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September 20/08 3:55 am - Ontario Provincial DH Championships

Posted by Editoress on 09/20/08

Cycle Solutions O-Cup DH Provincial Champs September 15th, Camp Fortune
Courtesy Peter Appleton

Presented by Commencal

As I rolled into Camp Fortune on Friday I wasn't sure what to expect this weekend. The weather was all over the map, hurricane Ike was bearing down on us and a brand new upper and mid section had been created for our provincial championship course.

As my staff and other awesome helpers walked up the course, smiles were everywhere from ear to ear. Tons of perfectly built berms were scattered everywhere, this was going to be a flowy, fast and hold on race.

For the most part the rain held off and allowed the course to take up a little moisture at night but nothing that turned it into a bog. By Sunday race day we had a bit of sun peaking through and the race course was primed!

In the always huge Senior Sport category we had a sweet battle with the two Steve's only 6/10th's off each other for a battle into 3rd for Steven Crown, 2nd place to Steven Vaillancourt and Patrick took first by a whooping 9 seconds!

1 Patrick Bachand (Quebec) 2:27.125
2 Steven Vaillancourt (Gearhead MTB Renfrew) 2:36.061
3 Steven Crown (Ind) 2:36.677

Junior Expert is always a great race to watch, especially with a number of riders moving up a category for 2009. Some of quebecs finest decided to come out and see if they could steal a win. But it wasn't to be Maxime (FH Racing) pulled in a 3rd, Jame Jeannet a solid 2nd and Rob Fraser ( pulled out yet another victory securing the overall series as well.

1 Rob Fraser ( 2:18.926
2 James Jeannet (Ind) 2:19.247
3 Maxime Fortin Faubert (FH Racing) 2:21.850

The ladies too the stage with a good field. Would Kristen or Anne be able to steal the thorny crown from La Reine Sheila, NOO! it wasn't to be. Sheila decimated the field. Anne took 3rd, Kristen Courtney ( a solid 2nd and yes Sheila Morris (cycle solutoins) won by almost 23 seconds!!

1 Sheila Morris (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing) 2:45.086
2 Kristen Courtney ( 3:08.547
3 Anne Laplante (Ind) 3:11.892

It was all down to the men's elite, with Drew Pautler in Austria racing the world cup, a few people had their eyes on the prize. With some top pro's returning from summers in whistler and top 3 quebec Pro Men racers, it was anybodies to grab. But it was Canada Cup Superstar Justin Brown who would pull it out in the end. Zach Tatem (Trek bike store) had a great 5th, Josh DeCloet (Commencal) fresh from whistler pulled in a 4th, Matt Zdriluk ( also back from Whistler took bronze, it was Benoit Rioux fresh off a 3rd at QC Provincials who secured the silver. But 'Downtown' Justin Brown squeezed another 2/10ths out of the clock for the big fat Gold around his neck

1 Justin Brown (Ind) 2:14.451
2 Beniot Rioux (Quebec) 2:14.620
3 Matt Zdriluk ( 2:16.338
4 Josh DeCloet (Commencal) 2:18.202
5 Zachary Tatem (Trek Bicycle Store Team) 2:18.251

Awards ceremony saw possibly the best ever contest for a 2008 Norco 250 frame. After about 30 people did a running race up the hill and back to determine the first 5 back. These unsuspecting top 5 had to pick a partner.
Once the partner was picked, they were told what the final contest was.... it was a whip cream licking contest off your best buddies (or moms in one
case) sweat and mud stained stomach. Patrick Bachand licked his best friend clean for the frame!

Here they are in action, licking up the good stuff, photo Shane joachim

This season was amazing, we broke attendance records, build awesome new race courses, had our own fireworks display in the parking lots and most of all over 450 different people raced DH or 4X this year, more than any other season ever!!!!

Thanks to all the volunteers, marshalls and participants for making this what the O-Cup scene is all about....awesome times and great competition!

I can't wait til 2009, its going to be a sweet sweet season.

We can't thank enough our amazing support staff, Lee Allen, Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff, First aid Pro Patrol and staff and ofcourse the amazing volunteers and sponsors: Bike Store, Commencal Bikes, Norco Performance Bikes ,Kenda Tires, Titec Components, Ontario Cycling Association,,Privateer Racing, To Wheels, Industry Bike park, Harvey's, FUNN, Gamut,Trident and CIBC.

For full results go to

2008 DH Club Standings (PDF)


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