairo Casallas (Col) Club Cycliste VéloSelect3:12
79 Kambiz Sariri (Can) Club Cycliste VéloSelect3:13
80 Benjamin Martel (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelumes.t.
81 Edward Forest (Can) Iris3:18
82 Patrice Azevado (Bra) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano3:19
83 Keir Plaice (Can) Team Race Pro3:25
84 Mathieu Toulouse (Can) EVA Devinci3:30
85 Nick Rowe (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergies.t.
86 Mathieu Charruau (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelume3:31
87 Christian Filion (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelume3:33
88 Carl Desroches (Can) Club Cycliste VéloSelect3:35
89 Yorick Caron (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelumes.t.
90 Martin Cadieux (Can) Le Yéti3:43
91 Pascal Lauzon (Can) Espoirs de Laval3:50
92 Alexandre Cloutier (Can) Volkswagen4:10
93 Christian Deshaies (Can) Volkswagens.t.
94 Gabriel Michaud (Can) Espoirs de Laval4:52
95 Jean-Philippe Houle-Paradis (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie4:58
96 Antoine Stundner (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelumes.t.
97 Daniel Ceccato (Can) Club Cycliste VéloSelect
98 Charles Bougie (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr5:31
99 Erik Lyman (Can) 2 peer.com6:48
100 Hugues Lapointe (Can) Bluberi Martin Swiss7:16
101 Yves Lefebvre (Can) Cycles Performance-Cinelume8:23
102 Warren MacDonald (Can) EMD-Serono-Stevens9:50
103 David Dupuis (Can) Iris10:45
DNS Dave Mustaikis (Can) Marinori-Cadence
DNS Walter Meco (Can) Marinori-Cadence
DNS Andrew Lees West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr
DNS François Demers (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr
DNS Samir Aifia Club Cycliste VéloSelect
DNF Eric Boily (Can) Volkswagen
DNF Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Volkswagen
DNF Jean-Sébastien Perron (Can) EVA Devinci
DNF Alexander Fulton (Can) EVA Devinci
DNF Normand Boivin (Can) Espoirs de Laval
DNF Guillaume Mailhot (Can) Espoirs de Laval
DNF Jean-François Gagné (Can) Espoirs de Laval
DNF Chris Olson (Can) EMD-Serono-Stevens
DNF Alexi Richer (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
DNF Nicola Giancola (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
DNF Nicolas Lefrançois (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
DNF Luc Dionne (Can) CIBC / Wood-Gubdy
DNF Ugo Lapierre (Can) 2
DNF Chris Mcgarity (Can) 2
DNF Matt Deluco (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr
DNF Michael Bennett (Can) West Quebec Wheelers-Echelon Pr
DNF Jean-François Laroche (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie
DNF Sébastien Moquin (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie
DNF Alexandre Nadeau (Can) Sleeman Clear Énergie
DNF Marc-Wayne Addison (Can) Bluberi Martin Swiss
DNF Matt Guse (Can) Bluberi Martin Swiss
DNF Vincent Courcy (Can) Le Yéti
DNF Sean Lajeunesse (Can) Club Cycliste VéloSelect
DQ Antoine Matteau (Can) Garneau-Crocs-Suzano


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