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June 14/99 10:06 am - Letter From Italy, Mechanic Certification, Polonus Results

Posted by Editor on 06/14/99

Giro del Friuli

Howdy Folks!

Just got home from Trieste (on the Italian-Slovakian border), where we finished the last stage of the Giro Del Friuli-Veneto-Giulia. Since the first stage, things went alright, but nothing quite as good as the 3rd. place. My teammate Mirko Biondi finished 4th in the 2nd stage, Giueseppe Bracci finished 4th on the 4th stage, and they were 8th and 9th respectively on Today's 150km final event. Mirko finished 7th overall. I had a terrible day on Friday (it was pouring rain) and lost any hope of a decent GC placing, after finishing near last, several minutes down on the leaders. The last couple days my fitness actually improved - if only the race was a few days longer. The race was won by a young German (Alexander something rather) riding for the Padovani 2000 team. Must sleep now.


Paul Kelly

Stolen Bike

Chris burke from Veltec Canada (Canadian Schwinn distributor) reports that one of their Junior riders had his bike stolen while up on the podium receiving his award (this is pretty low). The details on the bike are:

Schwinn medium Straight 6, Bass Boat red/gold in colour, Ringle hubs, Sun double wide rims w. Intense tires, THE fender, BMX pedals.

Contact Chris at if you have any information.

Bicycle Mechanic Certification

The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada's (BTAC) Bicycle Mechanic Certification Program is providing professional certification to bicycle mechanics in Canada. Receive your professional certification with certificate, BTAC membership, industry updates, and much more.

This year, BTAC has been busy certifying bicycle mechanics across the country. Most recently, in March, six regional certifications and a number of in-shop certifications were held throughout Canada. .Here are a few of the upcoming scheduled certifications for 1999:

There will be four Level 1-Assembly and two Level 2-Repair Mechanic examinations offered at the 1999 Canada Sports Retailer Show in Toronto, September 23 - 26, 1999.

Level 1 - Assembly Mechanic

Thursday September 23, 1999, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm
Friday September 24, 1999, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm
Saturday September 25, 1999, 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Sunday September 26, 1999,12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Level 2 - Repair Mechanic

Saturday September 25, 1999,10:15 am to 3:00 pm
Sunday September 26, 1999, 10:15 am to 3:00 pm

Over the next few months you will hear about additional certification exams in your area, which are being held during the summer and fall of 1999. Look for your Certification Information Flyer in the mail, on your shop's fax machine, on BTAC's website ( ), or here on the Canadian Cyclist Web site.

For more information about certification dates in your area, or to request a copy of the certification requirements and handbook, please call the BTAC office at (416) 405-9516 or via email at

Polonus Road Race, Ontario
(courtesy Val Davidge)

Senior 1/2

1. Davie Lee Ital Pasta
2. Paul Rego Saeco
3. Damien Matthews Ital Pasta
4. Charlie Gorman Intersports
5. Dan Magiacomo Jet Fuel
6. John Harris Ital Pasta
7. Mike Ybanez Mississauga/Volvic
8. Chad Grochowing Mississauga/Volvic
9. Patrick Shea Saeco
10. Paul Hornack Mississauga/Volvic
11. Gerard Yeates RNA
13. Antoine Varghesse Kissena
14. Piers Davidge Mississauga/Volvic
15. Jason Valente Brampton CC
16. Dave Britnell Hummingbird

Senior 3

1. Garry Nadeau Pacific Sunset Velo
2. Brian Turner Ind.
3. Michael Freire Newmarket Eagles
4. Paul Paura St. Catharines
5. Norm Riekenbrauk Zzoom Velo
6. Tom Gramendna Mississauga/Volvic
7. Daniel Salter D'Ornellas
8. Desi Desroches Schwinn

Master B/C/D

1. Tony Abramavicius Schwinn
2. Gilbert Marois Ind.
3. John Parkinson Newmarket Eagles
4. Pierre Perrin Schwinn
5. Graham Thomas Halton Road and Track


1. Chris Reid Mississauga/Volvic

Senior Women

1. Julia Farrell RNA
2. Anita Wayrann
3. Ann Turrin
4. Linda Simonsen
5. Magosha Pyjor
6. Milen Munro


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