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September 18/08 10:49 am - 2008 University Cup #1

Posted by Editoress on 09/18/08

University of Guelph Dominates First Race of 2008 University Cup Series September 13-14, Mansfield ON
Courtesy Aaron Rahim, UofG

Go to OUMRC for info and photos.

Overcast skies and intermittent downpours failed to dampen the spirits of the 80+ University students that showed up for the first race of the four race University Cup MTB series last weekend. Held at the Mansfield Outdoor Center, and comprised of three events (TT, Criterium and Race) students representing schools from all over Ontario gave it their best shot to bring home gold for their respective schools.

In the Men's A category, Queens' Steve "Showboat" Chapman bagged the overall win, performing flawlessly in the race and time trial. In a very close second place was Algonquin College's Matt McCartney, and in third University of Guelph's Anton Varabei.

In the Women's A category, University of Guelph's Erika Bota showed complete domination, sweeping all three events to take the overall win. In second place was Katherine Burress from McMaster, and in third was Michelle LePalud from the University of Guelph.

In the Men's B category, Guelph's Simon McKay had a strong performance in both the TT and the race which landed him the win, while UofT's Chris McKnight was second. Guelph's Misha Buob took the final podium position.

The Women's B category was dominated by University of Toronto's Jessica Moffet whose victory in the criterium and TT sealed the overall win. In second was Queens' Emily Jibb, and in third University of Guelph's Holly Dodds.
After the results were tabulated it appeared Guelph has a commanding lead going into the second race which will be held at Hardwood Hills this upcoming weekend (Sept 21). Queen's have been the reigning University Cup Champions for the past three years and definitely know a thing or two about putting together a winning team, it will be interesting to see if they can answer to the University of Guelph's superb entry into the 2008 University Cup season.

Current University Cup Team Standings after Race 1
University of Guelph : 728
Queens University : 528
University of Toronto: 345
York University: 110
Algonquin College: 80

Men's "A" DivisionTTPointsCritPointsXCPointsTotal
1 Showboat (Queens University)25125087
2 Matt McCartney (Algonquin College)20154580
3 Anton Varabei (University of Guelph)14204074
4 Wai-Ben Wong (Queens University)13143057
5 Dave Reid (University of Guelph)9132547
6 Dmytro Mulyava (York University)12131944
7 Aaron Rahim (University of Guelph)11111840
8 Evan Sharp (Laurier)1525040
9 Matthey Little (University of Guelph)7131535
10 Tim Carleton (Laurentian University)003535
11 Chris Fruetel (University of Guelph)4121733
12 Bret Waghorne (University Of Toronto)8121232
13 Jonathan Lapierre (York University)6111431
14 Kelsey Krushel (University of Ottawa)5121027
15 Sandy Miller (Queens University)1111325
16 Matt Cassell (University of Waterloo)2111124
17 Darryl McGrath (Queens University)1013023
18 Mike Hall (Queens University)311721
19 Matthew Farqutasson (York University)002020
20 Liam Twomey (Queens University)111618
21 Ben Hardy (Queens University)111517
22 Jonathan McKinley (University of Waterloo)001616
23 Brandon Tulloch (University of Waterloo)111012
24 Patrick Twomey (Queens University)111012
25 Tim Philpott (Queens University)0099
26 Tomek Bartczak (University Of Toronto)0088
27 Eric van Beurdan (University Of Toronto)1056
28 Kris Stiebel (Humber College)0055
Women's "A" Division - Alum TTPoints CritPoints XCPoints Total
1 Victoria Fenniger (Queens University)00015
Women's "A" DivisionTTPoints CritPoints XCPoints Total
1 Erica Bota (University of Guelph)252550100
2 Katherine Burress (McMaster University)15204075
3 Michelle LePalud (University of Guelph)20143569
4 Brittany Barclay (University of Guelph)14152554
5 Jennnifer Morgan (Queens University)004545
6 Jennie Aitken (Queens University)003030
7 Sarah Figley (University Of Toronto)002020
Men's "B" DivisionTTPoints CritPoints XCPoints Total
1 Simon McKay (University of Guelph)25155090
2 Chris McKnight (University Of Toronto)15253575
3 Misha B (University of Guelph)2004565
4 Doug Page (Queens University)13143057
5 Mike Studli (Queens University)10202555
6 Eric Ong (Queens University)12112043
7 Jean-Marc Bennet (University of Ottawa)004040
8 Louis Barbier (University Of Toronto)7131838
9 Alex Selagea (Queens University)8131637
10 Chris Zuliani (University of Guelph)14121036
11 Michael Fuoce (Queens University)6111330
12 Angus Gei Ni (University Of Toronto)5111430
13 Brran Abernathy (University of Guelph)7111230
14 Mark Carlson (Queens University)913830
15 Karl Jansen (University Of Toronto)4131128
16 Nathan Schnarr (University Of Toronto)111122
17 Chris Wedeles (University Of Toronto)001919
18 Mike Vaselenak (Queens University)311519
19 Adi Murtry (University Of Toronto)112619
20 Sebastien Beaulieu (McGill University)212519
21 Dana Rea (University of Guelph)112518
22 Jeff Moote (University of Waterloo)001717
23 Brian Liu (University Of Toronto)111517
24 Jasper Brawley-Higgs (University of Waterloo)001515
25 David Phillips (Queens University)0099
26 Jonothan Petsch (University of Waterloo)0077
27 Peter Schalk (University of Ottawa)0055
28 Jonah Muskat-Brown (York University)0055
29 Tim Shigapov (York University)0055
30 Emeric LeMorvan (Queens University)0055
31 Baqer Hussaen (York University)0055
Women's "B" DivisionTTPoints CritPoints XCPoints Total
1 Jessica Moffet (University Of Toronto)25254595
2 Emily Jibb (Queens University)20133063
3 Holly Dodds (University of Guelph)15201752
4 Krisztina Mosdossy (University of Guelph)13132551
5 Lindsay Brown (University of Guelph)005050
6 Alison Beamish (Queens University)0143549
7 Rebecca Lawrance (University of Guelph)12151845
8 Aden Beresford (Laurentian University)004040
9 Kelly Plaskett (University Of Toronto)11121639
10 Briar Delange (University Of Toronto)10131336
11 Jessica Davenport (University Of Toronto)91524
12 Alexandra Hincke (Queens University)813021
13 Elizabeth Graham (Ryerson University)002020
14 Agi Zachara (Queens University)001919
15 Alison Chan (University of Guelph)001414
16 Lara Byikalo (Laurier)140014
17 Carolyn Parrat (University of Guelph)012012


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