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September 2/08 10:25 am - Curse of the Gorge XC Results (Nova Scotia)

Posted by Editor on 09/2/08

Curse of the Gorge Cross-country - Kentville, Nova Scotia
Courtesy Randy Gray

Open Men
1 Jamie Lamb (Cyclesmith)1:42:20
2 Andrew L'Esperance (Cyclesmith)1:45:12
3 Garrett McLeod (Apogee - Kuota)1:46:42
4 Jeff Simms (Hub Cycle CC)1:48:16
5 Ed Rushton (Cyclesmith)1:51:26
6 Chris Price (Cyclesmith)1:53:01
7 Bruce Roberts (Hub Cycle CC)1:57:53
8 Austin Martin (Cyclesmith)1:58:46
9 Robert Klue (Cyclesmith)1:57:34
10 Kirk Long (Valley Stove & Cycle)2:05:30
DNF Simon Myatt (Cyclesmith)
Open Sport Women
1 Carolyn Towell (Independent)1:23:10
Open Sport Men
1 Chris Kozanczyn (ECMTB)1:26:30
2 Dave Marshall (Independent)1:33:42
3 Randy Comeau (Cyclesmith)1:39:14
4 Anthony Lacopia (Cyclesmith)1:57:35
5 Charles Verge (Independent)1:58:09
6 Graeme Nott (Independent)1:59:51
7 Andrew Lowery (ECMTB)2:11:51
Junior Men
1 Ryan MacDonald (Pictou County Racing)53:27
2 Trent Cormier (Pictou County Racing)55:21
3 BrandonCurry (Independent)59:31
Master Sport (40+) Men
1 Lonny Curry (Independent)1:10:46
2 Alan Miner (Independent)1:15:22
3 Doug Brown (Independent)1:26:20
U17 Men
1 Tyler D'Arcy (Hub Cycle CC)52:39
2 Brandon Miner (Valley Stove & Cycle)52:47
3 Justin MacDonald (Pictou County Racing)57:47
4 Ben Boutilier (Hub Cycle CC)1:01:03
5 Martin Main (Hub Cycle CC)1:01:54
6 Coburn Brown (Independent)1:05:58
U17 Women
1 Kristen Curry (Independent)48:08
U15 Men
1 Lucas McCulloch (Pictou County Racing)31:03
2 Trevor MacIntosh (Pictou County Racing)34:13
3 Colin Shaver (Pictou County Racing)36:50
4 Brett Rogers (Pictou County Racing)38:12
7 Matthew Livingston (Pictou County Racing)47:53
U15 Women
1 Abby Boutilier (Hub Cycle CC)38:17
U13 Men
1 Brent Noble (Hub Cycle CC)35:04
2 Drew Russell (Independent)35:28
3 Luc Comeau (Cyclesmith)40:29
4 Brennan Hiltz (Cyclesmith)43:01
5 Iain Myatt (Cyclesmith)46:06
U13 Women
1 Odette Comeau (Cyclesmith)45:56
2 Mackenzie Myatt (Cyclesmith)47:26


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