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September 20/08 10:14 am - Crank the Shield: Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 09/20/08

Crank the Shield
Courtesy Crank the Shield

Crank the Shield starts with great weather and great course

Day One of "Crank the Shield", Ontario's first three-day stage mountain bike race, hosted by Chico Racing, kicked off today with a huge success. Riders were met with outstanding weather, a challenging 75km course that took racers from Buckwallow Cycling Centre near Gravenhurst to Camp Kandalore, near Minden.

Riders reported the course as wet and boggy in some parts, due primarily to the unseasonably wet summer we had; however, these sections were balanced by excellent logging road and dry singletrack sections.

Derek Zandstra of 3Rox Racing led the overall race, as well as the Solo Under 40 Male category with a time of 3:13:12, reported that the course was "fun, mud and an epic day on the bike ˆ it was the perfect mix!"

Zandstra's time was closely followed by Matthew Hadley of Xprezo/Solid Edge with 3:13:13. Peter Glassford of Trek Bicycle Store Toronto, Adam Morka of 3Rox Racing and Robert Parniak of Tall Tree Cycles finished out the top five.

Solo Women under 40 was led by Kate Ardal from Hardcore Bike in Alberta with a time of 3:53:36. Tricia Spooner of EMD Serono/Stevens: The Cyclery and Tracey Schinkel of The Hub Bicycle Club finished with times of 4:11:40 and 4:20:10 respectively.

Many riders loved the inaugural day of the event. Andrew Watson of the Barrie Cycling Club said that "This is what Ontario needed to move forward with racing!" Many other riders had a great day, and enjoyed the demanding conditions. However, even riders leading the pack had their challenges with the terrain: Matt Hadley reportedly asked Derek Zandstra how deep a certain section of a mud bog was ˆ when he stepped in, he fell to his waist. "Roughly, that deep", Derek mused.

We are looking forward to even more challenging terrain Saturday: 85km of total course, with 50 km of adventure-style, multi-line riding over slick rock with truly defines the Canadian Shield.

Solo Men
1 Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing)3:13:12
2 Matthew Hadley (Xprezo/Solid Edge)at 0:01
3 Peter Glassford (Trek Bicycle Store Team)0:02
4 Adam Morka (3 Rox Racing )7:53
5 Robert Parniak (Tall Tree Cycles )14:10
6 Imad Elghazal (Norco" Evolution Team/Ottawa)14:10
7 Matt Klymson (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)17:55
8 Justen Winster (Pedal Performance )24:25
9 Terry Vanden Heuvel26:22
10 Cory Hancock (3 Rox Racing )26:30
11 Lee Symmes (Mountainview Cycling Club)28:16
12 Scott Luscombe31:05
13 Clifford Vanclief (The Hub Bicycle Club/Cambridge)35:21
14 Steve Ferguson (HB Cycling Club)40:01
15 Mike Abraham (Ride With Rendall)41:23
16 Mike Harris (Elite Racing)47:30
17 Jamie Broughton50:18
18 Sean Calhoun51:42
19 Adam Pells (Lapdogs Cycling Club)51:50
20 Louis Belanger (Lapdogs Cycling Club)55:57
21 Chris Jarvis56:03
22 Michael Dougherty56:50
23 Paul de Beer56:51
24 Warren WhiteKnight (Elite Racing )57:09
25 Chris Reid (K o n a A d o b e )58:15
26 Iyad Abbas59:30
27 Michael Duncan (HB Cycling Club)1:02:41
28 Chad Houston1:02:45
29 Andrew Coe (The Hub Bicycle Club)1:03:05
30 Bob Ebner (Fresh Air Experience)1:06:32
31 Eric O'Brien1:06:39
32 Tom Hipsz1:08:06
33 Andy McKean1:22:41
34 Peter Gurney1:27:40
35 Pary Bell (Darkhorse Flyers )1:28:01
36 Brendan MacKillop1:30:23
37 Christopher Bacigalupo (B o o h a i )1:40:41
38 Scott Enns (Lapdogs Cycling Club)1:40:57
39 Hung LeHong (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)1:44:29
40 Braden Pentland1:45:58
41 Barry Earhart (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)1:47:48
42 Raoul Fortier1:48:02
43 Michael Penza1:53:10
44 John Warrillow2:03:04
45 Tim Chaplin2:03:42
46 Darren Fry (Thorold Trail Hogs )2:05:36
47 Ryan Mahaffey2:05:50
48 Andrew Hall2:05:52
49 Jose Antonio Chau2:09:50
50 Matt Sanders2:16:22
51 Stefan Ioannou2:25:30
52 Chris Thomas2:27:50
53 Dwayne Squires2:29:47
54 Dale Gration2:34:13
55 Brodie Bartlett2:43:38
56 Chris Dunford2:58:46
57 Trigg Hall3:03:21
58 Troy Hall3:03:23
59 Brandon McGregor (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)3:05:01
60 Mike Sentance3:05:20
61 Adam Groen3:13:58
62 David Barton (C h i c o )3:28:07
63 Matthew Labadie3:28:17
64 Grant Barriage3:28:22
DNS Chris Kennedy
Solo Women
1 Kate Aardal (Hardcore Bike)3:53:36
2 Tricia K. Spooner (EMD Serono/Stevens : The Cyclery)at 18:04
3 Tracey Schinkel (The Hub Bicycle Club/Cambridge)26:34
4 Sarah Caylor (HB Cycling Club from Caledon)35:02
5 Robin Kay (Lapdogs Cycling Club/Toronto)37:51
6 Tanya Hanham54:16
7 Rebecca Gerlach1:25:35
8 Shannon Bentley (IMFIT/Younique Cycles/Markham)1:26:29
9 Jennifer Wright1:28:33
10 Lyndsay Thompson1:31:09
11 Lina Van der Wel2:47:18
DNS Holly Hamilton (Elite Racing)
40+ Men
1 Ted Ingram (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)3:24:26
2 David Dermont (True North Cycles)at 3:49
3 Terry Schinkel (The Hub Bicycle Club)6:07
4 Hamish Gordon (Team R.A.C.E)14:12
5 Gordon Ruder (Pedal Performance)15:38
6 Mark Bowman32:56
7 Ken Waring33:11
8 Greg Shikaze (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team)35:56
9 Trent Winstone39:36
10 John MacKillop41:07
11 Patrick Barrett42:55
12 Danny Thompson55:39
13 Greg Cooper1:02:21
14 Usman Valiante1:02:54
15 Chris Beer1:04:36
16 James Irwin1:07:03
17 Gary McNally (HB Cycling Club/
18 Thomas Hanrahan (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)1:12:43
19 Ray Kunkel1:14:26
20 Jouko Haapanen1:21:56
21 Ognjen Sokolovic1:21:56
22 Barry Pankiw1:24:11
23 Ian Miller1:24:22
24 Jean Michaud (Lapdogs Cycling Club)1:26:26
25 Ray DeNure (Kawartha Cycling Club/Denure Tours)1:29:22
26 David Parsons1:29:25
27 Jim Forbes1:32:37
28 Peter Gowthorpe1:33:14
29 Jonathan Skelcher (Fitfix)1:37:09
30 Bradley Stevens1:40:00
31 Rick Francis1:43:29
32 Tom McDonough (Thorold Trail Hogs)1:44:04
33 Jim Feeley1:44:16
34 Rusty Fisher1:49:26
35 Tim Chaput1:50:05
36 Roland Lockhart1:52:38
37 Wayne Hodge1:53:21
38 Stuart Connell (Waterloo Cycling Club/Waterloo)1:54:29
39 Dieter Sartisson1:54:44
40 Rick Vandermey1:55:38
41 Larry Sullivan1:56:40
42 Glenn Goodwin (Trek
43 Steve Weyl2:06:15
44 Rob Bouchard2:19:49
45 John Helsdon2:20:38
46 Rob Meyers2:23:04
47 Glenn Meeuwisse (Middle First Aid)2:27:16
48 Gary Black2:30:51
49 Leif Hudson (from Toronto)2:44:21
50 David Wright2:56:40
51 John Leuba2:58:47
52 Wally Tykoliz3:42:13
DNS Marc Booth
DNS Keith Bush (St. Catharines CC)
DNS Scott Graham
DNS Ron Oswald
DNS Victor Therrien
DNS Laszlo Toth
DNS Ray Vandongen
40+ Women
1 Joanne Uhlmann (Gears Bike Shop Club)4:51:15
2 Heather Stanley (Velocity Bike and Multisport)at 18:20
3 Lori Davis (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club)32:37
4 Nichola Sartisson1:56:34
5 Anna Tykoliz (Bikefit Sunflower Squad)2:15:26
6 Patricia Crosscombe (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)2:18:32
Solo SS Men
1 Scott Bentley (Sound Solutions)3:42:45
2 Mark Summers (Sound Solutions)at 1:42
3 David Unrau (True North Cycles)7:58
4 Mark Lepper (Misfit Psycles)15:22
5 Joe Cruz22:45
6 Peter Keiller (Misfit
7 David Stowe33:04
8 Guy Leclair55:33
9 Del Grams (Misfit
10 Scott Mount (Misfit Psycles)58:44
11 David Beer (True North Cycles)1:46:45
12 Adam Lucas (True North Cycles)1:46:47
DNS Gordon Brown
Solo SS Women
1 Mari Evans (True North Cycles)5:55:30
Men's Team of 2 (33-79)
1 Matthew Paziuk/Andrew Watson3:31:22
2 Mike Davidson/Paul Loughran (Long Sault Long Shots)at 9:57
3 Thomas Wood/Bretton Matthews33:57
4 Roberto Notarangelo/Ken Burgess39:48
5 Kevin Webster/Michael Mazza (Cyclepath Markham)45:27
6 Brian De Leenheer/George Organ52:37
7 Mark Ysseldyk/Brad Ysseldyk1:04:43
8 William Hellems/Maurice Regaudie1:08:40
9 Chris Petrik/Francois Boivin1:16:23
10 Luke Myles/Nicholas Vipond1:18:53
11 David Pontbriand/Colin Cameron1:20:06
12 Neil Ireland/Duncan Vernon1:21:08
13 Mike Sima/Kyle Lyons (Wrigley)1:24:23
14 Winston Tam/Toby Wong (Silent Sports)1:40:01
15 Wade Smith/Tim Lee (Short Hill Billys)1:47:19
16 Kevin Leonard/Chris Durand1:53:25
17 John Yip/Kevin Wall1:53:58
18 Alex Hebert/Sean Kilpatrick1:56:13
19 Peter Sutton/Eldon Brown (Different Bikes)2:13:14
20 Scott Uhrig/Rod Walker3:10:02
Men's Team of 2 (80+)
1 Matthew Handford/Andrew Handford3:40:26
2 Jeff Shikaze/Benoit Doucette3:43:36
3 Bradford Brock/William Logie4:02:26
4 Michael Cranwell/Mark Thurston (Lapdogs Cycling Club)4:05:35
5 Michael Dennis/Malcolm Bow (Speed
6 Blake Ellis/Brent Ellis4:11:21
7 Glen Johannesson/Brent Thomlison4:12:10
8 Narius Botyrius/Jason Raymond (Hose Jockeys)4:24:03
9 Brian Culbert/Dave Battison4:26:46
10 Rich Olynyk/Bradley Mc Cutcheon4:27:29
11 Robert Schultz/Ben Smith4:30:56
12 Daniel Mallett/Stewart Mcintosh4:34:15
13 Mark Cairncross/Dale Wood4:39:14
14 Dave Bell/Rob St. Marseille (Lamberts Corvettes & Moran Mining)4:48:53
15 Scott Burns/Don Martin4:51:33
16 Simon Valleau/Rob Nishman4:54:35
17 Paul Allan/Ron Donaldson5:01:23
18 Logan Davidson/Ian Giles5:09:32
19 Steven Fisher/Joseph Ludden5:30:40
20 Steve Shikaze/Mark Walker5:44:12
21 Henry Au/Michael Lo5:56:25
22 Wayne Floreani/John Hughes6:40:57
23 Rod Oliveira/Marian Hyravy7:10:47
Women's Team of 2
1 Sue Haviland/Catherine Vipond (Norco Evolution Team)3:58:09
2 Ingrid Zschogner/Angela Webster1:21:40
3 Lisa Johnson/Beth Everist2:39:36
4 Sara Lee/Jen Smith (Short Hill Billys)3:07:17
Mixed Team
1 Scott Thomson/Jane Thomson (Arrow Racing)4:30:06
2 Rachael Mirvish/Brad Hunter (Sweet Pete's/Epic Ride/HB CC)at 4:14
3 Jeff Wright/Leesa Emmerson9:19
4 Norma Rainwater/Johnny Garner31:05
5 Rob Prouse/Juliette Prouse38:24
6 Julia Rodgerson/Colin Rodgerson55:13
7 Marc Risdale/Kim Jones (Misfit Pyscles)58:34
8 Rick Sommerkamp/Anne Flanagan59:44
9 Liz Duval/Walter Furlan1:27:10
10 Denise McIsaac/Mark McIsaac1:29:11
11 Marie Faughnan/James Madronich1:44:24
12 Lynn-Ann Steel/Anthony Delima1:53:47


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