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July 28/97 23:09 pm - Quebec-Montreal, Ontario DH, Ontario Trail Centre

Posted by Editor on 07/28/97

QUEBEC-MONTREAL CLASSIC (thanks to J.L. and the FQCS) Yesterday, 49th edition of the Quebec-Montreal race. Mat Anand (Espoirs Laval) took the lead with less than 4 kilometers to go to win the 251 km race in 6h 12m and 58 secs. Second was Fabien Bergeron (Everfresh/Radio-Énergie) was the big looser. Bergeron went ahead at the 200 km mark and was leading by more than 1'30" when a flat tire and a fall on the wet slippery road lost him the race. For the first time, the Quebec-Montreal race was on the UCI calendar. 77 cyclists were at the start and 60 completed the longest amateur race in the world. 1. Mat Anand (Espoirs Laval) 6:12;58 2. Fabien Bergeron (Everfresh/Radio-Energie) 6:13;53 3. Mark Hibbard (Team Ontario) 6:14;01 4. Yannick Cojan (Espoirs Laval) 6:14;05 5. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Saeco V.B.) 6:14;43 6. Alexandre Lavallée (Espoirs Laval) s.t. 7. Guillaume Belzile (Everfresh/Radio-Energie) s.t. You will find enclosed the results of the 49th edition of the Québec -Montréal race held on July 27. Please note that the UCI sanction (1.5) of the race gives UCI points to the top 10 riders (15,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1). Pierre Thibault FQSC CLASSIQUE CYCLISTE QUÉBEC-MONTRÉAL 27 JUILLET 1997 Rg Nom Club/Equipe Temps 1. Mat Anand Espoirs Laval - Naya 6:12:58 2. Fabien Bergeron Everfresh - Radio Energie 6:13:53 3. Mark Hibbard Team Ontario 6:14:01 4. Yannick Cojan Espoirs Laval - Naya 6:14:05 5. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz Saeco - VB Cycle 6:14:43 6. Alexandre Lavallée Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 7. Guillaume Belzile Everfresh - Radio Energie MT 8. Michel Nepveu Cycles Patrick MT 9. Daniel Maggiodomo Bromont - AVP MT 10. Dominic Perras Excellence Sport - Harvey's MT 11. Sylvain Beauchamps Everfresh - Radio Energie 6:14:50 12. John Powell Woodbridge MT 13. Joe Giuliano Team Ontario 6:15:00 14. Erick Lyman Excellence Sport - Harvey's 6:16:45 15. Jason Cheney West Québec Wheelers 6:16:53 16. John Large West Québec Wheelers 6:17:32 17. Andrew Randell Espoirs Laval - Naya 6:17:53 18. Dave Boasie Team Ontario 6:18:21 19. Jonathan Tremblay Espoirs Laval - Naya 6:18:28 20. Heath Cockburn Bromont - AVP MT 21. Pierre Chevrier Everfresh - Radio Energie 6:18:35 22. Vincent Caron Sherbrooke 6:18:52 23. Jonathan Tremblay Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 24. Alexandre Bernard Excellence Sport - Harvey's MT 25. Daniel Fortin Sainte-Foy Québec Métro MT 26. Paul Migner Médico-Sportif 6:20:26 27. Nat Faulkner Team Ontario MT 28. Gino Beauchamps Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 29. André Breton Argon 18 - Banque Laurentienne MT 30. Jason Neubauer Bromont - AVP MT 31. Brandon Sant Saeco - VB Cycle MT 32. Mathew Hansen Team Ontario MT 33. Bruno Durand Argon 18 - Banque Laurentienne MT 34. Jacques Belzile Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 35. Mike Stickland Sainte-Foy Québec Métro MT 36. Frédéric Vachon Everfresh - Radio Energie MT 37. Glenn Harris Ottawa B.C. MT 38. Didier Legall Argon 18 - Banque Laurentienne MT 39. G. Seganfreddo Woodbridge MT 40. Carl Boivin Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 41. Pascal Choquette Bromont - AVP MT 42. Eric Moody Cycles Evasion MT 43. Graham Plunt Ottawa B.C. MT 44. Simon Léonard Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 45. David Macisaac Team Ontario MT 46. Tom Kelton Everfresh - Radio Energie MT 47. Benoir Desrosiers Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 48. Jean Sébastien Bernier Sainte-Foy Québec Métro MT 49. Sébastien Morisette Everfresh - Radio Energie MT 50. Alain Guimont Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 51. Hugo Ledouy Excellence Sport - Harvey's MT 52. Greg Boileau Ottawa B.C. MT 53. Georges Alexandrou Cycles Evasion MT 54. Yohia Becis Cycle Patrick 6:20:26 55. Robert Bolduc Argon 18 - Banque Laurentienne 6:20:50 56. Eric Allen Saeco - VB Cycle MT 57. Mike Leach West Québec Wheeler 6:20:58 58. Emmanuel Martin Espoirs Laval - Naya MT 59. Darko Fiko Woodbridge 6:21:14 60. Martin Roseboom Cycle Patrick DSQ .... 17 abandons Beaver Valley Downhill Daze, Ontario - July 26/27 While much of Southern Ontario experienced less than ideal conditions, Beaver Valley (just south of Georgian Bay) had ideal weather of cloud and then brilliant sun and wind for downhilling. The racers had rave reviews of the Beaver Valley course. Variety was the key feature. Starting on grass, racers dropped into a section of technical single track in the maple forest. This was followed by two brief sections of open ground followed by more forest, but this time featuring large rocks and drop-offs to negotiate. The final section was a high speed section on the ski run with two bad erosion ruts that created havoc with some riders. The majority of the racers had times just under 3 minutes, with only the top riders approaching 2.5 minutes. This is a very long run for southern Ontario. Tops in the Pro/Elite category was Mark Wells with a great time of 2:28:83. The real story of the day was Junior Expert Peter McLean who not only won his category, but posted the fasted time of the day with a scorching 2:24.74. Peter was also victorious in Saturday‚s Dual Slalom. Sue Morrow was a double victor in both DH and DS for Pro/Elite Women. Thanks are due to the event sponsor, Jolley‚s Cycle & Ski. Over $2500 in cash and merchandise made this one of the richest downhills in the province and Jolley‚s must get the credit for providing the prizes. Another feature of the weekend was Ontario‚s first ever downhill skills clinic, conducted by ODDA (Ont. Downhill and Dual Slalom Alliance) volunteers. A small but enthusiastic group was led through drills and demonstrations on both the downhill and dual slalom courses. This is an important start for ODDA and hopefully more gravity lovers will be the end result. Pro/Elite Men 1. Mark Wells 2:28.83 2. David Walker 2:29.22 3. Joe Baucham 2:29.70 4. Mike Verseghy 2:32.67 5. Dathan Wells 2:34.89 Pro Women 1. Sue Morrow 2:54.39 2. Karen Mogg 3:04.48 Junior Expert Men 1. Peter McLean 2:24.74 2. Chris Cousineau 2:32.97 3. Ondrej Neumann 2:34.22 4. Adam Billinghurst 2:40.73 5. Michael Barnicke 2:45.01 New Mountain Bike Centre Opens In Ontario Some of the best singletrack in Ontario is found in the Dufferin County Forest , an hour northwest of Toronto. Bordering on the edge of the County Forest is the Mansfield Outdoor Centre, a private land owner who offers nature education, cross country skiing and camping. Starting on August 2nd, mountain biking will be available at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre on weekends and holiday Mondays. The Mansfield Outdoor Centre occupies a fine piece of convoluted terrain in very thick forest. Singletrack is mixed with cross country ski trails to provide lots of fun for riders of all abilities. 20km of trail are available now, with more opening in the future. Some of the climbs are tough, but the downhills make it all worthwhile. The trails are significant enough that the cross-country portion of the Ontario MTB Championships will be held at the Outdoor Centre on August 24th. Trail fees are a modest $6.00 per person. Camping, cabins, and swimming pool are all available. The Mansfield Outdoor Centre is located on the east side of Airport Road, 10km north of Highway 89 (look for Alliston on a road map). Telephone (705) 435-4479 for more information.


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