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August 18/08 7:00 am - Interview with Jacques Landry

Posted by Editoress on 08/18/08

The Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) announced today that their search for a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) has concluded with the hiring of Canadian Jacques Landry. (See Daily News August 18/08 11am - CCA Names Jacques Landry as New Chief Technical Officer)

As the CTO, Landry will be responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the sport's development at the technical level for all five Olympic and Paralympic cycling sports; BMX, mountain biking, para-cycling, road, and track. He officially starts with the CCA on November 1st.

We were able to talk to Jacques at his current base in France, where he has run the New Zealand road program for the past five years.

CC: Why take this position instead of staying with Bike NZ?

JL: There were two reasons. First for personal reasons; I wanted some stability for my son and my family after ten years of being on the road as a coach for Canada and then New Zealand.

It was also good timing for me. Bike NZ is taking a different direction now, and there has been a lot of changes at the CCA that are in the right direction, I think. Building the New Zealand program in Europe was a challenge, but now I am looking for a new challenge.

CC: What are some of the things that you plan to do at the CCA?

JL: The CCA has to take a hard line with some disciplines. We have to look at where the medals are. We get funding because of medals; it's pretty simple. We can't continue to give out money equally to all disciplines. You just have to look at how Australia, New Zealand and other nations make their choices.

But these aren't decisions that I will make by myself. I'll be sitting down with the coaches, the PSOs (Provincial Sports Organizations), Sports Canada and others to determine where we need to go. Some people will be disappointed with the decisions we make, I'm sure, but hopefully they will see the results in the next four years.

CC: So you feel that Canada can improve in time for London (2012)?

JL: In some areas I do believe that we can get results and medal in London. We should be aiming for a medal, or two, or three.


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