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August 31/08 10:53 am - Track Nationals Day 4 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/08

Canadian National Track Championships Day 4 August 30th, Burnaby, BC
Report courtesy CSN

Joseph Veloce of Fonthill, Ont., defeated Zach Bell of Watson Lake, Yukon in the men's Match Sprint final for the gold medal on Saturday at the Tim Hortons Track Nationals cycling competition.

Veloce took the best of three final over Bell, who was seventh in the Points Race and 12th in the Madison (with Martin Gilbert) at the Olympic Games this month in Beijing. Rene Regimbald of Calgary was third.

"I knew that Zach is more of an endurance rider so I tried to just keep the sprint as short as possible," said Veloce, 19. "I knew I had to lead it out because it was going to be a tight race. My goal here was to reach the podium but to get the gold is beyond expectations for me."

In the women's Scratch Race, Stephanie Roorda of Victoria won the gold medal with Lisa Perlmutter of London, Ont., second and Tara Whitten of Edmonton third. In the Individual Pursuit final, Whitten was the winner with Roorda second and Laura Brown of Victoria third.

Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud of Montreal continued her dominant performance in women's Junior competition with victories in the Individual Pursuit and the Scratch Race on Saturday.

In the Individual Pursuit she finished ahead of Krista Ruby of Inglewood, Ont., and Virginie Gauthier of Laval, Que. In the Scratch Race Shanie Bergeron of Chateauguay, Que., was second and Florence Laplante-Lamarche of Ottawa third.

Quebec's Frederic Poisson took the men's Junior Keirin, with Ryan Aitcheson of Kitchener, Ont., second and Jacob Schwingboth of B.C., third.


CC also spoke with Joe Veloce minutes after his win. "I was able to do it in two rides, which was important. Since he (Zach Bell) is more of an endurance rider. I knew that I had to attack. On the first ride he started to wind it up fairly early, but I held it up high on the track as long as possible so that I could initiate the final sprint."

"On the second ride, surprisingly he gave me a big gap in front, and I tried to open it up more. For the final lap he got back on my wheel, but I just hit it and was able to hold on."

"Last year as a Junior I was second, and this year as a first year Senior I was hoping to podium, so this has definitely exceeded my expectations."

Veloce is a member of the London, Ontario Forest City Velodrome program, where he started racing on the track three and a half years ago.

Junior Women Pursuit
1 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec2:42.405
2 Krista Ruby (ON) Ontario2:46.153
3 Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec2:49.516
4 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON) Ontario2:49.567
5 Stephanie Bester (ON) Ontario2:51.434
6 Sarah McKenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario2:54.203
7 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec2:58.333
8 Emily McKenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario3:01.247
ride for gold and silver
1 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec02:42.2
2 Krista Ruby (ON) Ontario02:45.6
ride for bronze
3 Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec02:48.8
4 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON) Ontario02:50.0
Elite Women Pursuit
1 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity3:48.634
2 Stephanie Roorda (BC) Giant Whisler3:56.717
3 Heather Logan (ON) Ontario4:00.304
4 Laura Brown (BC) Giant Whisler4:01.769
5 Jenny Trew (BC) Vanderkitten4:04.472
6 Gillian Carleton (BC) Organic Athlete4:08.335
7 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario4:12.444
8 Sophie Beraud (ON) Ontario4:14.424
9 Rachel Canning (BC) Devo4:15.337
10 Amy Biskaborn (ON) Ontario4:22.716
11 Amy Armstrong (ON) Ontario4:27.553
ride for gold and silver
1 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity3:49.536
2 Stephanie Roorda (BC) Giant Whislercaught
ride for bronze
3 Laura Brown (BC) Giant Whisler4:01.769
4 Heather Logan (ON) Ontariocaught
Junior Women Scratch (35 laps)
1 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec
2 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec
3 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON) Ontario
4 Krista Ruby (ON) Ontario
5 Stephanie Bester (ON) Ontario
6 Emily McKenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario
7 Sarah McKenzie-Picot (ON) Ontario
DNF Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec
Elite Women Scratch
1 Stephanie Roorda (BC) Giant Whisler
2 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario
3 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity-1 lap
4 Laura Brown (BC) Giant Whisler-1 lap
5 Heather Logan (ON) Ontario-1 lap
6 Jenny Trew (BC) Vanderkitten-1 lap
7 Rachel Canning (BC) Devo-1 lap
8 Gina Grain (BC) Webcor-1 lap
DNF Amy Armstrong (ON) Ontario-1 lap
DNF Sophie Beraud (ON) Ontario-1 lap
DNF Amy Biskaborn (ON) Ontario-1 lap
DNF Sarah Laliberte (BC) Campione-1 lap
DNF Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario-1 lap
Junior Men Keirin
Round 1
Heat 1
1 Allan Leparskas (ON) Ontario
2 David Boily (QC) Quebec
3 Stephen Andrichuk (AB) Cyclo Meisters
4 Ben Cowburn (BC) Cycling BC
5 John Carden (ON) Ontario
6 Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec
Heat 2
1 Jacob Schwingboth (BC) Cycling BC
2 Ryan Aitcheson (ON) Ontario
3 Antoine Duchesne (QC) Quebec
4 Frédéric Poisson (QC) Quebec
5 Trevor Dickenson (ON) Ontario
6 Brad Knapik (AB) Alberta
First 2 riders advance to final
4 others go to repechage
Heat 1
1 Frédéric Poisson (QC) Quebec
2 Stephen Andrichuk (AB) Cyclo Meisters
3 Trevor Dickenson (ON) Ontario
4 Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec
Heat 2
1 Ben Cowburn (BC) Cycling BC
2 Brad Knapik (AB) Alberta
3 John Carden (ON) Ontario
DSQ Antoine Duchesne (QC) Quebec
First rider of each Heat goes to final 1-6
Final 1-6
1 Frédéric Poisson (QC) Quebec
2 Ryan Aitcheson (ON) Ontario
3 Jacob Schwingboth (BC) Cycling BC
4 David Boily (QC) Quebec
5 Allan Leparskas (ON) Ontario
6 Ben Cowburn (BC) Cycling BC
Final 7-12
7 Brad Knapik (AB) Alberta
8 Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec
9 Trevor Dickenson (ON) Ontario
10 John Carden (ON) Ontario
11 Stephen Andrichuk (AB) Cyclo Meisters
Elite Men Sprint
200M ITT
1 Joe Veloce (ON) Ontario11.212
2 Jeff Bakal (AB) Alberta11.284
3 Zach Bell (BC) Symmetrics11.317
4 Rene Regimbald (BC) IND11.664
5 Mike McCorkell (BC) IND11.795
6 Jamie Russell (ON) IND11.88
7 Dylan Menard (AB) Alberta11.883
8 Francois Chabot (QC) Quebec12.016
9 Robert Leeds (AB) 12.106
10 William Lampe (ON) 12.134
11 Stephen Meyer (ON) Ontario12.216
12 Mike Patton (AB) 12.25
13 Scott Lundy (ON) Ontario12.545
14 Vince de Jong (ON) Ontario12.794
DNS Cameron MacKinnon (AB) Jet Fuel Coffee
First 8 riders advance to 1/4 final
1/4 Final
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1 Joe Veloce (ON) Ontario16.911
2 Francois Chabot (QC) QuebecDNF
Heat 2
1 Jeff Bakal (AB) Alberta11.80212.088
2 Dylan Menard (AB) Alberta
Heat 3
1 Zach Bell (BC) Symmetrics11.99111.937
2 Jamie Russell (ON) IND
Heat 4
1 Rene Regimbald (BC) IND12.36412.402
2 Mike McCorkell (BC) IND
Semi Final
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1 Joe Veloce (ON) Ontario12.03912.05
2 Rene Regimbald (BC) IND
Heat 2
1 Zach Bell (BC) Symmetrics11.70411.746
2 Jeff Bakal (AB) Alberta
ride for gold and silverRace 1Race 2Decider
1 Joe Veloce (ON) Ontario11.38911.421
2 Zach Bell (BC) Symmetrics
ride for bronze
3 Rene Regimbald (BC) IND11.76712.102
4 Jeff Bakal (AB) Alberta11.781
Final 5 to 8
5 Dylan Menard (AB) Alberta12.241
6 Mike McCorkell (BC) IND
7 Jamie Russell (ON) IND
8 Francois Chabot (QC) Quebec


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