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October 1/08 10:28 am - Cross on the Rock Supports Riders for Nationals

Posted by Editor on 10/1/08

Cross on the Rock Supports Riders for Nationals

Courtesy Norm Thibault

When we started to put on Cyclocross races on Vancouver Island 5-plus years ago, one of our goals was to be able to help riders achieve new levels. What normally happens in cycling is that all the support comes too late. When you are a developing rider that needs a bit of a push to make it to an important race or to buy an important piece of equipment there is rarely the right support at the right time for you. When you have finally made it to a higher level and are achieving some great results only then is there the support you need....too late to help when you really needed it. We want to help that developing rider.

What we are offering is just a bit of cash to 4 riders to help with their trip to the National Championships coming up in Edmonton. A little push in case they were sitting on the fence wondering if they should go or not. This money can be used any way you want as long as it supports your trip in some way. So for travel, food, accommodations, entry fees or even towards some sweet Challenge tubulars from OBB.

How much: We are offering 4 people $250 each. IF we find that we don't have 4 people then we will offer the others a bit more.....basically we have budgeted $1000 for this.

Who qualifies: The person must be a supporter of the Cross on the Rock Series. Meaning that they have done at least one race and hopefully more races in our series. We are hoping to support someone that just needs that extra little bit of incentive to go to Nationals. SO they have to go to Nationals if they are selected (If something comes up and you don't owe us some $$). Ideally, we would be supporting 1 Junior rider, 1 U23 Rider, 1 Elite Man and 1 Women rider. We don't see us giving the $$ to a fully sponsored rider that already has support. As well, we don't think that a masters rider would qualify as hopefully they would have a job that helps with their cross habit....BUT if we hear a good case then we might.

What you need to do if you want the $$: We would like to make the awards of the cash at this weekend's Cross on the Rock event in Victoria so you need to act fast. If you think you should qualify fire us a note that you are interested, how you have improved over the past years, how this $$ would help your trip to Nationals and if you have done a few Cross on the Rock races and want to list them off....that would probably be good as well. If you are selected we would like to have a note from you after the event letting us and our series followers know how your races in Edmonton went.

When: We need to have your information by 6:00pm on Friday the 3rd of October. You can e-mail it to

Extra Note: It is our $$. We are giving it away free. We don't want to hear any whining or complaining about it after we make our selections.

We could not do this stuff without the support of riders (so come out and race this weekend), GRMBA and our support those guys too!!


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