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June 13/99 4:10 am - Letter From Italy, Norba #3 DH Results

Posted by Editor on 06/13/99

Letter From Italy

Hi everyone!

Finally have some actual results of my own to write home about. Yesterday I managed 3rd place in the opening stage of the Elite/-23 "38th Giro Ciclistico della Friuli Venezia Giulia" (Tour of the Venice region) . It was a 150km road race, with a couple minor hills and lots of wind. A group of 16 riders, myself included broke clear of the field at the 50km mark, and stayed away until the end. We had a maximum gap of 3 minutes, that was eaten away to 43 seconds by the finish. In the closing kilometer, the eventual winner, from the Tuscan Ciapponi team, jumped and I followed, but I could not close the 20m gap. At 200m to go, the remaining riders from the break just managed to catch up , and one rider overtook me before the finish.

Today's stage was a little longer (165km) and a bit faster (46km/h average as opposed to yesterday's 44.5). My teammate Mirko Biondi finished 4th after spending the day in a 13 man break. Their gap maxed out at 2 minutes, and was down to 30seconds by the finish. It looks pretty good going into tommorrow, the hardest stage, as I should still be about 5th overall, and Mirko will likely be in the top ten now as well. We'll likely be working for Mirko in the end though, because he is still riding stronger than I am at this point in the season.

There are 4 stages left (Time trial and a short road stage on Saturday) so much can happen between now and then. I'll keep ya posted. Hopefully I will be able to hold top ten, as this is an "International 2.6" race and the UCI points would be a nice bonus.


Paul Kelly

Norba Nationals Series - Downhill #3
(courtesy Matt Lanning)

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania


1. Myles Rockwell USA Giant 2:16.44
2. Jurgen Beneke GER Giant at 0:00.99
3. Mike King USA Haro 0:04.27
4. Eric Carter USA GT 0:04.28
5. Oscar Saiz USA Mtn Dew/Specialized 0:04.97
6. John KirkcaldieNZL Schwinn/Toyota 0:05.49
7. Brian lopes USA Volvo-Cannondale 0:05.72
8. Pete Loncarevich USA Van/Iron Horse 0:06.34
9. Steve Peat GBR GT 0:06.51
10. Shaun Palmer USA Mt Dew/Specialized

24. Andrew Shandro CAN K2 Bike 0:11.82
52. Jean-Francois Mailhot CAN Haro 0:19.76
57. Stephan Mailhot CAN Bicycle Huard 0:24.95
64. Sean Noonan CAN Balfa 0:39.25
67. Dave Watson CAN Rocky Mtn 2:14.36


1. Elke Brutsaert USA Schwinn/Toyota 2:36.55
2. Marla Streb USA Yeti at 0:02.80
3. Lisa Sher USA Foes/Azonic 0:05.48
4. Nicole Grant USA Mongoose 0:07.10
5. Leigh Donovan USA Intense Cycles 0:07.69
6. Vanessa Quinn NZL Giant 0:07.98
7. Mercedes Gonzales USA GT 0:08.81
8. Cheri Elliot USA Maxxis/Tomac 0:09.08
9. Tara Llanes USA Mt Dew/Specialized 0:10.04
10. Daamiann Skelton CAN Rocky Mountain 0:11.05

15. Lorraine Blancher CAN Schwinn 0:21.48


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