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August 20/08 11:19 am - Beijing Olympics

Posted by Editor on 08/20/08

The finals rounds of the BMX competition were canceled on Thursday due to rain, which is expected to last all day and most of the night. The plan at this point is to try again tomorrow morning (Friday local, Thursday evening in North America). Due to the huge interest on the U.S. west coast for this event, the racing takes place early in the day Beijing time, but in the primetime evening slot on the west coast of North America.

"It's really a disappointment not to be able to race, but there's not much you can do," commented Canada's Sammy Cools. "We would usually be able to race in the rain, but this is a Supercross course with that big start ramp, and it's too dangerous and slippery on the ramp."

While the track is covered with tarps, it will take a few hours after the rain stops for everything to dry out sufficiently for racing to resume. Initially, there was some talk that if racing could not take place tomorrow morning (for the primetime broadcasting slot), it would be canceled and medals awarded based on the seeding time trial runs (which there is provision for under the rules), meaning Mike Day (USA) and Anne-Caroline Chausson (France) would become the Olympic champions.

However, officials now say that racing will take place when the weather permits, so that two true Olympic champions can be crowned.


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