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October 7/08 8:51 am - Vuelta a Chihuahua Stage 1

Posted by Editor on 10/7/08

Vuelta a Chihuahua Internacional - Mexico

Stage 1 - Chihuahua to Camargo, 148 km
1 Javier Benitez Pomares (Esp) Lagos-Benfica3:19:30
2 Steffen Radochla (Ger) Elk Haus Simplon
3 Juan P. Magallanes (Mex) Tecos-Trek
4 Mark Walters (Can) Team R.A.C.E. Pro
5 Eduardo Greciano (Mex) Orven Seek and Search
6 Iker Camano Ortuzar (Esp) Scott - American Beef
7 Derik Zampedri (Ita) NGC Medical
8 David Herrero Llorente (Esp) Xacebo- Galicia
9 Francisco Mancebo (Esp) Fercase - Rota dos Moveis
10 Jose Carlos Valdez (Mex) Canel's Turbo
40 Joël Dion-Poitras (Can) Team R.A.C.E. Pro
56 Buck Miller (Can) Team R.A.C.E. Pro
87 Keir Plaice (Can) Team R.A.C.E. Pro
92 Ryan Roth (Can) Team R.A.C.E. Pro
108 Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Team R.A.C.E. Pro
110 François Parisien (Can) Team R.A.C.E. Proall s.t.


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