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August 29/08 5:58 am - Canadian Track National Championships Day 2 photos, report and full results

Posted by Editoress on 08/29/08

Canadian National Track Championships Day 2 - Burnaby, BC
Report courtesy CSN

Photos by Greg Descantes

Monique Sullivan of Calgary made a sparkling debut at the elite level in women's sprint racing with a gold medal performance on Thursday night at the Tim Hortons Track Nationals.

Sullivan overcame a 0-1 deficit in the final against Tara Whitten of Edmonton to win the match sprint final 2-1. The 19-year-old Sullivan, a career track cyclist who began riding competitively at age 12, cruised to the final going undefeated before hooking up with Whitten.

"I was really happy with how I responded to the challenge of losing the first ride in the final," said Sullivan. "Tara is a really strong racer and she used her abilities perfectly. It was a very tactical final and I had to really keep focused and not deviate from my plan."

Quebec's Karine Cote won the bronze medal.

At the Olympic Games, Canada did not have an entry in the women's match sprint event. Sullivan plans to change all that for the 2012 Games in London.

"I'm still gaining more and more experience at the national and international level," she said. "It's going to take time to climb the international rankings to be where I want to be. But my plan is to be in the mix in 2012."

In the men's points race, Zach Bell of Watson Lake, Yukon took the gold medal with his Olympic team teammate Svein Tuft of Langley, B.C., second and Mark Macdonald of Calgary third. Bell was seventh in the event at the Olympic Games.

In the junior women's match sprint, Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud of Montreal defeated Florence Laplante-Lamarche of Ottawa in the final. Krista Ruby of Inglewood, Ont., was third.

In the men's junior points race, David Boily of Quebec City took the gold, Antoine Duchesne of Jonquiere, Que., was second and Cody Campbell of Surrey, B.C., third.

Junior Women 200m
1 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec12.900
2 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON) Ontario13.746
3 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec14.058
4 Krista Ruby (ON) Ontario14.537
5 Stephanie Bester (ON) Ontario14.567
6 Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec14.712
7 Emily Mckenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario15.205
8 Sarah Mckenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario15.234
Quarter Finals
Heat 1
1 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) QuebecRace 1Race 2
2 Sarah Mckenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario14.03814.723
Heat 2
1 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON) Ontario14.99915.283
2 Emily Mckenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario
Heat 3
1 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec14.67314.214
2 Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec
Heat 4
1 Krista Ruby (ON) Ontario14.46514.52
2 Stephanie Bester (ON) Ontario
Semi Finals
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec14.32414.412
2 Krista Ruby (ON) Ontario
Heat 2
1 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON) Ontario14.47514.866
2 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec
Ride for gold and silverRace 1Race 2
1 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec13.38113.766
2 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON) Ontario
Ride for bronze
3 Krista Ruby (ON) Ontario14.7714.553
4 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec
Ride for 5th to 8th
5 Stephanie Bester (ON) Ontario15.513
6 Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec
7 Sarah Mckenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario
8 Emily Mckenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario
Senior Women 200m
1 Monique Sullivan (AB) PCL12.054
2 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity12.507
3 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec12.755
4 Joanna Wiersma (ON)13.063
5 Gillian Carleton (BC) Organic Athlete13.177
6 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario13.279
7 Amy Biskaborn (ON) Ontario13.401
8 Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario14.15
9 Amy Armstrong (ON) Ontario14.209
10 Sophie Beraud (ON) Ontario14.385
11 Heather Logan (ON) Ontario14.418
Quarter Finals
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1 Monique Sullivan (AB) PCL13.3913.194
2 Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario
Heat 2
1 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity13.60313.54
2 Amy Biskaborn (ON) Ontario
Heat 3
1 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec12.98214.207
2 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario
Heat 4
1 Joanna Wiersma (ON)13.57813.649
2 Gillian Carleton (BC) Organic Athlete
Semi Finals
Heat 1Race 1Race 2Decider
1 Monique Sullivan (AB) PCL
2 Joanna Wiersma (ON)
Heat 2
1 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity13.37713.477
2 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec13.225
Ride for gold and silverRace 1Race 2Decider
1 Monique Sullivan (AB) PCL12.53613.439
2 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity12.994
Ride for bronze
3 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec13.62212.89
4 Joanna Wiersma (ON)
Ride for 5th to 8th
5 Amy Biskaborn (ON) Ontario14.287
6 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario
7 Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario
8 Gillian Carleton (BC) Organic Athlete
Points Race
Senior Men
1 Zach Bell (BC) Symmetrics89 pts(+3 laps)
2 Svein Tuft (BC) Symmetrics81(+3 laps)
3 Mark Macdonald (AB) H&R Block35(+1 lap)
4 Daniele Defranceschi (ON) Ontario34
5 Tim Sherstobitoff (BC) Total Restoration11
6 Emile De Rosnay (BC) Organic Athlete10
7 Scott Laliberte (BC) Campione8
8 Maxime Vives (QC) Calyon7
9 Jean-Michel Lachance (QC) Quebec7
10 John Perkins (BC) Glotman Simpson7
11 Spencer Smitheman (AB) Creusot6
12 Stephen Meyer (ON) Ontario5
13 David Byer (ON) Ontario2
14 John-Christophe Reid (BC) Kona-Adobe1
15 Michael Rothengatter (BC) Escape Velocity0
16 Nick Jendzjowsky (AB) Alberta0
17 Vince De Jong (ON) Ontario0
DNF Francois Chabot (QC) Quebec2
DNF Matt Potma (BC) Kona-Adobe0
DNF Scott Lundy (ON) Ontario-40(-2 laps)
Junior Men
1 David Boily (QC) Quebec64 pts(+2 laps)
2 Antoine Duchesne (ON) Ontario42(+1 lap)
3 Cody Campbell (BC) Cycling BC37(+1 lap)
4 Kevin Thorpe (BC) Cycling BC23(+1 lap)
5 Frédéric Poisson (QC) Quebec10
6 Ryan Aitcheson (ON) Ontario-9(-2 laps)
7 Jacob Schwingboth (BC) Cycling BC-14(-1 lap)
8 Curtis Jung (BC) Cycling BC-15(-1 lap)
9 Boris Martin (BC) Cycling BC-17(-1 lap)
10 Jason Manning (BC) Cycling BC-55(-3 laps)
DNF Stephen Andrichuk (AB) Cyclo Meisters1
DNF John Carden (ON) Ontario2
DNF Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec0
DNF Ben Cowburn (BC) Cycling BC0
DNF Trevor Dickenson (ON) Ontario0
DNF Evan Flater (BC) Cycling BC-37(-2 laps)
DNF Brad Knapik (AB) Alberta0
Cadet Women Pursuit 2000m
1 Allison Beveridge (AB) Alberta2:49.527
2 Anastasia Stadnyk (AB) Alberta3:10.271
3 Gina Kisell (AB) Alberta3:16.339
4 Megan Campbell (BC) Devo3:31.279


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