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September 23/08 6:10 am - Ontario University Cup #2

Posted by Editoress on 09/23/08

University Cup #2 - Hardwood Hills September 21st
Courtesy Aaron Rahim, University of Guelph

Over 100 University students gathered at Hardwood Hills last weekend to compete in the second of the four University Cup races. Competition was tight as several more schools made an appearance this time around.

In the Men's A Category, Queen's Steve "Showboat" Chapman continued his winning ways, and dominated the race. In second was '08 Ontario Cup Senior Expert champion, Brendan Matheson of Georgian College. Third place was earned by Dmytro Mulyava of York University.

In the Women's B category, Kaitlin Michener of Humber College earned a convincing win, while in second was University of Guelph's Erika Bota. In third place was Jennifer Morgan of Queens University.

The Men's B category was extremely close as Simon McKay of Guelph and Chris McKnight of the University of Toronto exchanged lead several times. In the end it was Chris McKnight whose perfectly timed sprint attack at the finish line bagged him the win. In third place was the University of Ottawa' Jean Marc Bennet.

In the Women's B category, Guelph's Holly Dodds maintained her lead throughout the race to bag the win. In second was Laurentian University's Aden Beresford. Claiming the last podium spot was Ryerson University's Elizabeth Graham.

The overall team standings showed little change with the University of Guelph extending it's lead, and with Queen's and the University of Toronto holding second and third respectively.
With two more races remaining it will be interesting to see if the University of Toronto or Queens can muster the power to shake up the rankings. University Cup #3 is scheduled for Sept 28th at Ganaraska Forest, located near Port Hope, Ontario

Team Standings After Two of Four Races
1. University of Guelph - 1084
2. Queen's University - 833
3. University of Toronto - 541
4. York University - 184
5. University of Waterloo - 105

If you are a University or College student in Ontario or Quebec (Or even south of the border!) then this race series is geared towards you. Contact your University cycling team/club for more information OR check out the OUMRC for details.

Mens A
1 Showboat (Queens University)
2 Brendan Matheson (Georgian)
3 Dmytro Mulyava (York University)
4 Tim Carleton (Laurentian)
5 Geoff Sanz (Queens University)
6 Dave Reid (University of Guelph)
7 Aaron Rahim (University of Guelph)
8 Kelsey Krushel (University of Ottawa)
9 Mark Romeril (University of Guelph)
10 Bayden Pritchard (University of Guelph)
11 Marty Wopereis (McMaster)
12 Bret Waghorne (University Of Toronto)
13 Darryl McGrath (Queens University)
14 Chris Fruetel (University of Guelph)
15 Sandy Miller (Queens University)
16 David Paradis (Lakehead)
17 Jonathan McKinley (University of Waterloo)
18 Matt Cassell (University of Waterloo)
19 Duane Epp (Queens University)
20 Jonathan Lapierre (York University)
21 Liam Twomey (Queens University)
22 Patrick Twomey (Queens University)
24 Tim Philpott (Queens University)
23 J Kuyn (University Of Toronto)
25 Eric van Beurdan (University Of Toronto)
26 Jason Zhu (University Of Toronto)
27 Mike Hall (Queens University)
28 Brandon Tulloch (University of Waterloo)
29 Tomek Bartczak (University Of Toronto)
30 Damien Bradley (Queens University)

Womens A
1 Kaitlin Michener (Humber)
ALUM Carrie Cartmill (University Of Toronto)
2 Erica Bota (University of Guelph)
3 Jennnifer Morgan (Queens University)
4 Marissa Wopereis (Sutherland Chan)
5 Jessica Moffet (University Of Toronto)
6 Lindsay Brown (University of Guelph)
7 Michelle LePalud (University of Guelph)
8 Kathryn Barker (Western)
9 Claire Michel (Queens University)
10 Tara Nicholls (York University)
11 Sarah Figley (University Of Toronto)
ALUM Victoria Fenniger (Queens University)

Mens B
1 Chris McKnight (University Of Toronto)
2 Simon McKay (University of Guelph)
3 Jean-Marc Bennet (University of Ottawa)
4 Chris Zuliani (University of Guelph)
5 Mike Studli (Queens University)
6 Michael Belshaw (Queens University)
7 Doug Page (Queens University)
8 Gordon Muir (University of Guelph)
9 Philip Chung (Queens University)
10 Matt Mackillop (University of Ottawa)
11 Eric Ong (Queens University)
12 Louis Barbier (University Of Toronto)
13 Chris Wedeles (University Of Toronto)
14 Hank Jien (Queens University)
15 Yann Gagnon (Western)
16 Mark Carlson (Queens University)
17 Alex Selagea (Queens University)
18 Michael Fuoce (Queens University)
19 Justin Murphy (Queens University)
20 Jasper Brawley-Hayes (University of Waterloo)
21 Angus Fei Ni (University Of Toronto)
22 Dana Rea (University of Guelph)
23 Ryan Lacherits (University of Guelph)
24 David Sealey (University Of Toronto)
25 Jeff Loeb (Queens University)
26 Karl Jansen (University Of Toronto)
27 Sebastien Beaulieu (McGill)
28 Luke Norris (University Of Toronto)
29 Antonio Chong (University Of Toronto)
30 Mike Vaselenak (Queens University)
31 William Doyle (Queens University)
32 Rhain Louis (University Of Toronto)
33 Brian Liu (University Of Toronto)
34 Peter Schalk (University of Ottawa)
35 Simon Wilmot (University Of Toronto)
36 Oliver Sorin (University Of Toronto)
37 Guang-Ting Cong (University Of Toronto)
38 Brendan Stretch (York University)
39 Bennett Yan (University Of Toronto)
40 Kent Santin (University of Guelph)
41 Jonathon Galbot (York University)
42 Steven Pall (University of Guelph)

Womens B
1 Holly Dodds (University of Guelph)
2 Aden Beresford (Laurentian)
3 Elizabeth Graham (Ryerson)
4 Krisztina Mosdossy (University of Guelph)
5 Agi Zachara (Queens University)
6 Lara Byikalo (Laurier)
7 Alison Beamish (Queens University)
8 Rebecca Lawrance (University of Guelph)
9 Emily Jibb (Queens University)
10 Jessica Davenport (University Of Toronto)
11 Veronica Poitras (Queens University)
12 Briar Delange (University Of Toronto)
13 Alison Chan (University of Guelph)
14 Emelie Maeda (University Of Toronto)
15 Carolyn Parrat (University of Guelph)
16 Alexandra Hincke (Queens University)
17 Anna McNally (Queens University)


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