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September 1/08 11:39 am - Track Nationals Day 5 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 09/1/08

Canadian National Track Championships Day 5 August 31st, Burnaby, BC
Report courtesy CSN

Joseph Veloce of Fonthill, Ont., collected his third gold medal at the Tim Hortons Track Nationals cycling competition with a victory in the men's Keirin on Sunday.

Veloce, the match sprint winner on Saturday and a member of Team Ontario's winning squad in the team sprint Friday, added the Keirin gold. Joel Regimbald and Mike McCorkell, both of Calgary, were second and third respectively.

In the men's junior match sprint final, Allan Leparskas of London, Ont., defeated Scott Mulder of B.C., in the final. Guillaume Charest of Longueuil, Que., was third.

Junior Men Madison
1 Quebec (Antoine Duchesne/David Boily) 21pts
2 BC 1 (Jacob Schwingboth/Kevin Thorpe) 19 (-1 lap)
3 BC 2 (Curtis Jung/Jason Manning) 9 (-4 laps)
4 ON-BC Composite (Ben Cowburn/John Carden) 5 (-5 laps)
5 Ontario (Kyle Rupay/Jason King) 1 (-7 laps)
Junior Men Sprint
200m TT
1 Allan Leparskas (ON) Ontario11.467
2 Scott Mulder (BC) Cycling BC11.756
3 Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec11.885
4 Jacob Schwingboth (BC) Cycling BC12.074
5 Frédéric Poisson (QC) Quebec12.237
6 Ryan Aitcheson (ON) Ontario12.238
7 Antoine Duchesne (QC) Quebec12.323
8 Brad Knapik (AB) Alberta12.484
9 Eric Mulder (BC) Steed Cycle12.574
10 David Boily (QC) Quebec12.887
11 Stephen Andrichuk (AB) Cyclo Meisters12.908
12 Ben Cowburn (BC) Cycling BC12.92
13 John Carden (ON) Ontario13.702
DNS Trevor Dickenson (ON) Ontario

1/4 Final
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1 Allan Leparskas (ON) Ontario12.63714.673
2 Brad Knapik (AB) Alberta
Heat 2
1 Scott Mulder (BC) Cycling BC12.3112.692
2 Antoine Duchesne (QC) Quebec
Heat 3
1 Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec12.39112.438
2 Ryan Aitcheson (ON) Ontario
Heat 4
1 Jacob Schwingboth (BC) Cycling BC13.21212.985
2 Frédéric Poisson (QC) Quebec
Semi Final
Heat 1Race 1Race 2Decider
1 Allan Leparskas (ON) Ontario11.89912.654
2 Jacob Schwingboth (BC) Cycling BC
Heat 2
1 Scott Mulder (BC) Cycling BC12.22212.413
2 Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec12.236
ride for gold and silverRace 1Race 2Decider
1 Allan Leparskas (ON) Ontario12.40913.013
2 Scott Mulder (BC) Cycling BC
ride for bronze
3 Guillaume Charest (QC) Quebec12.37112.557
4 Jacob Schwingboth (BC) Cycling BC12.509REL
Final 5 to 8
5 Antoine Duchesne (QC) Quebec13.162
6 Brad Knapik (AB) Alberta
7 Frédéric Poisson (QC) Quebec
DNS Ryan Aitcheson (ON) Ontario
Senior Men Keirin
Round 1
Heat 1
1 Joe Veloce (ON) Ontario
2 Rene Regimbald (BC) IND
3 Robert Leeds (AB) IND
4 Francois Chabot (QC) Quebec
5 Jeff Bakal (AB) Alberta
6 Jean-Michel Lachance (QC) Quebec
Heat 2
1 Dylan Menard (AB) Alberta
2 Mike Mccorkell (BC) IND
3 Jamie Russell (ON) IND (REL)
4 Mike Patton (AB) IND
5 William Lampe (ON) IND
DNS Cameron Mackinnon (AB) Jet Fuel Coffee
First 2 riders advance to final
4 others go to repêchage
Heat 1
1 Mike Patton (AB) IND
2 Robert Leeds (AB) IND
3 Jean-Michel Lachance (QC) Quebec
DNS William Lampe (ON) IND
Heat 2
1 Jamie Russell (ON) IND
2 Jeff Bakal (AB) Alberta
3 Francois Chabot (QC) Quebec
Final 1-6
1 Joe Veloce (ON) Ontario
2 Rene Regimbald (BC) IND
3 Mike McCorkell (BC) IND
4 Mike Patton (AB) IND
5 Dylan Menard (AB) Alberta
6 Jamie Russell (ON) IND
Final 7-10
7 Jeff Bakal (AB) Alberta
8 Francois Chabot (QC) Quebec
9 Robert Leeds (AB) IND
DNS Jean-Michel Lachance (QC) Quebec
Senior Women Keirin
Round 1
Heat 1
1 Stephanie Roorda (BC) Giant Whisler
2 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec
3 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity
4 Heather Logan (ON) Ontario
5 Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec
Heat 2
1 Monique Sullivan (AB) PCL
2 Jenny Trew (BC) Vanderkitten
3 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario
4 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec
5 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec
Heat 3
1 Joanna Wiersma (ON) IND
2 Laura Brown (BC) Giant Whisler
3 Allison Beveridge (AB) Alberta
4 Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario
5 Sophie Beraud (ON) Ontario
Round 2
Heat 1
1 Jenny Trew (BC) Vanderkitten
2 Laura Brown (BC) Giant Whisler
3 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec
4 Sophie Beraud (ON) Ontario
5 Stephanie Roorda (BC) Giant Whisler
6 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity
Heat 2
1 Monique Sullivan (AB) PCL
2 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario
3 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec
4 Joanna Wiersma (ON) IND
5 Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario
6 Heather Logan (ON) Ontario
Heat 1
1 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity
2 Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario
3 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec
4 Shanie Bergeron (QC) Quebec
Heat 2
1 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario
2 Sophie Beraud (ON) Ontario
3 Heather Logan (ON) Ontario
4 Allison Beveridge (AB) Alberta
5 Virginie Gauthier (QC) Quebec
Final 1-6
1 Monique Sullivan (AB) PCL
2 Lisa Perlmutter (ON) Ontario
3 Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC) Quebec
4 Karine Côté (QC) Quebec
5 Laura Brown (BC) Giant Whisler
6 Jenny Trew (BC) Vanderkitten
Final 7-12
7 Tara Whitten (AB) Velocity
8 Joanna Wiersma (ON) IND
9 Dina Ridha (ON) Ontario
10 Sophie Beraud (ON) Ontario
11 Stephanie Roorda (BC) Giant Whisler
DNS Heather Logan (ON) Ontario


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