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September 8/08 2:37 am - Ontario Provincial XC Championships

Posted by Editoress on 09/8/08

Ontario Provincial XC Championships September 7th, Midland ON

Elite Women - 33.45 km
1 Emily Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)2:00:27
2 Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)at 1:35
3 Catherine Vipond (Norco - Evolution Team)4:20
4 Sue Haviland (Norco - Evolution Team)5:02
5 Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing)7:31
6 Heather Gray (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)13:20
7 Susan Stephens (Ind)15:07
8 Kaitlin Michener (Arrow Racing)16:04
9 Tricia K. Spooner (EMD Serono/Stevens : The Cyclery)20:04
10 Mandy Dreyer (Ind)21:51
11 Abby Owsley (Fly Gurlz)24:45
12 Kristen Lake (Sweet Pete's)40:38
DNS Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNS Laura Murray (Ind)
Elite Men - 42 km
1 Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing)2:07:05
2 Eric Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)at 1:56
3 Andrew Watson (Barrie Cycling Club)2:36
4 Mike Garrigan (Jet Power / Epic Ride)3:59
5 Peter Glassford (Trek Bicycle Store Team)4:23
6 Adam Morka (3 Rox Racing)5:41
7 Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing)8:57
8 Ryan Atkins (Ironwood Racing)9:30
9 Danny Souter (KHS Canada)10:30
10 Michael Mitchnick (Trek Bicycle Store Team)11:15
11 Jon Kinsie (Arrow Racing)12:00
12 Stu Alp (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)12:07
13 Simon Wagler (Two Wheel Express)13:41
14 Kyle Fry (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)18:15
15 Tim Carleton (Trek Bicycle Store Team)19:45
16 Ben Dawson (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)20:01
17 Matthew McCartney (J & J Cycle)20:42
18 Haydn Boucher (3 Rox Racing)20:57
19 Tristan Smit (BikeSports Racing Team)22:03
20 Wai-Ben Wong (Tall Tree Cycles)22:33
21 Cory Hancock (3 Rox Racing)26:35
22 Michael Dennis (
23 Guy Vankrimpen (Rapid City Cycle)30:51
24 Jerome Samson (Sweet Pete's)31:47
DNF Cameron Jette (Trek Bicycle Store Team)
DNF Jamie Wagler (Two Wheel Express)
DNF Justin Hines (Handlebars CC : Rapid City Cycle)
DNF Jacob McClelland (Arrow Racing)
DNF Matthew Paziuk (Norco - Evolution Team)
DNF Neil Schiemann (Tall Tree Cycles)
DNS Chris Bruckner (Impala Bicycles)
DNS Scott Lundy (Reynold Cycle)
Junior Expert Men - 33.45 km
1 Tyson Wagler (Two Wheel Express)1:47:54
2 Christopher Everist (3 Rox Racing)at 3:22
3 Stephen Moscicky (Arrow Racing)3:31
4 Kevin Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham)6:20
5 Zachary Hughes (The Hub Bicycle Club)7:13
6 Taylor Pieprzak (Arrow Racing)8:19
7 Scott Lynch (Waterloo Cycling Club)8:56
8 Michael Miller (Ride With Rendall)11:00
9 Ben Blake (Gears & Grinds Racing)14:03
10 Devon Novakowski (Team Ultralink)15:31
11 Brent Campbell (Coach / Ted Velikonja)16:22
12 Matthew Farquharson (HB Cycling Club)17:31
13 Christopher Fruetel (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)23:12
14 Julian Richardson (Arrow Racing)24:07
15 Karson Linton (Ind)29:00
16 Jon Slaughter (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)48:35
17 Peter Beisel (Arrow Racing)1:06:58
DNF Bennett Winn (Impala Bicycles)
DNF James Clarke (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)
DNS John Fisher (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)
Junior & Cadet Expert Women - 22.7 km
1 Natasha Oldcorn (Jet Power / Epic Ride)1:27:36
2 Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing)at 1:45
3 Cayley Brooks (Arrow Racing)3:01
4 Emily Fisher (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's)4:49
5 Jane Thomson (Arrow Racing)5:24
6 Michelle Everist (Algonquin Outfitters)7:10
7 Charlotte Batty (Trek Bicycle Store Team)8:54
8 Sarah Lynch (Waterloo Cycling Club/Waterloo)11:29
9 Samantha Wagler (Two Wheel Express)12:47
10 Kaitlin Boehm (Ind)31:24

Full Results (PDF format)


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