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September 6/08 9:21 am - Les Humphreys Hit by Car

Posted by Editor on 09/6/08

Les Humphreys Hit by Car

Long time members of the Ontario cycling community will recognize the name Les Humphreys. Les has been a race, tour and cyclo-sportif organizer (and participant) in Ontario for over 30 years, after moving here from England. Last weekend, Les was injured as the result of a car pulling in front of him while he was riding to meet up for a regular group ride. He (and his bike) will be fine, but Les suffered some injuries in the accident. The following update was sent to us. We wish Les a speedy recovery.

As of 8:30 this morning (Thursday), Les will not need surgery except possibly on his thumb.

A car was crossing perpendicular across a four lane roadway in Arnprior (exiting a car dealer towards a parking lost on the other side). The driver did not see Les, and Les recounts/conjectures that he tried to take last minute evasive action and turned. He hit the car with his left side and fell down on his right side.

Injuries: After numerous x-rays and at least one CAT scan, it is known that he has a broken right thumb and fractures in the left and right shoulder and the hip. His collar bones were not fractured. I did not see any visible bruises, scratches, cuts, etc. (other than his bandaged thumb) and Les was coherent with a reasonable recollection of the accident.

The assigned orthopaedist has been in to see him briefly a couple of times, but due to priorities had not reviewed his x-rays to assess the extent of his fractures and whether surgery would be necessary. Les is understandably in pain, under IV, and had not eaten since being admitted to the Civic at 8:00 pm on the day of the accident.

The assessment and determination of what medical treatment is necessary will determine his availability to see visitors in the next few days.

The bike: He was told that it's fine.


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