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September 21/08 8:23 am - Times Colonist Cycling Festival: results for final 2 days of racing

Posted by Editoress on 09/21/08

Times Colonist Cycling Festival

In a west coast city accustomed to wet weather, who knew that two or three drops of rain would have such a big effect on a bike race? In a sprint finish in a rain-shortened race, Symmetrics' Andrew Pinfold (47:28) beat out Kirk O'Bee to take the 100.3 The Q Bastion Square Grand Prix title.

The 70-lap course was shortened to 30 laps after a few sprinkles quickly brought out the oil in the asphalt, making for a crash-riddled men's pro race. Zack Garland (47:32) and Max Plaxton (47:33) finished third and fourth respectively.

"If it had rained the whole morning we wouldn't have had a problem, but it's the few drops of rain on a dry surface that made the road so slippery," said Race Director Drew Mitchell. "It's unfortunate that we didn't get the full race in, but it was a matter of safety first."

In the women's pro race, Organic Athlete Gillian Carleton sprinted past last year's winner and Olympian Alison Sydor to win the Cat, 1-3 female race in 1:00:13. Steph Roorda and Amy Herlinveaux finished in the same time, third and fourth respectively.

The Grand Prix was the third race of the Times Colonist Cycling Festival, presented by Saunders Subaru.

Olympians Simon Whitfield, Ryder Hesjedal and Alison Sydor joined more than 120 kids (aged 5 to 10) for the Tim Hortons Timbit Challenge. This one-lap fun event is free, with each participant receiving a medal, t-shirt, water bottle and other prizes.

In the Bear Mountain Hill Climb, presented by Cardinal Law on Friday, Victoria's Rob Britton won the grueling 3K climb finishing in 7:32, ahead of Curtis Dearden (7:56) and Craig Richey (7:57). In a reverse of fortunes from last year's top two women's winners Amy Herlinveaux was first in 9:35 ahead of last year's winner Megan Rathwell (9:44) and Sheryl Preston repeated her 2007 third-place finish in a time of 10:18.

The top three finishers in the Saturday's Cops for Cancer Oak Bay Criterium were Zack Garland (1:19), Chris Worsfold (1:19:18) and Curtis Dearde (1:19:18) in the Group A race; while Craig Logan, Dylan Reeves and Rob Breathet were the top three in the Group B race in :53:20 (same time). All proceeds of this event ˆ as well as the prize purse for the winner of each race ˆ went directly to the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock campaign.

Oak Bay Bikes Criterium (September 20th) )
Group A - 60 laps
1 Zack Garland (cyclist)1:19:05
2 Chris Worsfold (Fraser Health)at 0:18
3 Curtis Dearden (Dearden Construction)
4 Robert Cameron (IRC)
5 Vaughn Hildebrand (IRC)
6 Nic Hamilton (Team Aviawest)
7 Maurice Worsfold (Fraser Health)
8 Emile Derosnay (OrganicAthlete)
9 Hugh Trenchard (Schwalbe Club)all s.t.
DNF Marcel Aarden (Manager)
DNF Rob Britton (Ind)
DNF Cody Campbell (Symmetrics)
DNF Kenyon Campbell (Fort Street Cycle)
DNF Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles)
DNF Brian Eberdt (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNF Chris Hillier (Objects of Desire)
DNF Andrew Mccartney (Triathlon)
DNF Jacob Schwingboth (Team B.C)
DNF Daniel Sessford (Ind)
DNF Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete)
DNF Dan Skinner (Ind)
DNF Nick Smit (Independent)
DNF Simon Sterling (Ind)
DNF Jon Watkin (Aviawest Elite Cycling Team)
Group B 45 min + 5 laps
1 Craig Logan (Aviawest)0:53:20
2 Dylan Reeves (Ind)at s.t.
3 Rob Breathet (Heenan Blaikie)
4 Anthony Zackery (LaBicicletta
5 Mike Laxdal (Campione Ratcliff)
6 Larry Wilson (IRC)all s.t.
7 Zach Young (Ind)down 1 lap
8 Bill Ethier (TripleShotCycling)down 1 lap
9 Lister Farrar (Ind)down 1 lap
10 Barry Beck (Schwalbe)down 1 lap
David Beggs (Moonglow Enterprises Ltd)down 1 lap
Gillian Carleton (OrganicAthlete)down 1 lap
Chris Chatham (Ind)down 1 lap
Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity Cycling Club)down 1 lap
Ron Heal (Island Racing Club)down 1 lap
Keith Jones (Peninsula Cycles)down 1 lap
Peter Lawless (Ind)down 1 lap
Steve Lund (Aviawest)down 1 lap
David Mckinney (Aviawest)down 1 lap
David Mercer (University of Victoria)down 1 lap
Kevin Park (OrganicAthlete)down 1 lap
Andy Pitre (Ind)down 1 lap
Aaron Quesnel (Quesnel Forest-Tree Goods)down 1 lap
Kevin Rutherford (True North Cycling Inc.)down 1 lap
Casey Ryder (Team Naked)down 1 lap
Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes)down 1 lap
James Thompson (CVC Racing)down 1 lap
Antony Winter (Oak Bay Cycling club)down 1 lap
Roland Rabien (Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor)down 1 lap
Jeff George (Ind)down 1 lap
Jak New (Ind)down 1 lap
John Taylor (University of Victoria)down 1 lap
Marcus Durrant (Penplod)down 1 lap
Jordan Duncan (Comox Valley Cycle Club)down 5 laps
David Kenny (BC Masters Cycling Association)down 6 laps
Jeffrey Wynne (Independent)down 6 laps
Kent Duncan (Comox Valley Cycle Club)down 7 laps
Kaylynn Purdy (SMUS)down 12 laps
DNF Andrew Cuthbert (Vivid Solutions)
DNF Steven Grandy (Ind)
DNF Justin Lee (Ind)
DNF Lisa Rogers (Ind)
DNF William Sharrett (Our Place Society)
The Q Bastion Square Grand Prix Criterium
Elite Men (Cat. 1 & 2 - 30 laps)
1 Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics)0:47:28
2 Kirk O'bee (Health Net/Maxxis)at s.t
3 Zack Garland (cyclist)0:47:32
4 Max Plaxton (Ind)0:47:33
5 Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck)0:47:35
6 Nic Hamilton (Team Aviawest)0:47:37
7 Mike Korb (Russ Hay Cycling)0:48:21
8 Maurice Worsfold (Fraser Health)0:48:22
9 Chris Worsfold (Fraser Health)s.t.
10 Robert Cameron (IRC)0:48:50
11 Chris Hillier (Objects of Desire)0:48:57
DNF Curtis Dearden (Dearden Construction)
DNF Kenyon Campbell (Fort Street Cycle)
DNF Hugh Trenchard (Schwalbe Club)
DNF Marcel Aarden (Manager)
DNF Trevor Connor (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles)
DNF Jon Watkin (Aviawest Elite Cycling Team)
DNF Dave Brooks (Independent)
DNF Cody Campbell (Symmetrics)
DNF Rob Britton (Trek Red Truck)
DNF Chris Reynolds (Campione)
DNF Johan Petterson (Team Merida Sweden)
DNF Will Routley (Symmetrics)
DNF Thomas Skinner (Rocky Mountain)
DNF Dan Skinner (Total Restoration)
NOTE: Race shortened from 70 laps due to road conditions
Women (45 laps)
1 Gillian Carleton (OrganicAthlete)1:00:13
2 Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain)at s.t.
3 Steph Roorda (Team Giant/Whistler)s.t.
4 Amy Herlinveaux (Dearden Construction)s.t.
5 Laura Brown (Giant/Whistler)1:01:04
6 Annie Ewart (Aviawest)s.t.
7 Naomi Cooper (Ind)1:01:13
8 Joele Guynup (Ind)1:02:23
9 Lisa Jeffery (Ind)1:08:32
Cat 3 Men (45 laps)
1 Emile Derosnay (OrganicAthlete)50:26.5
2 Vaughn Hildebrand (IRC)50:29.6
3 Craig Logan (Aviawest)s.t
4 Jacob Schwingboth (Team B.C)s.t
5 Mike Laxdal (Campione Ratcliff)s.t
6 Andrew Mccartney (Triathlon)50:31.8
7 Nick Smit (Independent)s.t
8 Robert Fougere (Independent)s.t
9 Corey Hess (Team Aviawest)50:33.8
10 Rob Breathet (Heenan Blaikie)s.t
11 Gordon Smith (Campione-Ratcliff)50:41.3
DNF Brian Eberdt (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNF Kevin Rutherford (True North Cycling Inc.)
Cat 4 Men (35 laps)
1 Dan Scott (Oak Bay Bikes)40:52.8
2 Nicholas Jones (Campione - Ratcliff)s.t.
3 Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete)s.t.
4 Anthony Zackery (LaBicicletta
5 Aaron Quesnel (Quesnel Forest-Tree Goods)s.t.
6 Doug Merrick (Comox Valley Cycle Club)s.t.
7 James Thompson (CVC Racing)s.t.
8 Jak New (Escape Velocity)s.t.
9 David Beggs (Moonglow Enterprises Ltd)s.t.
10 Mike Chandler (PRA International)40:55.6
DNF Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity Cycling Club)
Cat 5 Men (25 laps)
1 Shane Mcelhanney (Ind)0:29:02
2 Antony Winter (Oak Bay Cycling club)s.t.
3 Tim Nason (Independent)s.t.
4 Kevin Park (OrganicAthlete)s.t.
5 Ron Heal (Island Racing Club)s.t.
6 Roland Rabien (Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor)s.t.
7 John Taylor (University of Victoria)s.t.
8 Doug Doyle ( )s.t.
9 Casey Ryder (Team Naked)0:30:14
10 Steven Grandy (Ind)0:30:28
11 Nels Anvik (Independent)0:30:38
12 William Sharrett (Our Place Society)0:31:08
13 Colin Chilibeck (Arts Automotive)0:31:30
14 Matt Pucsek (Victoria Wheelers)0:31:47
15 Jonathan Aubry (Highlands Boys Productions)s.t.
16 Kent Duncan (Comox Valley Cycle Club)0:32:26
17 Jeffrey Wynne (Independent)0:32:58
18 Thomas Rattray (Highlands Boys Productions)0:36:27
DNF Jordan Duncan (Comox Valley Cycle Club)
DNF Gary Leung (West Coast Racing)
DNS David Kenny (BC Masters Cycling Association)
DNS Bill Ethier (TripleShotCycling)
DNS Keith Jones (Peninsula Cycles)


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