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August 26/08 11:38 am - SunPeaks Canada Cup DH Final

Posted by Editoress on 08/26/08

Canada Cup DH Final August 24th, SunPeaks Resort, BC

Elite Women (17+)
1 Micayla Gatto (Can) Commencal/Marzocchi4:04.78
2 Rebecca McQueen (Can) Summit Gravity4:08.65
3 Miranda Miller* (Can) Marin Bikes/ Mad March Racing4:11.77
4 Harriet Harper (NZl)4:13.90
5 Danice Uyesugi (Can) pinkbike.com4:15.64
6 Katrina Strand (Can) Scott/Oakley/Maxxis4:17.51
7 Tanya Grunsky (Can) Cyclepath Kelowna, Giant Bicycles4:26.39
8 Kelly Kozevnikov (Can) Full Boar Bike Store4:32.17
9 Amber Zirnhelt (Can) Dunbar/Devinci/Loeka/raceface4:32.88
10 Kat Duffels (Can) Loeka4:36.40
Elite Men (17+)
1 Alan Crisp (Aus)3:43.06
2 Kevin Bartkowski (Can) Core SRAM3:43.09
3 Andrew Mitchell (Can) Cove/SRAM3:44.34
4 Oliver Kristevic (Aus) Dunbar Cycles3:44.66
5 Steve Chan (Can) Giant3:45.53
6 James Hall (Aus) Dunbar Cycles3:45.64
7 Jamie Biluk (Can) Mojo Orange3:45.94
8 Harry Armstrong (Aus) Dunbar Cycles3:46.05
9 Jack Reading (GBr) Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicyles3:46.20
10 Reuben Miller (NZl) Ironhorse3:46.33
11 Tim Coleman (Can) John Henry Bikes3:47.63
12 Eric Goss (Can) Giant3:47.88
13 Dean Tennant (Can) Primary/Devinci3:48.07
14 Geoff Pendrel (Can) Pinkbike/DeVinci3:48.14
15 Grant Liard (Can) Obsession/Specialized3:48.16
16 Brant Lyon (Can) Cove Bikes3:48.17
17 Simon Garstin* (Can) Team BC/Giant3:50.62
18 Trenton Zoobkoff* (Can) Adidas Eyewear / Troy Lee Designs3:50.79
19 Dan Skogland (Can) Cove Factory Team, Chromag3:51.23
20 Nick Quinn (Can) Calgary Cycle DH Team3:51.92
21 Ross Roseingrave (Irl) Dunbar Cycles3:52.45
22 Harold Woolnough (Can) Silent Sports3:52.49
23 Mike August* (Can) No Hype Bikes3:52.80
24 Tyler Gnitt (Can) Full Bike Store, Sun Peaks Resort3:53.26
25 Chris Reading (Can) Summit3:53.38
26 Tyler Paksi (Can) ADHRA3:53.55
27 Mitchell Forbes (Can) Luxury Apparel3:53.84
28 Adam Wright (Can) garbanzo bike and bean3:55.14
29 Nick Dent (Can) Koral Bikes3:55.28
30 Jeffery Blyson (Can)3:55.42
31 Matt Zdriluk (Can) poisonfrog3:55.77
32 Scott Spence (Can) Specialized/Lavan Apparel3:56.70
33 Geoff Briggs (Can) Calgary Cycle3:57.07
34 Hayden McKay (NZl) Nelson MTB Club3:57.07
35 Chris Barlin (Aus)4:00.28
36 Clinton Gould* (Can) MMR /Team BC4:00.81
37 Josh Decloet (Can)4:01.51
38 Scott Halvorson* (Can) Mad March Racing4:07.00
39 Mitch Thornton (Can) Giant / Cyclepath Calgary4:09.01
40 Kodi Stoddart* (Can)4:10.80
41 Sam Mallett* (Can) Highland boys Productions4:14.37
42 Harrison Gould (Can) Mad March Racing4:14.86
DNF Kyle Jasper* (Can) John Henry Bikes
DNS Cameron Somerville (Can) Dodge City Cycles
Junior Women (17-18)
1 Casey Brown (Can)4:38.30
Junior Men (17-18)
1 Chayse Marshall (Can) Full Boar Bike Store, Sun Peaks Re3:43.72
2 Ben Porteous (Can)3:49.95
3 Steven Pawlitsky (Can) PinkBike/Darkside3:50.88
4 Kyle Marshall (Can) Cove Bikes3:54.13
5 Forrest Desmarais (Can) Olymppia Ski and Cycle3:54.67
6 Aaron Dobie (Can) Team Dunbar3:56.62
7 Dean Glueckler (Can) Darkside4:00.94
8 Eric Pauwels (Can) PinkBike4:07.47
9 Ray Faubert (Can)4:08.07
10 Jesse Ballhausen (Can) Summit Gravity4:10.13
11 Harry Mccallum (Can) ubiketv.com4:10.36
12 Kyle Quesnel (Can)4:13.21
13 Andrew Mallon (Can)4:14.84
14 Brandon Theroux (Can) Skookum6:01.43
U17 Men
1 Luke Stevens (Can) Calgary Cycle3:45.25
2 Riley Suhan (Can) Darkside3:46.00
3 Tyler Allison (Can)3:46.87
4 Nicholas Geddes (Can) fanatyk Co Whistler3:48.06
5 Remi Gauvin (Can) Arrowsmith Bikes3:48.83
6 Stu Sykes (Can) Full Boar Bike Store3:49.31
7 Linden Feniak (Can) Cove Bikes, Sunshine coast cycling3:51.78
8 Cameron Porteous (Can) Team Dunbar Cycles3:52.87
9 Tom Elgie (Can)3:55.20
10 Justin Dale (Can) Dunbar Cycles3:55.40
11 Eric Price (Can) Olympia3:56.83
12 Cody Ratte (Can) Calgary Cycle4:00.55
13 Bryden Cook (Can) Full Bike Store, Sun Peaks Resort4:02.45
14 Jordan Boratynec (Can)4:04.05
15 Alex Currie (Can)4:04.65
16 Brad Zdriluk (Can) giant adrenaline racer4:06.68
17 Colton King (Can) PinkBike4:07.11
18 Max Horner (Can) Devinci4:07.49
19 Cameron Miller (Can) Bike Brewery Cycles4:14.07
20 Michael Oddy (Can) Rob's Bicycle Works / Darkside4:17.80
21 Trevor Halvorson (Can) Mad March Racing4:24.64
22 Connor Macdougall (Can) Mad March Racing4:47.05
DNF Peter Muri
Senior Men (19-29)
1 Curtis Robinson (Can) NSMB.com3:42.52
2 Jeff Hunter (Can)3:52.13
3 Arthur Gaillot (USA) Obsession: Bikes3:54.86
4 Jev Bjorsell (Irl)3:56.10
5 Darryl Bartlett (Can) Mad March racing3:56.14
6 Erik Lustig (Can)3:56.49
7 Cody MacArthur (Can) Straight Line4:00.00
8 Jesssi Adams (Can)4:00.28
9 Tristan Olk (Can) John Henry4:00.66
10 Nathan Ryder (NZl)
11 Ryan Hein (Can) Kel. Venture Gear4:04.53
12 Simon Gauthier (Can) Devinci4:12.77
13 Connor Gillan (Can) Chumba Racing, SDG USA4:14.45
14 Tyrone Pottle (Can) KBRA4:18.89
15 Ken Faubert (Can)4:20.59
16 Bruce Thompson (Can)4:26.51
DNS Jeff Sansom (Can)
DNS Sam Neufeld (Can) Transition
Senior Women (19-29)
1 Dawn Cashen (Can) Cyclepath4:31.87
2 Alexis Moore (Can)5:06.92
3 Kimberley Boyko (Can)5:44.02

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