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October 13/08 11:30 am - Jim Horner Cyclo-cross Grand Prix full results

Posted by Editoress on 10/13/08

Jim Horner Cyclo-cross Grand Prix - UCI October 12th, Edmonton , Alberta

Elite Men - 21.7 km (7 laps)
1 Geoff Kabush (Can) TEAM MAXXIS1:02:17
2 Tim Heemskerk (Ned) United Cycle Racing1:02:36
3 Derrick St. John (Can) Stevens Cross1:02:45
4 Eric Batty (Can) Trek Bicycle Store Toronto1:03:08
5 Mark Batty (Can) Team Race Pro1:03:34
6 Kevin Noiles (Can) Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes1:04:05
7 Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R Block1:04:19
8 Mike Garrigan (Can) Jet Power/Epicride1:04:27
9 Shawn Bunnin (Can) Team Alberta/bicisport1:04:38
10 Tyler Trace (Can) Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes1:04:42
11 Mathew Hewitt (Can) Independent1:04:48
12 Kevin Calhoun (Can) Rocky Mountain - Different Bikes1:04:51
13 Craig Richey (Can) Team Aviawest - Van Dessel1:04:55
14 Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona1:05:06
15 Nathan Chown (Can) Handlebars CC1:05:55
16 Chris McNeil (Can) Team H&R Block1:05:56
17 Ryan Hopping (Can) United Cycle1:06:14
18 David Larson (Can) Team Alberta/Juventus1:06:18
19 Andre Sutton (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club1:06:30
20 Erik Box (Can) The Hub/Davinci Cyclocross Team1:06:57
21 Nick Berry (Can) Mighty Riders1:06:58
22 Mike Bidniak (Can) Team Alberta/Juventus1:07:30
23 Brian Robinson (Can) Bow Cycle / CMC1:07:40
24 David Coughlin (Can) Dukes Cycle/Lapdogs1:07:57
25 Robin Baillie (Can) Team H&R Block1:08:03
26 Kyle Fry (Can) Cycle Solutions1:08:16
27 Matthew Krahn (Can) United Cycle Racing1:08:24
28 Jonathan Benskin (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club1:08:34
29 Steve Proulx (Can) EMD Serono/Stevens1:08:52
30 Peter Knight (Can) United Cycle Racing1:08:53
31 Matthew OHagan (Can) Campione/Radcliffe1:10:09
32 Shaun Adamson (Can) Juventus1:11:20
33 Graham Shrive (Can) Pedalhead Road Works-1 Lap
34 Stephen Cooley (Can) Team Saskatchewan-1 Lap
41 Graeme Thomson (Can) bicisport-1 Lap
35 Matthew Weston (GBr) Rivette - DMK-1 Lap
37 Joe Wessel (Can) Cycling BC/COBRA-1 Lap
38 Alex McCormick (Can) Juventus-1 Lap
39 Nathan Sedgewick (Can) BCW-1 Lap
40 Connor Witzke (Can) Juventus-1 Lap
DNF Drew Mackenzie (Can) Island Racing Club
DNF Thomas Skinner (Can) Rocky Mountain-K Capital Source
DNF Cody Canning (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle
DNS Stephen Ferris (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle
DNS Dave Brooks (Can) Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes
DNS Dominik Kubicki (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle
DNS Christian Jensen (Can) Cycledelia
DNS David Todd (Can) Juventus
Elite Women - 18.6 km (6 laps)
1 Wendy Simms (Can) KONA0:52:27
2 Pepper Harlton (Can) Team Alberta/Juventus0:52:57
3 Dawn Berg (Can) Oak Bay Bikes/Ever Ti0:53:17
4 Natasha Elliott (Can) EMD Serono/Stevens0:53:53
5 Mical Dyck (Can) Team Alberta/Terrascape0:55:21
6 Loni Klettl (Can) Freeskool0:55:37
7 Kelly Jones (Can) Sugoi0:56:07
8 Melanie Vaughan (Can) Steed Cycles0:56:59
9 Joele Guynup (Usa) Island Racing Club0:57:26
10 Jaymie McGowan (Can) Oak Bay Bikes0:57:26
11 Bridget Linder (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:58:00
12 Krystyn Ong (Can) Team Alberta/Juventus0:58:00
13 Vicki Thomas (Can) Ottawa Cross0:58:00
14 Christy Love (Can) West Coast Racing/Mighty Riders0:59:45
15 Shantel Koenig (Can) Independent1:00:15
16 Susan Clarke (Can) Team Sask/BCW Cycling1:00:51
17 Andrea Bunnin (Can) Team Sask/Doug's Spoke'n Sport1:02:50
18 Karen Fedoruk (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club-1 Lap
19 Tanya Hopping (Can) Veloplezn-1 Lap
20 Caeli Barron (Can) Team Alberta/Synergy-1 Lap
21 Samantha Grover (Can) Team Alberta/Juventus-1 Lap
22 Kendra Middleton (Can) Juventus-1 Lap
DNS Sarah Stewart (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team
Junior Men - 18.6 km (6 laps)
1 Evan Guthrie (Can) Cycling BC0:49:07
2 Kevin Thorpe (Can) Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes0:50:03
3 Sebastian Sleep (Can) Cycling BC0:50:13
4 Kris Dahl (Can) Team Alberta/CMC/Bow Cycle0:50:21
5 Mackenzie Carson (Can) Team Alberta/Juventus0:52:31
6 Nick Holatko (Can) Team BC0:53:30
7 Stuart Wight (Can) Mike's Bike Shop0:54:17
8 Kiernan Orange (Can) Ride with Rendall0:54:21
9 Colter Young (Can) Blizzard0:55:13
10 Paul Sales (Can) Independent0:55:53
DNF Mac Garvin (Can) Team Alberta/CMC/Bow Cycle
Master Women 30+ - 12.4 km (4 laps)
1 Sian Barraclough (Can) Velocity0:41:52
2 Lesley Trivett (Can) Wedgewood Cycling0:42:25
3 Joanne Breau (Can) Martin Swiss0:44:09
4 Sandra Yaworski (Can) Speed Theory0:45:20
5 Dana Muma (Can) Cycledelia/BCW0:48:55
6 Yvonne Harnoth (Can) Juventus0:50:55
DNS Martha Handford (Can) Different Bikes
Master 30-39 Men - 18.6 km (6 laps)
1 Peter Mogg (Can) The Hub/Devinci Cyclocross Team0:50:02
2 Dallas Morris (Can) Team H&R Block0:50:51
3 Graeme Martindale (Can) Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes0:51:33
4 David Roberts (Can) Hardcore Bicycle Club0:51:46
5 David Munden (Can) EMD Serono/Stevens0:52:52
6 Paul Martin (Can) CMC/Bow Cycle0:53:10
7 Scott Book (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle0:53:28
8 Todd Barraclough (Can) Velocity0:54:07
9 Neil Clarke (Can) BCW Cycling0:54:29
10 Mike Blennerhassett (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:54:38
11 Dave Nowak (Can) Comox Valley Cycling Club0:54:40
12 Brad Collins (Can) Independent0:55:13
13 John Clark (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:55:22
14 Blaine Richter (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle0:55:28
15 Andrew Brown (Can) Comox Valley Cycling Club0:55:49
16 Jason Frank (Usa) Central Alberta Bicycling Club0:56:10
17 Patrick Beckstead (Can) Ambleside Cycle/Mighty Riders0:56:14
18 Brent Hambleton (Can) Sugoi0:56:35
19 Reid Cummings (Can) CMC/Bow Cycle0:56:47
20 Derek Chipping (Can) Independent0:57:15
21 Tim Bulger (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle0:58:13
22 Miles Marshall (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle0:58:18
23 Kim Liss (Can) Independent0:59:01
24 Peter Steckhan (Can) Cycledelia1:00:07
25 Greg Yanicki (Can) bicisport-1 Lap
26 Matt Barber (Can) Mighty Riders-2 Laps
DNF Antonio Bilotta (Can) Pedalhead Road Works
DNF Mike Sarnecki (Can) Team ING
DNF Tim Riess (Can) Pedalhead Racing
Master 40-49 Men - 15.5 km (5 laps)
1 Sean Barr (Can) Pedalhead Road Works0:41:51
2 Normon Thibault (Can) Frontrunners0:42:34
3 Marc Boudreau (Can) Ride with Rendall0:42:37
4 Bruce Copeland (Can) Juventus/River Valley Cycle0:43:10
5 Mark Rumsey (Can) Hardcore Racing0:43:25
6 Robert Orange (Can) Ride with Rendall0:43:41
7 Kevin Simms (Can) Frontrunners0:44:22
8 Christian Jensen (Can) Cycledelia0:44:35
9 Jay Murray (Can) Trek/Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes0:45:10
10 Shane Rush (Can) Velocity0:46:23
11 Craig Fraser (Can) Calgary Cycle0:46:31
12 Tracy Shearer (Can) Juventus0:46:45
13 Ed Garvin (Can) CMC/Bowcycle0:47:07
14 Pat Doyle (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:47:32
15 Michael Johns (Can) Central Alberta Bicycle Club0:47:56
16 Jay Loder (Can) Mighty Cycling0:48:54
17 Murray Aubin (Can) ERTC/Revolution Cycle0:49:25
18 Chris Redden (Can) SPEED RIVER .COM0:51:35
19 Michael Power (Can) BCW-1 Lap
20 Scott Carter (Can) Independent-1 Lap
DNF Keith Bayly (Can) Veloplzen
DNS Dan Hunka (Can) Edmonton Juventus Cycling Club
DNS Albie Malan (Can) BCW
DNS Matt Wheatley (Can) Juventus/River Valley Cycle
DNS Andy Holmwood (Can) Team H&R Block
DNS David Verveda (Can) Highwood
DNS Andy Achuff (Can) Pedalhead Racing
Master 50+ Men - 12.4 km (4 laps)
1 Ed Campbell (Can) D'ornellas0:35:45
2 Roger Clemens (Can) United Cycle0:36:55
3 Peter Wellsman (Can) Rider's Club0:37:12
4 Lance Adamson (Can) Juventus0:37:35
5 Ken Germaine (Can) 109 St. Cycle Logic0:38:54
6 Cornelius Kluge (Can) Cycledelia/Bike Doctor0:39:36
7 Kevin Sutton (Can) Cycledelia/Bike Doctor0:41:12
8 Patrick Ferris (Can) Blizzard Bike Club0:43:41
9 Stewart Hutchings (Can) United Cycle0:47:43
DNF Claude Breau (Can) Martin Swiss
DNS Karl Schneider (Can) Edmonton Masters Cycling Club
DNS Karl Wilberg (Can) Juventus
DNS Michael Zelensky (Can) Terrascape Racing
Sport - 12.4 km (4 laps)
1 Samuel Beaudoin (Can) Juventus
2 Hannah Cooley (Can) Horizon 100
DNF Samantha Lam (Can) Velocity Cycling Club


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